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Eight Years Itch


Every goddamn year I think to my goddamn self “don’t be late posting on the anniversary” and every goddamn year I’m late.

Alright for an excuse, I had just gotten back from Japan when it happened. I thought about scheduling a post but nah. I’m just not that efficient.

Another year of almost giving up. I guess this thing is mostly dead anyways so if I do quit I won’t be formal about it. It’ll just end. Oh well.

Anyways, back to the Japan thing. I had a dang old blast and it sucks being back in stupid Canada but what can you do. I’m already excited to go back in two years. Wait for me, Museca!

I have a looooot of posts planned about the trip both to help other travellers and also ones that are just fun for me. I don’t have a timeframe on them though. I’m hoping to work on them this week since in lieu of a long weekend, I have a bunch of days off in the middle of the week. Such is life.

Regardless, they’ll probably be going for the rest of the year so I hope I have the motivation to do them and also people don’t get sick of them and/or think I’m really riding on the coattails of my vacation.

(I also changed the site theme back unfortunately. Though I liked the new cute and simple layout, it had some problems I’m just not ready to work on right now. Maybe one day!)

Loli Salad’s (Belated) 8th Birthday


As the tradition dictates I must, I have of course forgotten all about Loli Salad’s birthday again. But can you blame me? I didn’t really contribute much last month. I was too busy with working and Tales of Xillia and generally having a busy life.

But I will aknoledge this momentous occasion again, even if I’m quite late. Loli Salad is now as old as Hakase from Nichijou. Turns out there aren’t many eight year old characters.

Anywho, I’ve got lots of stuff lined up so hopefully things pick up around here. Next year I’ll be going to Japan for a month (and I’ll already be back by this time) so next summer I’ll hopefully be able to detail my trip here. So here’s to another year and all the great stuff it probably holds.

One Post November: A Status Update

I’m a pretty busy person, if the severe lack of content lately is any indication. I actually have one long post I’m kind of worried about posting that will probably go up some time this month because I’ve been working on it for two months and I’m sick of it. After that I can finally do my Tamako Market post. The 12 days posts will probably come before that.

Seriously though, I’ve been really busy working six days/at least 50 hours a week for the last few weeks and I’m usually too exhausted to write anything up. I’m really surprised the only November post was the Yuki Yuna one but I’ll try and pick up the slack this month.

That being said, look forward to a new feature that will be undoubtedly related to the new poll and may be useful and cool, who knows!! That’ll be up on Sunday and happen twice a month, both Sundays.

It’s a secret for now though!

Seven Year Anniversary

Another year, another celebration. Same old, same old. To be honest I wanted to celebrate this a bit more but I was lazy. Now I barely have any time left now that I’ve started working full time and have to find new and creative ways to fit an appropriate amount of sleep and Tales of Xillia 2 into my daily routine. I’m having a bit of a tough time at it right now and I hope that I adapt but if seems like things slowed down even more than usual, well that’s why. Though I just did start about a week ago and that doesn’t really account for why I didn’t post anything all August…

Moving along, I’ll give the same spiel I usually do. More than anything else, this has been a place for me to talk about the things that catch my eye. Whatever they may be. Sometimes (ok alright like I wasn’t paying attention or I totally wouldn’t have posted two Korra posts back to back) it’s not even anime related stuff. But there’s always been the few that have followed for a long time for whatever reason and of course I want to thank you.

One thing that surprises me when I meet people who have read this is that I sometimes get called a music reviewer. I’ve always thought that’s pretty funny, to be honest. I’m not really good at that. I don’t know much about music at all and I’m not entirely confident enough to say “yeah this is the best of the best” so everything is just a suggestion. Besides, I only post music I like. A reviewer would post anything and everything ,yeah? I only want to share the music I like. When people say they discovered something because of a post I did, it makes me really happy. So that’s been motivation for a long time.

But with that in mind, I wanted to post a little something something, especially because seven is my favourite number. That means we have to celebrate some how!

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Loli Salad’s Sixth Birthday…

… was two days ago.

I forgot! _(:3」∠)_
Well, I realized the anniversary was at the end of August but not quite the end of August and I didn’t realize that until, well, today actually. So… whoops! I was busy with ToX and before that SRIV and before that Salty Bet and during all of that, I was also working on a super-sneaky-top-secret project. But excuses, excuses. I’m about to talk about how much I love this stupid thing and I couldn’t even remember it’s birthday. Terrible.

I’ll go over the same spiel as usual. I’m really happy to have made it this far because a lot of times I thought I would call it quits. I mean, I know I rarely post but it’s because I rarely post that I felt this way. Still it’s been six years and we haven’t even broken 500 posts. Oh… well that might not be completely true. There were 500 posts but sometimes, looking back, things are so cringeworthy I just delete them without thinking. It’s older stuff (so now there’s no January 2008 posts) and I’m not proud of it but I know I should stop. Haha.

