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Saimoe 2013 Picks

It’s that time again. Last year was such an abomination with Saki dominating right until the end. There are a lot of Saki characters in this year as well (though not nearly as many) so if it seems like it’s going that direction again I’ll probably stop paying attention altogether. Which is a shame.

As usual, I’ve gone through the list of contestants and made a few notes about my predictions and stuff. X’s are to give you a visual on just how many Sakis we’re dealing with this year (in retrospect I should have added a symbol for Girls und Panzer to compare), ♥’s are the characters I really like in that match and hope win (though in most cases it’s pretty damn unlikely), and ✔’s are who I predict I will win, whether I like it or not. I mostly went for the obvious choices and how well they fared in past tournaments.


  • the first match features what I assume is a bunch of nobodies. I mean, I can’t see any of those four shows having a big fanbase. So whoever wins is nothing but cannon fodder.
  • Mami undoubtedly has her match though I am a bit disappointed since Wakaba is my second favourite next to Aoi.
  • Not sure how popular Seitokai no Ichizon is and I couldn’t remember how well its characters did in past tournaments. I think Yozora probably has it though.
  • Precure characters traditionally haven’t done very well so I’m not putting much hope on them except for maybe Yayoi and her match is practically a walk in the park. I wouldn’t mind if Emi won though since I liked her originally and she isn’t a Saki.
  • I like Sasha and Chihaya and they’re both great characters but this is a tournament neither of them could ever succeed in. Glad that it’s Peace who has such an easy match though.

  • Ayase is the best Oreimo character (aside from her yandere tendencies, I guess). She probably has her match but I didn’t want to call it with a Yuruyuri in it.
  • Asuka vs. Homura vs. Nanoha. Probably the most interesting and hype match of the whole tournament, sadly. Asuka originally made it to the finals in 2002 (losing to Tomoyo and proving that people don’t always have terrible taste) but in her next match she lost to Golden Darkness so I doubt she stands a snowballs hell in chance against two juggernauts like Nanoha and Homura. The only time Nanoha didn’t make it to the finals was in 2008 when she lost to Shana (who again defeated her in 2010 when Nanoha returned to her groups final). Has Nanoha’s popularity waned enough to let a newcomer like Homura defeat her? Homura lost in the first round when paired against instant kill Misaka. It’d be nice if she could redeem herself so I’m pulling for Homura this time around.
  • Following that, Madoka is up against Yukari from Girls und Panzer. I imagine this will be a tough fight though a bit anticlimatic after Nanoha vs. Homura.
  • I like Mayuri but I had to go with Nap Girl on this one. Kumin is precious. Hopefully Rei and sher stupid giant ass doesn’t take it though.
  • Maki is one of the most popular Love Live characters (she did recently win the poll to be center on the 6th single) so I think she has this one.

  • Nibutani was my favourite Chuu2koi character so I hope she has this one. I doubt Christa will be much of a challenge and just how popular is Date a Live? Maybe I’m underestimating it.
  • LUCKY STAR. LUCKY STAR IN 2013. I don’t even know. Like. Who even cares about that anymore? Saori isn’t that bad and Squid Girl lost to a Saki last year so I’m hoping Squid Girl has this.
  • If Azuki Azusa and Tsukiko don’t totally dominate their matches I will be speechless. They’re both OK so I won’t mind if they win it all instead of a Saki. But you know, there have been a lot of up and coming popular gals that haven’t scored a real big victory so who knows. A few years ago I would have given up because I would be sure they had it but now? Not so much. Anything can happen, I guess.
  • Aoi is the best Vividred character but goddamn Kyouko probably will win.
  • I love Tamako Market and I love everybody in it so I’m obviously rooting for all of of the characters from it. Tamako’s match might not be that difficult but that might be wishful thinking. It probably is.

  • Kotori is another popular Love Live character so I don’t think she should have trouble.
  • I really don’t want Koromo to win because she’s one of the more powerful Sakis. I think Kyouko is just popular enough that she should stand a chance.
  • This group is really dull.

