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Love Live Sunshine: Vote Lir

My fellows in the idol nation, I come to you humbled and with a plea. Just like in real life, we like to imagine our vote counts. That we’re voting for something good that will bring change and safety and happiness to the masses. Does our vote matter in real life? Maybe, maybe not.

But here, maybe here your vote counts. Maybe here we can make a difference and squash mediocrity in it’s tracks.

The time for change is now. The time for Lir is now.


What are you even talking about

Love Live 1 has a new idol group in need of a name. They took suggestions for name (george didn’t make it despite our best efforts but probably for the best because it totally made no sense in canon) and have narrowed it down to fifteen. Now it is time to vote for one of those names to be the name of the new idol group.

Why Lir?

Because it sounds like Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8 and that makes me laugh. 2

What are all my options?

They don’t even matter for real BUT ALRIGHT.

  • Aqours: I mean aqours you don’t want this to be the name. 3
  • 浦の星少女隊/Uranohoshi Shoujotai: wow I bet you like plain vanilla ice cream too.
  • Orange’squash: this sounds like a bad soda. bad soda, bad idols.
  • 歌音/Kanon: hey key should get in on this idol business while it’s still hot
  • KiSeKi: if that punctuation doesn’t make you angry then you’re stronger than I
  • Sakuya: wow that’ll be great and not confusing and difficult at all
  • SS’s: listen if you’re going to vote for not Lir vote this. it reminds me of a snake. 4
  • 潮風sail/Shiokaze Sail: ok this is a good name I guess w/e but not for an idol group
  • シャイニーズ/Shinies: get this pokemon garbage outta here
  • シャンティ/Cyantea 5: get this doujin group garbage outta here
  • Stella: get this C3bu garbage outta here
  • Spica: get this Mahou Shoujo Nanoha StrikerS garbage outta here
  • Soleil: get this Aikatsu garbage outta here
  • Palettes!: what do you have against easily being able to google group names
  • Lir: the only correct choice

Where do I vote?

Where do you vote for Lir? Good question! Just head on over to this page here: Scroll on down to the big green button that says Go and it’ll take you to a page where you can select Lir (or whatever, if you’re not into good naming sense).  Box below that is your gender. Top for male, bottom for female. Next box is your age. Third box is if you want to leave a comment but it’s not required. Hit the button on the right both times and bam, done.

Voting is only open until June 11th so there’s still plenty of time for you to go and make the right choice!


  1. voted most problematic series of 2015
  2. Lir of Omicron Persei 8 is a great idol name. Let me name all your idol groups.
  3. I know that’s not how it’s pronounced shut up.
  4. no sunshines, just sssssnake
  5. ok like I’ve seen this translated a few different ways so correct me if I’m wrong

Mekakucity M’s Complete Box – Mekakucity Actors Vocal & Sound Collection

Mekakucity M'S Complete Box

This kind of flew under the radar for me though I also think it wasn’t announced until too recently. Well, in any case it comes out on April 1st. That would give me a few more weeks of excruciating debate about whether or not I should spend $62 1 on this massive collection. It would, anyways, if it weren’t for the fact that everywhere that is carrying the LE is sold out or not accepting orders. Probably for the best since I have something to be saving for but goddamn. I really want it.

The regular edition features the Kagepro cover songs used in the anime as well as the Mekakucity Actors BGM tracks. The LE edition, however, is four discs and one dvd (which I assume is the Days and Daze PV and maybe (but less likely) the actual PVs themselves?) with almost 80 tracks total. Little glad it doesn’t include the originals (despite that making it a ~definitive~ collection) because I already own the original CDs and that would impact my decision ahuehuehue.

It also comes in a beautiful book looking box with the after credits style Azami on the cover. I was smitten with that case before even learning all the merits of the collection. Amazon has the best look at the book-like casing.


