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RWBY Episode 38 (S3, EP8) Impressions

I haven’t posted anything in the new year yet and the first thing I actually do is RWBY? Oh what a cruel and twisted world we live in.

To be honest, I’m in a bit of a rut right now. This blog is nearly nine years old. Nine!! So this has happened before but this time may be the final nail in the coffin. I just don’t have the drive or determination to continue this any more. There’s lots of stuff I’d like to write and go in depth about but I simply can’t. When I start trying to write anything, I just lose all motivation. Even when I’m excited all day to come home and write it!

So I’m giving myself until March 7th to try and find my determination. If I can’t well then I guess that’s that. Well, whatever. On with this attempt to try and accomplish something.

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Psycho-Pass S2 OP Comparison and Thoughts

(comparison as of episode three)

So from the moment season two started, I was enthralled by the spoilerific opening and went over it and over it trying to piece together ideas and theories. I got over it and proceeded to enjoy the episodes which have been super good so far. Then episode three aired. I had been distracted as the opening came on but when I looked back, I thought something seemed off so I kept watching it more closely and sure enough it was very different.

Not different in a big “new animation” way but different enough for it to ignite that spark curiosity again. There was already a lot of colour in the opening originally but now it’s being used to muddle and distort the images that were originally very clear and easy to see. In fact there’s nearly a filter (either a line screen tone kind of effect or pure static) on everything. I had wondered if they were just not done the OP in time but there’s no way this blurry, static mess would be the final product.

The repeat of Akane shielding her eyes usually ends on just her smiling but ends with her being shot. In the original you can faintly see but it’s so faded that you can hardly see it happening. Here it’s very vivid. However, I don’t necessarily think this means she’s going to get shot in the head (because that would be incredibly blatant huh) because it wasn’t from a dominator and the object that goes through her head doesn’t look like a bullet. I mean, it could totally be something else entirely but I just kind of doubt she’s actually going to have that happen to her.

It might not be notable since the whole Akane in the water/print on window/Shimotsuki flower scene is pretty heavily distorted as well but the Togane/Kogami scene is practically impossible to see especially compared to the vivid colour they used originally.

(There’s a lot more little stuff that just comes down to “this was blurry it was not before” or “this was unclear before but now it is” of course)

You might asked, “yo why does this matter at all?” if you weren’t watching the show, that is. This drastic change lines up with the episode where Shimotsuki doubts Akane, where Akane doubts herself and wonders if she can be going insane without her hue changing colour. Can you lose your mind when it broadcasts to the world just how healthy your mind is? Where her mental state is called into question, the OP goes full crazy. It’s a pretty interesting thing for them to have done and I appreciate it.

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Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 Impressions


After last week, I expected to this week to be a bit more heavy and I certainly wasn’t wrong about that, I suppose.

As Shogo says, Kujo is a hard person to judge. Sure, he’s kind of an ass but he doesn’t know about her condition and it seems like things went south between them. Still he’s so abrasive and slimy about it that I can’t really feel bad for him.

Like it’s so hard to get a read on him. This isn’t the type of show where he’d do something villainous like change her diary, right? There’s only three more episodes so I don’t know if they could work that all in. Will he play it sympathetic and help Hase figure out what happened only to be rejected again and accept that defeat with grace?

To the show’s credit, the drama has been handled pretty well. It would have taken five episodes for such an important detail like “her memory resets” to finally come up in conversation with someone who needs to know that if I were watching NagiAsu.

One thing that did really bother me was Hase’s selfishness again. While I do realize he has some right to be upset, I don’t recall him asking “why did this happen?” and “how can we fix it/help her?”

It’s not the first time he’s seemed overly selfish but those other times I just wrote it off as cute teenagers too dense to realize they’re in love or something like that. This time the situation caries a bit more gravitas and it was uncalled for.

Well I applaud the show for managing to give this episode a more grave air about it. The Saki x Shogo bit was really cute though and just proves that their relationship is kinda cuter if only because it feels healthier.

Soreseka Episode 7 Impressions

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is corny, silly and I still can’t believe it’s airing in this day and age and I’ll say that every time I talk about this show. Still, I love it to pieces. And I was so excited for this episode. So why did I end up feeling so disappointed at the end?