  • Another dull group.
  • Dekomori vs Karuta: I’m pretty sure I don’t need to repeat this anymore but AS LONG AS THE SAKI DOESN’T WIN. I would rather Karuta because all Dekomori is good for is being annoying and being Nibutani’s girlfriend.
  • Hayate is my fave Nanoha character and she’s always done pretty well. Her first round is usually against low-level characters like this and she can dominate popular characters in the second round but she’s had some trouble on group three. Well, one step at a time!

  • Has Kirino fall into disgrace like she has over here? Even so, Watashi doesn’t stand a chance and Kurisu has only done slightly well in the past but hey she’s still done better than Kirino. Kirino only made it to round two in 2011 and she lost to Index. WHICH WAS AWESOME.
  • Makoto best imas.
  • One hit kill Mikoto probably has her match but Nagi is a tough one to beat. Nagi made it to the grand finale twice. One losing to Rika and then to Azusa. Beyond that her worst is always stage three. Misaka’s worst was her first tournament appearance where she lost, surprisingly, to a Saki. Her other two appearances were then both group finals where she lost to Astarotte and Azusa, who went on to defeat Nagi. I take back what I said about Nanoha vs. Homura being the only interesting match.This will stain one of them with the disgrace of losing in the first match. It’s almost historic. Though, since Railgun just aired (it’ll be over by the time this match rolls around) I think it will still have revived everybody’s Mikasa ‘feels’ (ugh) and Mikasa will probably win. Though you know me, rooting for Nagi all the way!

  • Rin is my favourite Love Live character (AND WITH GOOD REASON) and I doubt she would stand a chance against most but against Kuroneko she’s especially going down. What a shame.
  • Tsukiko match, nobody survives.
  • I didn’t know how to call SAO matches. Is it obnoxiously popular over there still as it is here? Will those girls destroy their matches and I’ve made a terrible mistake? Well in any case, I assume Asuna for sure has her match underwraps. Sorry Yukari.
  • Choi woo Choi!
  • Kanna woo Kann- oh. Hi, Saten.
  • Only two Milky Holmes characters. Sad. But after how bad S3 is, I don’t blame you. Hercule made it to round three in her first appearance and had surprisingly took out Eclair from Dog Days and Laura Bodewig but lost, unsurprisingly, to Madoka. Sherlock has had terrible luck so far though. First appearance she was placed against Kuroneko and second tournament she made it to round two but lost to Astarotte. I’ll be hoping for both of them!
  • And the Index match. Always most important to me. Her first two tournaments saw her lose in the first round to Azusa (who, again, went on to win that year) and Kanade the next year. 2011 she fared better and defeated Kirino and Eila which I thought impossible. Eventually she lost to Kyouko from Madoka.This year doesn’t seem very promising since Akari and Chinatsu are both main characters and all. I’m really hoping the votes will be split between them and Index will prevail.

  • I like Maria and Yukino but I don’t know if they’re strong enough to take their respective matches.
  • How popular was Hyouka with 2ch? Imas didn’t do as strongly as I had projected a few years ago and I doubt it’ll do that good this year as well so I think maybe Chitanda will have a shot?
  • Anko is adorable but Ayumu is was a strong performer. In recent years she hasn’t even made it past round one, losing to Yuuki Kataoka and Yui Hirasawa. Maybe Anko does have a shot after all.

So there we go. There’s how I feel about THAT. Will Saki dominate again? Will Girls und Panzer steal the show? Hopefully not but hey. There are two big, interesting matches that I’m actually really excited about. Which is nice since my interest has been dwindling for awhile.

C83 Previews

Yuuhei Satellite – 濡れた髪に触れられた時

Yuuhei Satellite is my favourite Touhou arrange group, as I’m sure I’ve said before. Not surprising perhaps since the main members that make up the group all are regular Exit Trance SATB contributers? (Or maybe that’s why I can tolerate SATB so much?) Anyways, sounds like a lot of variety. I really like the Princess Inada track because it’s pretty unusual from what they usually do.

Lost Garden – Luxurious Cattail

Lost Garden again. This time with a Little Busters arrange album. Really starting to like them. Liking them enough to wait for a Little Busters arrange album anyways.

 Toho Warfare:BLACK ONYX and RED BERYL

Another IOSYS split release but one with gorgeous covers (though the REDALiCE ones had nice covers too). I wasn’t really interested because it seemed like they would be metal and not really of any importance to me but then I heard the crossfades (available on the site) and now this is one the releases I’m most anticipating.