I guess I never even realized that the OST never really came out. I remember watching it and thinking a lot of the OST wasn’t really good at all but upon sampling this (and we’ll get to the super awesome site in a moment), I realize there are a lot of tracks that I really, really enjoyed. 幻想曲 「Medousa」, 目に焼き付ける, in a daze and especially 忘却の夏 2 are all tracks that I’m super excited to have the full versions of. So mostly it’s just the upbeat, jazzy and silly songs that aren’t that well done.

The site for this collection is fantastic. You can sample pretty much all of the tracks. I say pretty much all of them but I can’t find the Toumei Answer with vocals by Annabel 3, Lia doing Shinigami Record 4 or Shounen Brave with nano.RIPE. But whatever. Those are what hooked me so I don’t blame them for keeping those hidden.

But the best part is they have the available tracks meticulously sorted. You can listen by genre, mood, story (sorted by which episode they are featured in), or artist. I hope that when the actual collection comes out they update the site with the rest of the tracks even if their just samples because this is such a great feature and it definitely got me more excited for this track. Even if I do buy this expensive release (I’m fighting with everything I have not to), I’d still go back just for the handiness of the site.

Something of note is that I was surprised that Teddyloid did music for the OST. What’s more surprising is one of Teddyloid’s track (first track on the list) features the exact same sound as one of the parts of Me!Me!Me!. I don’t recall such a track being used in the show though. Maybe it didn’t get used and he liked it too much to let it go to waste? No, that sounds dumb.

Well, in any case I’m really excited for the actual OST for those aforementioned and other chill, dece tracks. To say nothing of the covers of the songs that didn’t get them in show like goddamn Toumei Answer by goddamn Annabel. The only thing that would have made me drop cash even quicker would have been Nagi Yanagi getting in on this but THANKFULLY (?) I’m safe. 5

Update #1: I bit the big one and ordered the LE.

Update #2: I forgot to mention that as it gets closer to release, they seem to be releasing promotional PVs for these new cover tracks. They’re compilation of tracks from the show (the Ayano death scene in Yobanashi Deceive is soooo good). As of this update there are two released. One can assume they’re released each Saturday leading up to the release of the collection on April 1st.

Yobanashi Deceive by MARiA (from GARNiDELiA) and LiSA

Shounen Brave by Kimiko (from Nano.Ripe)


  1. w/o shipping ofc
  2. Actually, I just love ALL of the tracks done by Jin with that really subtle, ambient vibe to it that usually played in the heat haze because that is definitely the shit I’m into
  3. which I am SO excited for oh my good god yes
  4. was this in the show and I just forgot about it? There’s no way because I’m sure I would have Cried A Lot
  5. jk I’m weak and pathetic and will probably order this tomorrow if it’s still an option

Miraculous Ladybug: Recent News and Thoughts


You know, when I put the current poll up it was only because of the Wakfu kickstarter. In jest I added the Miraculous Ladybug bit because we’ve been waiting a long, long time for our French Toei cartoon, right? Well, never would I in a million years have guessed that the poll spoke true and it’s prophecy would ring out across the land. Sirening the end of an era of waiting, bringing forth a new world of darkness and despair.

Our French Toei cartoon is dead.

Well, the cartoon isn’t dead. It’s not really a… ‘cartoon’ cartoon any more. It’s entirely CG. News was scarce for a long time. Zagtoon flip flopped around and it was unclear what the future of the series was, as the series was pushed back farther and farther from the original posting of that wonderous pv around the end of 2012. Now it has recently come up that the series will be airing soon but as completely CG. This is, apparently, due to budget and they could not afford otherwise. I seem to recall the series was rumoured to have an unusually large budget though? So I wonder if that’s really the case. I saw an article about the series mention that they wanted to appeal to children of the world and since it IS airing on Disney over here, I imagine that had a big thing to do with it. There was mention of keeping Toei’s style (I can’t recall if that’s the best wording to use) and direction but from the CG teaser, that didn’t seem overly abundant.