But you know what? This year I thought the site was gone. There was an error, and it seemed as if everything had been deleted. I had no proper backups to speak of at the time and I was shocked. At first I accepted it and thought it was alright since it wasn’t as if I updated on even a semi-regular basis and there would be nobody who would miss Loli Salad. But that wasn’t true. I would miss it. After it sunk in that something I had spent six years on was gone, I was incredibly saddened. Thinking I had truly lost something I worked hard to create, I think I probably even shed tears. Of course we’re here today so THANKFULLY things got fixed and I learned a very valuable lesson about backups. But I’m kind of happy I had an authentic “lose it to realize how much it means to you” experience that ended well.

I know I’ve probably said this before but having a place to talk about whatever I want is really nice. And even if I’m embarrassed by the past, I want to keep going. Even if it’s only a handful of posts a month. If they’re posts I’m proud of then that’s fine with me.

How deep does this corny, corny rabbit hole go? Much deeper. I also wanted to say that I myself have changed a lot since I first created this thing when I was, uh, fourteen. So yeah I guess obviously I’ve changed, haha. I mean when I created this aniblog… I didn’t actually watch… anime. I watched an episode here and there but I was young and had much better things to do. Well not really. I was just as much of as loser then as I am now. But I loved anime. I loved learning about it. I could tell you everything about a show but only ever watch one episode of it.

Eventually somewhere down the road things changed and I actually started watching it. Once I started watching series from the current season as they aired, I couldn’t stop. And I didn’t. A lot of things changed in life for me. People came and people left, I moved from place to place and graduated and started working and became an adult. Things didn’t and don’t stop changing. Just like anime, I guess. Which feels really dumb to say. But looking forward to each new season, lamenting shows past and being excited about those to come is a valuable way to pass time to me. Because of that I’ve met a lot of cool people and had a lot of neat experiences.

I can’t say that a day won’t come where I’ll finally grow out of this lifestyle and wonder why I spent so much time and money on something so frivolous. Sometimes, I think that now. I look around my disgusting room and think, “wow, this is gross”. But that doesn’t mean I want to tear everything off my walls and sell my figures. A gross person? That’s just who I am. A time when I’ll really want to change and when I grow out of the things I like? That time isn’t now. Because I know right now my life is full of uncertainties but I’m still certain this is what makes me happy. So here’s to another year, I guess!

Loli Salad Five Year Mark

I know I say this ever year but it’s just so hard to believe. Five years! Sheesh!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this so far. Certain people may not come around anymore but I’m still grateful for encouraging me way back when. People who visit now, I’m grateful to you as well. (I’m even grateful to Mushy even though you are literally the worst)

It might be a bit presumptious of me to say but I would really say that in the last few months I’ve really settled in and found the pace and type of posts I would have always liked. I’m content with the quality and format and just being able to say whatever I feel. In all these five years, I finally feel really happy and pleased with this blog. But I guess that is kind of silly! But if I’m able to provide some use to even just one person than all the work and effort will be (and has been) worth it.

Also, I know it was awhile ago but thank you to everyone who voted for Loli Salad in the Aniblog Tournament. Getting to the second round was such an honour and really meant a lot.

2nd Aniblogger Tournament

I wasn’t going to write anything because I thought it would be shameless to ask for votes but everyone else apparently has so either it’s socially acceptable or we’re all really shameless (though I guess I shouldn’t call voters shameless because I love you anibloggers). The first year I hadn’t considered it because, y’know, I didn’t find out until the tournament until after my round had come and gone. But this year I am prepared!

Anyways, welcome, all you tourney voters! I’m sorry if you came here finding actual lolis and/or salad. The title is very misleading. Loli Salad has actually been around since 2007 but it’s not like I post that often so I guess I can’t really throw that number around or anything. There’s also only me, Fang-tan, here. Me and this big mess of grammatical errors, rambling without end and nary a clue to be had.

Various posts:

Loli Salad’s Fourth Year

I can’t believe this thing is still around. Geez. I guess it would be more special if I, y’know, actually blogged. The (episodic) blogs that originally inspired me are already long gone (well except AoMM) which makes me kind of sad but hey, whatever. It seems this blog found it’s niche but was never that good at what it did. Well I always say things will end up ending and I’m usually wrong so please support this stupid little blog for another year!

Loli Salad, 3 years strong~

Wow! It seems like so much longer, doesn’t it? Well maybe just to me. But it’s been a loooong three years, I can tell you that much. Haha~ I really don’t have anything special to say other than that I’m surprised! I really didn’t think things would go on this long. Well, it’s been pretty fun, right? So let’s see how much longer we can ride out on that fun~