The preview showed us this Libra lookin guy and Nike and you knew it was ripe for misunderstanding and it wouldn’t go very far but MAN I didn’t expect it to spiral out of control like it did. Nike does Ouran Chapter 9 bit (is attempted rape/sexual assault with no intention to go through to teach the female a lesson but she sees through them a common thing in shoujo or what? Because that’s hella gross guys) where Kyoya gets Haruhi on the bed but Haruhi calls him out. Nike calls out Bard after he gets her on the bed and immediately after Livi shows up but instead of a comical reaction like Tamaki, he flips the hell out and turns into the biggest douchelord of the century.

Though he had warned her, she had done nothing of fault and to mistrust her so easily is ehhhhh. I have a feeling they’ll be like “oh, he was just bluffing” and it was an act or she’ll forgive him when he see’s he was in the wrong but like LOOK:

How am I supposed to forgive the way he’s acting? Threatening her with something so damned serious like that? We may have reached the point where we see he’s still not a normal adjusted person and has some serious problems and if this show holds up, they can work it out and stay together and move past this IF DONE RIGHT. And sure we don’t know his history with Bard but like goddamn that doesn’t mean take it out on the one person he does like. Though I guess he could have been afraid of losing her to him. So be an asshole. That” totally help.

It’s going to take a lot of grovelling and repentance on Livi’s sake  for me to possibly accept the goofiness from the beginning of the episode again. If they just wash over this incident like it was nothing, I’m going to be pissed. Though it’s hard to ignore Livi saying he’s gonna torture his uncle to death and all. But I would still hope Nike is mad for her sake. That his mistrusted her and turned on her so easily.

So this stupid show that I ended up loving has left a bad taste in my mouth but I think that’s entirely the point. Whether or not it can redeem itself and make me continue to love and enjoy it is up in the air right now but I sure am rooting for it.

Mekakucity Actors 1-5 Impressions + Observations

So really this post could have waited but I get so hyped up after each episode (so much that I wait until the day before episode six to post this huh) and notice a bunch of really neat things about the show that I love. I’m glad they’re putting effort into the show even if there are some things I don’t like.

I guess some of this will be stuff I’ve said before and will undoubtedly repeat when I do my final impressions. Still, up to this point there’s been some really cool things happening that have been pretty subtle. So I’ll just go over some of the obvious ones now and when the next few episodes cause me to flip out, maybe they’ll get a post too.

That all being said: there are some big big big spoilers that could potentially ruin the rest of the series for you if you’re new to Kagepro in this post and it’s mostly intended a post for people who have prior knowledge of the series.
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Nagi no Asukara Episode 13

Before we start this big ol’ rant let me say that I was with Asukara at the start. I expected to hate it (and in the end I did) but for awhile there was a time when I actually kind of enjoyed it. Many times, the show did stuff that I didn’t expect and surprised me. That didn’t stop the end result from being predictable as hell though.

“But Fang-tan!”, you cry, “It’s not over yet!”

Well, you know, it might as well be.

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C3bu Episode 10 Impressions

Well, the title is a bit misleading since it’s about the series in general as of late. C3bu was a surprise. I only watched it because it was Gainax and Sawashiro was a main character. While it isn’t a brilliant, hidden gem, it’s still more than I expected.

Of course Yura changing history was never mentioned again which is a shame but I’m not sure that would be really interesting at all. What is interesting is… well, Yura! I’ve seen so many people hating on her and while I understand a bit of the anger directed at her, I don’t really agree.

Sure, she became really tryhard and No Fun Allowed but the rest of the C3bu (Sonora and Rento excluded) were not acting much better. They didn’t take into account how Yura felt and instead of making the situation better, they pushed her to the edge. They didn’t make it clear Rento was hurt, for one. Secondly, Yura wanted to do the right thing. Rather than accept a victory they did not earn, she told the truth and tried to make things right. This just made her team angry at her. Not telling them wasn’t right but trampling over how Yura felt about the matter was a pretty mean thing to do. They made her out to be the bad guy for trying to right wrongs. In that regard, I don’t blame her for leaving.