You may be asking yourself, what is Miraculous Ladybug? It is a french multi-media series that started as a comic about a girl named Marionette Cheng who lives in Paris and after coming across a pair of magical earrings that gives her the power of luck and allows her to transform into a superhero. The PV was super cute and made even better with the addition of Toei’s signature style.

What is Toei? Really? Toei Animation is a company that known for, in recent years and related to the style of the show, Precure, Saint Seiya and my personal favourite, Kyousougiga. Among countless other shows that I’m sure you know and love.

The result was an absolute dream. A beautiful looking French magical girl show that was planned to simulcast across the world. I believe that part still holds true. I’m very disappointed as I know many others are. These things happen I guess.

If this ends up being false (which seems highly unlikely at this point, let’s be real) I’d be beyond happy.  Will I still watch the series? Eh. Probably. To be honest, I’ll still PV it and it’ll still probably be really good. I just think they might have shot themselves in the foot with the CG being more appealing to children of the world thing. Kids today could use a flashy superhero/magical girl cartoon. I might be biased. I try to look at it from another point of view but it’s so difficult after such a long wait and such a disappointing result.

The original translation of this news came from here with some evidence from here and the fact that the site for the show/Zagtoon no longer lists it as a mix of CG and 2D but solely CG that was changed when they released as CG teaser for the show.

Mekaku City Records Announced

A new Kagerou Project song was just released but has only made its way to youtube today so I’m not completely behind on all this news for once! It’s odd that two were released so soon after each other. It seemed like Yobanashi Deceive just came out but I guess that was back in February already.

The new PV and song ロスタイムメモリー/Lost Time Memories focuses on Shintaro who is the prother of Momo from Kisaragi Attention but who is also in Toumei Answer (which is one of my all time favourite KagePro songs) where he sits beside Ayano Tateyama who eventually killed herself. I was really happy to see Ayano get focus here (well she’s intergral to his character so how could she not?) but a track on the new album is entitled Ayano’s Happiness Theory. Since there is another track with a similar naming structure  and seems to be a Mary track, perhaps they could be drama tracks? Well in any case, where Mekaku City Days featured the Blindfold Gang on the cover, Records seems to ominously only feature Ayano in a blood red setting. I’ll have to wait for subs for Lost Time Memories before I do any more speculation though. I think it would be too obvious to theorize some connection to Azami and impossible since Azami is already Mary’s grandmother.

Mekaku City Records is set to be released on May 29th. I guess hope the Re Ver. will be better done than the other re-recordings from Mekaku City Days. I really didn’t like the final results since they all felt like completely different songs afterwards. Tracklist is as following:

1. ロスタイムメモリー
2. チルドレンレコード(Re Ver.)
3. 夜咄ディセイブ
4. 夕景イエスタデイ
5. アヤノの幸福理論
6. (群青レイン(Re Ver.)
7. オツキミリサイタル
8. マリーの架空世界

Like I mentioned, in February there was also Yobanashi Deceive (which is on this new album as well) which focused on Kano. I didn’t really like it that much (it was still good) so I didn’t post about it but it seems especially weak next to Lost Time Memories.


Help Get A Shin Sekai Yori Novel Translation!

Apparently this was posted over a month ago but I only found out about it through crunchyroll now, unfortunately. Had I known sooner I would have tried to campaign for this longer. Well actually, I only got caught up on Shin Sekai Yori a few weeks ago but that is a minor detail. Actually, I had started my final impressions post and had tried to find any news about the translation and publishing over here and didn’t see anything on this either.

Vertical Inc. recently licensed the Shin Sekai Yori manga (lewd) and answered an ask about whether they considered doing the novel. The response was:

I am currently in the process of reading it and our Editor-in-Chief who is our novels guru has enjoyed the book. But length of that book, it is three thick thick volumes, makes it a little scary for us as we tend to avoid serialized novel releases (we prefer one-shots).

Please purchase Crimson Labyrinth (Mr Kishi’s other novel) or repost/like this post to let him know there is an audience for the title. Ideally we’d need 4.5K to make this work.