Melodic Taste – Anime Song Orchestra III

Melodic Taste’s 3rd orchestral offering, obviously. When I saw the (adorable) cover, I assumed the Jinrui song would be Real World because that is the easy choice? I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was the ED which I absolutely love. Have never been big on the vocals included in this series (luckily there are the two seperate versions) but the arranges themselves have never been that disappointing so I’ll be waiting for this one. (crossfade)

C82 Previews

I didn’t do a post like this for C81 but evidentally not much interested me then. The only thing that really came from C81 that I adore is Asohgi’s Kantenboukitan soundtrack and I’ve only just caved and ordered that. I do like doing posts like this though since knowing about an album ahead of time is really handy during the rush of C82 uploads.

I’ll try and update this again next week because I have the feeling a few circles haven’t posted everything even though it’s a week away.

(Also, ALTERNAIT is listed as being there but their site is shut down so I’m confused if they have anything new or not)


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since the first album came out. It’s hard to believe they’ve already had eight albums too! Though one was a remix album so if you asked me, I would only count seven. The Best Album is split in to two discs with a combined 24 tracks total from all eight albums.

Lost Garden – Eden’s Pattern

Sound CYCLONE  – Re:Brilliance

Not a big Persona 4 fan but features a remix D.Watt (Otaku-Elite) and Tainokobone (Azure&Sands) so it isn’t that bad.

Melodic Taste – Melodic Battle

I’ve never really found orchestrated Touhou stuff that interesting but this sounds really good. Especially track five.
(Crossfade on site)

Amateras-Records – Re:Imagination -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.1-

Honestly never heard of Amateras-Records before except now they’re name is popping up a lot. Maybe because they’re releasing three albums this comiket? I was actually only interested in one of their other releases, Unlogical Trick. But then I saw Hommarju, of all people, was doing a remix of a track or two on this album. He’s actually worked with A-R before too, it seems. (Crossfade on site)

Allium Project x Compllege –  Human Beings Were Led to this Light

I’m not  interested in either series specifically but I like the idea and everything involved with this. A taishi produced Accel World and Sword Art Online image/doujin album that features a lot of my favourite Vocaloid, IA. I think most (if not all) of the vocals are Vocaloids? Taishi did a track for the IA intro album though and it was pretty good so I’m glad he’s taken a liking to her since I do love both of them and both of them together is even greater.

Teddyloid – Electric Alice

Teddyloid has teamed up with fanastic artist JH科学 for this short three track (+ a remix) release.

DECO*27 feat. Shoko Nakagawa – Taking Sweet Shelter

Deco’s latest album, Love Calender,  is out on the 25th and here we have track three from it. I was surprised (and excited) to see Shokotan doing a song with him. I adore Shokotan (her cover of Rinbu Revolution is still my favourite version of said song) so I was pretty hyped to hear it. I wasn’t let down!

(There’s also a track with vocals by Aoi Yuuki (Madoka’s seiyuu) which is even more surprising, I think)


Vocaloid Mayu Announced

There are so many damn vocaloids now a days that it doesn’t make sense to make a fuss about each and every one that comes out. Mayu, however, I think deserves special recognition here though. Why? Because she’s Exit Trance’s vocaloid. Something to that effect anyways.

Details are scarce right now. The vocals behind her voicebank haven’t even been announced yet. All that is known about Mayu right now is that the concept around her is that she’s a yandere middle school student. While I’m sure she’ll slip under the radar and we’ll all forget about her in a week, I think the fanworks surrounding that concept alone could be really interesting. However, while her design is cute (which was done by Hidari who did the original character designs for Fractale and Natsuiro Kiseki) I think it’s a bit over the top for the whole yandere student thing. A simple design like the yandere CD girl would have worked but hey whatever Hidari is a great artist and it’s cute. (also that hair is really great so I think I can appreciate her design if only for her hair)

teaser site:

(also IA is still the best obscure Vocaloid)

Spring 2012 First Impressions

Going to watch Medaka Box this weekend some time but I’m not really that interested in it. I’m really hyped for Jormungand though because:

  1. White Fox
  2. Iwasaki Taku
  3. Mami Kawada
  4. Yanaginagi

Space Bros: I will watch you one day, I vow
Sengoku Collection: Continuing
Sankarea: nope
Mysterious Girlfriend X: Continuing
Jormungand: I could not be continuing this any more if I tried
Shining Tears: nope
Fujiko: For Sawashiro, yes

Keep Reading

Nendoroid Generation for PSP

This is apparently quite a few months old and it isn’t shocking I’m not up to date on such things. I only found out because I was looking for information on the Black Rock Shooter game which is my key to utilizing the PSP I bought and only played five times and now want to buy a stupid expensive Penguindrum case for.

