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As a curator and wannabe creator of all that is random and generated, seeing something like pop up is really fun. I wanted to share if you didn’t happen to catch the wave of it on twitter that seemed to swamp it all at once.

It’s such a simple concept. Random anime openings (and sometimes endings) play in glorious creditless HD (whe navailable). It’s purpose? Up to you. I’ve seen people making a game of it but I think I’d enjoy just putting it on in the background as I work. So far I’ve seen one opening for some anime I’ve never even heard of and remembered a lot of songs I’d long forgotten about.

It’s got lots of nifty features too. You can loop one video, pick just opening and endings, a list of videos in rotation (I think, I haven’t checked because I want to stay surprised) and you can even bug the creator to add stuff if you really want to (though you probably shouldn’t).

Anyways, it’s novel as heck so go have fun with it. I look forward to seeing what the creator does with it in the future.


Fang-tan’s Top 10: Undertale Tracks


I don’t post about games often but I especially don’t post about western games a lot. Like, pretty much never. However, this game was pretty good and had Toby Fox has outdone himself with a fantastic soundtrack so let’s get this out of my system so I can finally stop talking about Undertale listening to this soundtrack. I meant to post this when I first played the game weeks and weeks ago but hey. I’m a very busy person.

Of course, spoilers ahead. Just go play the game if you haven’t yet. Get it over with. Bite the bullet.

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Fang-tan’s Top 10: Horror Tracks

This one was really subjective. To define my list I picked songs based on the atmosphere they created and what the intention of the song was, what mood was it supposed to set? Based on those things, how effective was it and how much do I still like it? I guess I ended up with some results that I wasn’t expected but I look at this list and I’m pretty pleased.

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Fang-tan’s Top 10: Momoiro Clover Z Songs

Since I’m not able to go to Anime Expo this year while chucklefucks who haven’t ever listened to the pre-Z Momoclo indies or know about Akari or don’t even know why goddamn KISS is there in the first place get to see my beloved idol group in person, I’m trying not to be bitter. I’m trying very, very hard.

Especially since I don’t believe in any one person being a true fan having more worth than a casual fan. I should be happy about all the people who haven’t listened to Momoclo who will get to experience their concert and their amazing, exciting live performances. And if they dislike Momoclo even after that while I’m stuck here being drunk and sad, I’ll just break their worthless legs.

But while you lowlifes enjoy your wonderful concert, I figured I could do some post about Momoclo to soothe my broken mononofu heart.

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