Really, 4.5k isn’t that much when you think about it. Unfortunately you can’t reblog an ask so for it to get to that point it’s going to take a lot of people to like that post. While that doesn’t guarantee anything, it still helps show interest.

Alternatively, you can purchase the aforementioned Crimson Labyrinth. I had looked it up while working on that SSY post and it seemed pretty interesting so it might be worth checking out now (especially if it helps us get the SSY novel). When the manga comes out (or even preorder it as soon as possible), try and support that too. I can’t say I’m particularly interested in it since it seems to play up a lot of scenes for fan service but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

So spread the word and give the page a like!

3rd Rozen Maiden Anime Announced

Six years after the end of Träumend (and the release of Ouvertüre), a new Rozen Maiden series has been green lit.

I’m incredibly excited about this. Rozen Maiden was one of the first series that I was really excited about and spent all my time obsessing over. Of course, that was way back when I was like 12 or 13. The series still has a special place in my heart though so I’ve hoped for years that something like this might happen.

There are a few possible paths the new anime can take.

1. Retelling: The first season mostly stuck to the manga but Träumend disregarded it completely (as it was not finished at the time). It introduced Barasuishou, killed off characters left and right (while I thought it was incredibly sad when I was younger, I realize how cheap the last two episodes of Träumend really were), showed Kirakishou for three seconds at and ended the series with very little resolution. Did they think they were getting another season where they could set things right? Well that never happened.

I kind of don’t want this to happen but at the same time, an actual true to the manga adaption might be nice. There are some scenes (one of the sisters getting torn apart by the other) that I’d like to see adapted but at the same time I’d like to see the stuff from the second series.

But a reboot might be good for the series. Rozen Maiden was popular back in it’s heyday (Suiseiseki won Saimoe back in 2006, at least) so introducing it again might be good and help regain it’s followers.

2. Sequel: I’m not 100% about the details about what lead to the rushed ending of the first series but eventually Peach-Pit moved their series to a new magazine. They continued under the title Rozen Maiden but the work itself was a sequel. I haven’t read it (despite the love I proclaim to have, shame on me) but I know it takes place a few years later. While I wouldn’t mind this, it seems improbable. First, this would rely on the rushed manga ending. Träumend did whatever it wanted so if you only wached S1 and Träumend and then this, you might up confused. Assuming they didn’t try to bridge that obvious gap.

3. Sequel to Träumend: Given how much time has passed, I wonder if this is even possible. I’m trying not to consider it. Considering two characters were still dead at the end of Träumend and the way one bites it in the manga is a pretty important plot point, there wouldn’t be that much for them to go on. I find this the least likely choice.

Honestly though, I’ll be happy no matter what happens (I mean, as long as Sawashiro comes back and it’s not just some OVAs). Especially if they milk the heck out of it and give me a bunch of new merch. I’d love some new Rozen Maiden figs.

Kagerou Project Anime Announced


Well when I mentioned the possibility of a Kagerou Days anime I didn’t think it would happen any time soon. Apparently though in the single for Children’s Record, an anime has been green-lit. Not entirely surprising since there is a manga and light novel adaption but both are so new that I have to assume it’s going to be awhile until it comes out. There aren’t any details on the anime as far as I know (but the single booklet does provide some additional information on the characters of the series, if you can find a translation) but it’s still pretty exciting news. I’m hoping he says something officially about it though so I can continue being outrageously excited without fear that this really won’t come into fruition.

Hopefully the series is a success. I’d really love some nice figures of the female characters. Mary is really cute after all. I also think it would be great if they used IA in one of the opening or endings. Lia would be a nice callback to that if they don’t but since Black Rock Shooter used Miku in the opening (once again, best part of that show) then I don’t think it’s impossible.

New DECO*27 Album Announced + KD Series Updates

A new DECO*27 album was announced earlier titled Love Calender (ラブカレンダー). The theme of the album is about a couple, the songs representing their time together leading up to their first year. Unfortunately not a Vocaloid album since Egomama, Love Lag, Long Distance Love Affair and Hourglass all will be recieving different mixes. Details are still scarce so it’s unclear who the other vocalists will be for the new songs or if it’ll be topi or Marina. DECO*27 did mention wanting to do an album sung entirely by himself but I doubt it is this one since only one track is listed as his own vocal mix.


