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Requiem of the Golden Witch OP Download

Well, as some of you may have seen (although it is quite late so maybe not), I flipped right the hell out. Like, I freaked. I don’t know why but I had forgotten about EP7 (although witch Hunt is almost done EP6, if they release it before August I’ll swear they’re working with Bernkastel) and so when I casually slipped by the Rokkenjima comm on LJ (if searching /jp/ is too spoilery and less-answery, head over there) I was shocked to find out about this! The new characters have made my head hurt severely. I’m hoping for Meta!Jessica and Meta!Kanon but who knows. I’m still hoping for Kyrie as the culprit, if that adds anything. Well, if anything enjoy the new OP.

Kino Nei & Sakura Kanae – The Pithos in the Fog (game size ver.) Download

Saki Fujita – Rain Tears Download

This actually came out a long time ago but since I’ve had no time to write a review (read: lazy), have this instead. I’ve been listening to it quite a bit. So I’ll share it for those that might not have it.

Fun fact: in researching if Saki Fujita really sang this (she doesn’t even sound a bit Miku-ish!) I was spoiled profusely about Ruri’s character. Leaving me only to say, I hope the second season of Durarara!! is announced quickly. (Totally in denial about there ever not being a second season)

Saki Fujita – Rain Tears (4Shared)

Takekawa Ai – Tooi Michi no Saki de (TV Size) Download

Well well, this is a surprise, isn’t it? The mp3 TV Size of Diamond didn’t show up for WEEKS. Well, this appeared after two episodes! Possibly just one. It’s a low quality rip but still. I am a sucker for the music in this series and this song grew on me the second time I heard it. It’s like a cross between Come and Diamond.

Takekawa Ai – Tooi Michi no Saki de (TV Size)

(EDIT: I’ll try and get a better version. This is too LQ for even my standards)

[c76] Denshi Hotaru – Touhou Rat Kingdom

(If you notice an error in the title of this album, please tell me. I wasn’t sure if this information was reliable or not). This was one of the albums I downloaded purely for the cover. Delicious Patchouli and cute Nazrin? Count me in! Little did I know how awesome this album was. So excuse me if nobody else was interested in a review of this. I had originally planned to update with a sorta-not-not-official-we need to see other people-goodybye post. So this is better, right?

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Great Big Vocaloid MP3 Post

This is what I spoke of earlier. The surprise. Well it isn’t much of anything. The download part of this post, aside from being a hit grabber *slapped*, is to test the new player. It isn’t very new. I’ve seen it on various blogs from many times and always wanted to try it out here but never remembered to save it and use it for a later date. But now I can take the suggestions and put up a song or two from the albums I review! That should be great, right?

So without further ado, have some Vocaloid MP3s as a thank you for two great years! I don’t know if we’ll make it to three but I think that would be really cool. So thank you to everyone who has watched this blog grow and change from it’s silly beginning.

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Eden of the East OP Download

Okay, if any download ever got me in trouble it would be this one. So if there is any sign of trouble I’ll take this down. Anyways, I’ve fallen in love with Eden of the East. How can you not love it? The characters are great, the music is superb and the story is surpisingly interesting (if not a little reminicent of Kure-nai for me). I fell in love with the OP song and went through some great deal of trouble to find it.

Eden of the East OP – Falling Down

Niconico Douga mp3 Converter

Because sites offering Niconico services are as fun as the site itself, I can’t help but share a particular gem. now i don’t recall who showed me it or where I found it but it’s a very, very useful little tool that has helped me more than I’d care to admit. This site simply allows you to enter the address to a Niconico video and will offer you the ability to download the video as an mp3! Very helpful for remixes or songs that are otherwise hard to find. Quality is great and it’s super easy. There’s also a handy little streaming audio player in case the video takes too long to load for you or you just have problems with viewing Niconico in general, as I often do.

In case you missed it:

And if you need a little assistance:

EDIT: as of Febraury of 2014 (and well before), Nicosound had closed down for good. We had a good run, guys.