Nendoroid Generation/ねんどろいど じぇねれ~しょん is a PSP game to be released on February 23rd. It is a colaboration between Good Smile Company and Namco Bandai to celebrate GSC’s ten year anniversary. Something like that. The game feautures various girls in Nendoroid form and several different modes of play. There is a fighting game aspect which utilizes characters like Nanoha, Reimu, Saber and Black Rock Shooter. There’s also a dance mode where you can dress the girls up in different costumes and have them preform little dances. There’s also a mode where you interact with the girl directly and pet them or talk to them, stuff like that.

Characters confirmed are:

Fate/Stay Night

  • Saber
  • Rin Tohsaka
  • Rider
  •  Illyasviel von Einzbern

Black Rock Shooter

  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Dead Master
  • Black Gold Saw
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
  • Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Mikuru Asahina
  • Yuki Nagato
  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Marisa Kirisame
  • Remilia Scarlet

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

  • Nanoha Takamachi
  • Fate Testarossa
  • Arf


  • Kurisu Makise
  • Mayuri Shiina
Zero no Tsukaima
  • Louise Vallière
My intial theory was that all of the series’ included had prominent games on the PSP already. That isn’t true for Touhou or Zero no Tsukaima, though. However, both Louise and Reimu and the gang were all added later on and initial screens and the trailer didn’t feature them at all. There’s also a mystery GSC mascot type character as well.
Reimu and co. being in the same game as Black Rock and co. (as well as Dead Master’s adorable little dance that made me HNNNGGGH) made this pretty much an insta-buy for me. The chances of this being released over here are zilch, expecially with Vita coming out around the same time. I was really forced to notice this price difference in PSP games though. Why are japanese PSP games so much more expensive than ones released in NA? It’s not even just import sites where I could see them jacking the price up. On Amazon, the price is still around 8000 yen. I haven’t looked at console games though. Are those even more expensive? That would explain a lot about what I’ve read regarding sales over there, then.

Comiket 80 Previews


Ah wow am I ever excited. Back to the original sounding Albatrosicks. Last album was a remix album and that was a bit of a ripoff, imo. I mean I still think it was good but I was looking forward to new stuff. So it’s pretty much been a whole year since we heard any new stuff from them, right? As you can recall I was a bit disappointed with Star Cracker deviating away from their signature style but, based on the previews, this one seems more in line with what to originally expect from them. Quim also appears to be doing a lot more too!

Track previews are available on the main site.

RUSTYGEARS – Happy World Notification

Another spinoff/original group from IOSYS. This is actually there first album but I’m terribly excited for it. It’s pretty short at only five tracks but those five tracks do sound pretty good. I thought at first it would be Albatrosicks 2.0 (because quim and miko also partake in this album) but in some regards they actually sound completely different (give the crossfade a listen and what I mean will be blaringly obvious).

Crevasse Lamp – 少女さいをなげかれた

I can’t tell if this entirely Higurashi arranges because the tracklist lists some without the source (i.e PS2, TV, etc) so I assume some are original? Don’t hold me to that. I think it’s rare for an arrangement of the music outside of the original game and hell, even the show to be included. That’s why I was interested from the very first track.

Tracklist a + b

IZMIZM – Give Back

Very short at only three tracks but sounds really good. I was impressed, at least. It’s not like I gave it a listen just because their is a Dark Side of Fate arrange or anything though!