01. 1+1=1
02. RT
03. 甘宿り
04. エゴママ -Album Mix-
05. ライトラグ -Album Mix-
06. 27 -DECO*27 Vocal Mix-
07. 砂時計 -Album Mix-
08. お留守番人
09. 恋距離遠愛 -Album Mix-
10. 帰想本能
11. フタリ座
12. 声声
13. 愛言葉 -Piano Parallel Mix- [Bonus Track]

There’s also a dvd for songs with PV’s previously like Egomama and Light Lag. Love Calender will be released on July 25th.

If you are itching for a good Vocaloid album before that, Jin’s (Shizen no Teki P) Mekakucity Days releases on the 30th. The album will include all of the tracks from Mekakucity Actors such as Kagerou Days, Headphones Actor, Toumei Answer and Imagination Forest. (I had planned to write about Actors a couple days beforehand but I might as well wait until Days is released in that case.) It will also feature three new songs.

I actually really thought I wrote another posts between now and Feburary when I made the Kagerou Days one but apparently I did not. Also being released on the 30th is the light novel adaption of Kagerou Days. I guess that requires a bit more explanation though. All (?) of Jin’s songs are, storywise, connected. This is evident in Konoha no Sekai Jijou (above). The novelization should tie this altogether and will hopefully make sense of things. (At the very least maybe someone will post translated summaries of the novels hopefully)

I already said this on twitter but I’m actually a little disappointed. I thought Kagerou Days was a really cool song and story all by itself. However, hearing some theories behind it and Konoha no Sekai Jijou (as well as how it ties into Imagination Forest, Headphones Actor, etc) has sort of killed the magic the original had for me. Of course I’m happy this is happening (even though I’ll likely never be able to read the light novel), it still sort of bothers me.

Apparently (I just learned this today so I don’t have very many details on it) there is also a manga adaption titled Kagerou Days. Geez, that really went fast. I’d love love LOVE it if there was an anime adaption (I’m looking at you, SHAFT) and if the manga and light novel do well, maybe it’ll be a reality in the future? Anyways the manga publishes in Comic Gene (and I can’t think of anything really notable from that magazine at the moment). Designs are by Shidu who did the art for a couple of Jin’s PVs such as Kagerou Days itself (and who is doing the art for the light novel). The art is by Satou Mahiro. The manga starts publishing in the July issue that comes out June 15th.

You can find some info on the site for the series:

(This is sort of related but it’s pretty cool so I’ll add it in here anyways)

Thought on LoK as of ep. 7

I was planning to not write anything about Korra until the season finale (or until the ABT was over but if the ABT is determining what I post then I am not enjoying that correctly) at the very least. However, The Aftermath was another great episode and I guess I might write some of my thoughts down now.

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Vocaloid Mayu Announced

There are so many damn vocaloids now a days that it doesn’t make sense to make a fuss about each and every one that comes out. Mayu, however, I think deserves special recognition here though. Why? Because she’s Exit Trance’s vocaloid. Something to that effect anyways.

Details are scarce right now. The vocals behind her voicebank haven’t even been announced yet. All that is known about Mayu right now is that the concept around her is that she’s a yandere middle school student. While I’m sure she’ll slip under the radar and we’ll all forget about her in a week, I think the fanworks surrounding that concept alone could be really interesting. However, while her design is cute (which was done by Hidari who did the original character designs for Fractale and Natsuiro Kiseki) I think it’s a bit over the top for the whole yandere student thing. A simple design like the yandere CD girl would have worked but hey whatever Hidari is a great artist and it’s cute. (also that hair is really great so I think I can appreciate her design if only for her hair)

teaser site:

(also IA is still the best obscure Vocaloid)