Not to mention Sonora noticed several times that Yura was acting strange and never really stopped to talk to her about it. She just kept letting it go despite the fact that she clearly noticed something was wrong.

Seriously though? It seems like Yura is really messed up. In her western/water fight fantasy she shot to kill one of her best friends and didn’t care at all. She was zoned out. You could say it was just the fantasy, the manifestation of her desire to win and that it was still just a game but it’s her almost dead seeming eyes and attitude that even Sonora notices that sets off alarm bells. If that wasn’t such a scene, I would note that there were less fantasies as the show went on. Because the fantasies were fun and what captured her interest in the first place? Winning became most important so she had no reason to indulge in make believe. Instead of pretending, she could just go out and win. Of course nobody feels the same, as well as the fact she doesn’t clearly care about anybody on either team and so she becomes alienated.

That itself isn’t a healthy behaviour but it’s little things that make her so worrisome. If this were anything else I would fully expect her to acquire a real gun at some point and kill someone for real. Standing in the empty battlefield and laughing to herself, going on to shoot another opponent while her teammate was just injured (reminiscent, perhaps, of during the aforementioned duel with Sonora when she ignored Rento and her focus was what defeated a distracted Sonora) as well as her treatment of her friends and that previously mentioned western fantasy, all make her seem deranged.

Though to be honest I felt really bad for her when she was sitting on the train and thinking how she wanted to be like Sonora or Rin but instead ended up all alone. Though it seemed like the point where she might realize the error of her ways and try to fix herself. Still, not gonna lie, I kind of want to see her spiral even more out of control and see if she really will start becoming destructive. Unlikely but hey, there are still three episodes. The show was only watchable because of Yura’s spiral to the dark side. Let’s not end that early and make the last episode or two super boring.

But of course, I expect any psychological problems will be resolved and forgotten once she realizes the Power of Friendship (since Rin pretty much hit the nail on the head about why she does what she does) and rejoins the C3bu. Probably resulting in her making a mad dash to stop Sonora from going abroad, thus ruining her chances at a successful career so she can remain a school idol and- oh whoops wrong show! Looks like all mad dashes to the airport, fuck-your-future-yay-friendship endings are complete bull.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3

I didn’t know what to expect from this show when I started watching and now we’re on episode three and I especially don’t know what to expect any more.

The revelation that he was actually her dad though seemed out of place, like it should have been later on in the series. I mean it’s clear now that it couldn’t be but at the time it seemed like such an important thing was being brought up too early.

So now that one of the characters I (and everybody?) assumed to be one of the mains is gone and Ai seems to be moving on to somewhere new. I had hoped there would be a timeskip and she’d be in school or something because of the OP but it looks like that isn’t the case. Of course, none of the girls could pass as an older Ai but he also was looking for Hana with black hair and hey, she didn’t soooo?? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anyways since characters from the OP appear in the preview but not along side loli Ai so hey who knows.

The ED song is fantastic and I love it. I really cannot get enough of it. So that wonderful song accompanied by Hampnie bonding with his daughter as they make their way back to the village seemed really sweet. On the other hand, it also made Ai burying her father and breaking down crying just as the chorus starts to be even sadder and even more powerful. If, for some reason, he actually came back later (as I heard people speculating he might) it would ruin such a great scene for me. Right now, it’s that scene being so good that’s keeping me holding on to this show.

Though I kind of like watching a show I know nothing about continue to surprise me and have me ask questions. I at least now understand what it means to be dead when for a while I was confused about what it mean to be alive. It wasn’t that clear until they explained it for the fifth time.

I am worried the new characters from here on out will be as dull as they look but hey Scar looked boring and she turned out to be a pretty cool guy.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 10

I took a break from Animal Crossing to eat dinner and decided to watch Gargantia 10 since I had been putting that off. Don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to watching it. Things hit the fan after last week and I expected the follow up to be tame but was still looking forward to seeing what would happen as a result.

It’s kind of funny that five episodes ago I had accepted the show as a sci-fi-y slice of life and that Urobuchi really wasn’t going to do his thing. But he did the thing. In that regard and the shock value of what’s been going on? Better than Psycho-Pass which only had one spectacular episode of despair and then kind of tapered out.