LiLA’c Records – Heavenly Beats

I am not an Angel Beats fan. I think I have made that clear in the past. I am, however, a My Soul, Your Beats fan. It is one of my favourites and it is great and don’t even try to deny it. That is why when I heard there was version of My Soul, Your Beats with Akiakane I was floored. However it seems she only sings it in the remix featurued here which is a shame because her voice doesn’t really seem suited to a remix like that. Well, no matter. I’ll still have to give it a listen just for that! It isn’t actually only a Angel Beats album. It’s a KEY remix album which is terribly original, of course. It does feature the Rewrite OP so I guess they have that going for them. Also Brave Soul also sounds really good. But once again, I think a version with that vocalist JUST singing the song would be best.

Soundcloud crossfade available on the site.

クレバスランプ – Rebreathe VII -Belka, the After- & VIII -Magical Kingdom-

I guess it’s not very surprising that there should be a few Madoka arranges popping up but it is still exciting. I’m sure some of them will have to be good, right? This one isn’t entirely Madoka but contains arranges from other various mahou shoujo series. I heard the Platinum arrange on the crossfade and almost fainted. That one track has me so pumped for this album. Features quite a few songs from Nanoha, as expected. I’m not sure what the difference between the Belka, the After and Magical Kingdom is since the crossfade/tracklist features the same songs but I guess we’ll see when it actually comes out. (The Belka album might just be in keeping with all their previous Rebreathe albums that appear to all be Nanoha based. Just a theory)

Crossfade available on the site.

Visual Work Station – Agedum! Puella Magica

This one IS just a Madoka album, it appears. There are only a few track previews on the site though so it’s hard to get an initial impression. The TAMusic album that came out earlier will probably be of a higher quality but this one has some Ciel (wait didn’t TAM’s have her too?) so that track sounded pretty boss.

A few track previews are available  on the site.

Round Booster – Revelations

Round Booster, who does the EDs for the Umineko games, will be releasing a single containing the ED for EP8 (I think it’s 8). Their singles are actually pretty big and contain four songs and then the four instrumental versions.

TAMUSIC – まど☆マギ Classic

Turns out TAM will be releasing another Madoka album. Seems a bit unnecessary but hey, who am I to judge. To be honest, I’m not that big a TAM fan (their crossfades usually sound better than the whole thing) and this one sounds a little weirder than the first one. I don’t know how to describe it. Less polished? Perhaps. I guess for them that isn’t so bad though. They do sound good.


Not really an album I suppose but I’m still looking forward to it! I really liked the PVs last time. Especially You May Know Dream. Twas sad. These ones seems to be more lighthearted compared to the last bunch and the song choices aren’t that appealing but I still think they’ll be a nice watch. One of the PVs art style reminded me a lot of Karaagetarou but he apparently had nothing to do with it.

Singerly – K-ON Fit

Singerly is releasing two albums, one Madoka and one K-ON. But the one I’m choosing to focus on for the moment here is the K-ON one because it is just such a ridiculous concept. K-ON songs arranged as if they were (presumably) from Wii Fit? It’s surprisingly adorable. Their Madoka album, Another Magic After All, is a little different than the other Madoka albums and is… I’m not sure. The vocals are more pop-oriented and the song arrangement is all over the place.

Geographic – Visibility

I kept seeing this all over the place and when I finally listened to it, I was impressed. Annabel’s track sounds the best but the very last track is amazing. It blew me away. Straight up moved me. Easily one of my most anticipated albums now.

Utanoha – 魔法少女フォルトゥネ★マギカ (Puella Magi Fortunae Magica)

Perhaps my favourite Madoka album and mostly for that PV because the music seems to be all original with just Madoka in mind? Well I guess. It sounds okay so I guess it does work.

Not 100% sure on the details but ALTERNAIT (omgosh yay) seems to be (finally) releasing ALTERNAIT 2 (I made a weird giggly noise when I found out). It will contain old tracks but since pretty much everything original seemed to be on ALTERNAIT 1 I really wonder what will end up here because all they did was UMG and that Touhou Set. EDIT: Actually, Prior Vivd and Secondary Color came out AFTER ALTERNAIT 1, I figured they did but those tracks will most likely be the bulk of ALTERNAIT 2. The UMG site still hasn’t been updated so I can’t tell if there is a new UMG coming out because it is a week until Comiket and there is no preview? Perhaps they put it aside so they could focus on ALTERNAIT 2 but it seems like it would have been a better idea to wait for the last UMG to be released and then, with no more games to work with, release their original stuff. But hey. I’m just happy for ANYTHING.