Though from the moment he found the Hideauze in the water it seemed obvious that it was the home planet they were looking for and that they were directly tied to the humans. So, I can’t say I was super surprised when the reveal happened last episode. However, I was surprised when I went back and watched the beginning of the first episode again. Did the Hideauze gain the power of the weapon from the first part of the first episode?

I can’t see Kugel being here working out very well. Especially since, you know, he seems to be accompanied by a cult. Though by the looks of it they might just be worshipping his machine? Or, where Ledo ended up with people who doubted him and who he himself doubted, Kugel ended up with easily manipulated people who saw him as a god.

I might have to go back and rewatch the scene where Chamber explains the nature of Hideauze vs. Humans to Ledo since I understood that but I didn’t understand where Chamber was coming from. Did he say he was explaining as a neutral source away from the military? Before that, he sounded almost a little antagonistic but in a Kyubey-I-Am-Neutral-I-Don’t-Understand kind of way. So if it comes down to fighting Kugel, who is Ledo’s superior, will Chamber still obey Ledo? Or will he have to obey Kugel?

So I guess I have a lot of questions, is what I’m trying to say.

My feeling of unease was justified and now I’m not happy with the results. I still don’t want Ledo to return to space but I feel like we wouldn’t have any closure to the space-hideauze war if that happens. At the same time, I feel like Kugel is going to lead to mass Earth human casualties (well, massive from the people we know). Gargantia itself isn’t that relevant right now but I have to imagine Ledo heads back there soon.

Similarly, Pinion is really digging himself a hole. I can’t see anything but death awaiting him now. First of all, he’s stupid. Boy oh boy is he stupid. Sure he came off as dimwitted before but kudos writers for going the whole mile and making him important but still stupid. Announcing he had the treasure was dumb, attempting to use a weapon they knew nothing of was stupid, trying to get the weapon like Chamber has to work (and that the hideauze will likely absorb) is stupid and accepting the pirates was stupid. If he doesn’t get stabbed in the back (literally) I will be 100% shocked.

Maybe it’s trying to set him up for a heroic redemption death but I’m not buying it yet.

Well, with three more episodes I have a lot of high expectations. Hopefully Urobuchi will be able to wrap this up in a more satisfying way than his last endeavour and if so, I think I could say I was really satisfied with Gargantia.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 5

Before the show aired, I would have never expected a beach episode. What with the lack of beach and all. I especially would have never expected one as wonderfully charming and enjoyable as this episode was.

However, this is the episode where Ledo really changes. Not entirely but enough to make a difference in the events to come and in a way that will make the eventual desicion to leave especially difficult. Ledo is a really good character and you could constantly see the change in him as he discovers and feels new things. It could be that he was blank and without much to him (which I did complain about initially) but it’s still good to watch. Had he been a gruff jerk who rejected and struggled against Gargantia and it’s people instead of accepting and compromising, it would have been a much worse experience for everybody and I was sure I wouldn’t have watched this long.

Not to mention Ledo is just plain adorable. He went from someone battle hardened and stoic to a fish out of water forced to rely on people he can barely understand. It sounds common enough but the execution is just too much. Hearing him struggle with their language or seeing Amy try and teach him how to swim, things like that are just… moe.

This episode also benefited the rest of the cast too. Little things liked seeing Ridgett look bashful about her bathing suit or Bevel and the doctor’s group with the fan up until they built a machine to fan themselves or that everything was a result of Pinion trying to be nice. Hell, even Chamber and his repeated queries too. All of this endeared the characters to me.

And so, the bad feeling that’s been nagging at me for awhile feels even worse. I’m worried how this will end. We’re not too far gone that a big plot development could happen and shake things up. It’s pretty obvious Ledo will have to choose between his new home and his old life. Considering that fighting for the Galactic Alliance was all he knew for the entirety of his life, I doubt it’ll be an easy choice. It’s not just that. Considering the threat of the Hideauze and the fight at the beginning of the series, I can’t help but feel they’ll show up at Earth. Even though this is Urobuchi, I really don’t think they’ll do something as drastic as wiping out Gargantia (with Ledo and Amy as the only survivors or something).

Still would Ledo staying on Gargantia and forgetting about the war be satisfying to anybody? No, I don’t think for us or for Ledo.