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Loli Salad, 3 years strong~

Wow! It seems like so much longer, doesn’t it? Well maybe just to me. But it’s been a loooong three years, I can tell you that much. Haha~ I really don’t have anything special to say other than that I’m surprised! I really didn’t think things would go on this long. Well, it’s been pretty fun, right? So let’s see how much longer we can ride out on that fun~

New Tagging System!

I’m very thrilled to finally reveal this little improvement! About a year back I started tagging everything rather than using categories, I thought this could make things a little more flexible when it came to organizing them. But soon the Tag Cloud got messy. So my idea was always to have the tags separated so that there could be a broader use of them and still be easy to use. Now they are! It took me a month (plus breaking the site a little!) to retag everything but you can now see the three different tag clouds on the side.

They are organized by general (context specific tags), series (tags of series that appear often on this blog) and circles/artists. I hope to add more C/A tags based on more groups/artists that pop up here lots. Some don’t appear often anymore, such as Love Solfege, but I’m keeping them because I think it would help make the site more accessible this way.

As usual, please bring it to my attention if errors pop up. I think everything should run OK. Hopefully this helps!

Comiket 77 Reviews Update

Okay, okay. It just occurred to me that Comiket has been over for like a week and I haven’t even touched an album. I haven’t looked for them. Hell, I just downloaded Umineko Motion Graphic 6 last night. That’s usually the first thing I go for! Well, in any case that IS awesome. I’ve just been busy. At school/work, watching anime (I’m actually doing it! I never watch anime!), and working on a small VN short story. All this, bundled with Doujinstlye being down when I actually did want to review the albums, has made me forgotten/not care about reviewing them. But never fear!

I’ll try to review something tonight If possible. I’ve picked out a bunch that sound interesting. But most likely, they’ll never make it as far to the site. I dislike writing reviews during the week but seeing as everything I watch comes out at the end of the week (Kimi ni Todoke, Okamikakushi, Inuyasha: Kanketsu-hen, Durararararararararara!!) I should have nothing to do but this. In theory. So, this is just a heads up. I haven’t really forgotten or decided to put it off.

Happy Holidays~

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that today you spend time with your loved ones and have a good time. If you aren’t celebrating anything or spending time with anyone than I just hope you have a nice day then!

Album Review Poll Results

I didn’t say anything early but I maybe should have? Anyways, the poll on the side that has been running for a few weeks has been to help me gauge what reader might like to see reviewed more. My preferences are obviously original albums but that seems to be an unpopular choice. Touhou was in the lead for most of them time since the poll started but has since been taken over by Vocaloid. Something Vocaloid will be reviewed soon! I promise! The Exit Trance choice is probably for show. Even if that won, I’d probably only review the same stuff I normally do!
Ahahaha! The (´・ω・`) choice? For lulz of course.

The poll isn’t ending quite yet though so things can still change. (but I hope they don’t~)

[C77] Conagusuri – Kapanet Nitori

I don’t normally do previews for upcoming events but really I just love Conagusuri. They’re like IOSYS back before IOSYS got less awesome. Or whatever. Expect some more previews and stuff. Hopefully. Usually when I say something like that I don’t end up doing what I said I would. Enjoy your Conagusuri, TETLA POT and Nitori though.

The Album Review Directory is Finished

I had wanted to save this and release it during the holidays so it would look like it was a holiday treat … even though I promised this nearly a month or two ago. . .

I would proudly like to present a new feature on Loli Salad. One that I think will mark Loli Salad as being a little more serious about what it does and a little more organized too! I present the Album Review Directory! A list containing practically every album reviewed on Loli Salad. There is the possibility that some are not added or the links are messed up, I have not had time to test them. At some point I probably will. But if you spot an error I beg that you please, please tell me straight away.

I hope that this new article will prove to be useful to recurring visitors and those new to the site itself. Also, this is a small token of my thanks to all those people too. So, enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

I planned to work on Loli Salad all weekend, starting tonight. I’m not doing much besides taking Princess loli-Leia (my sister) trick or treating tomorrow and possibly watching some scary movies tonight. So I plan to do a few things around here. But as usual twitter and Nightbug Creations distracted me. I plan on writing up a few reviews (starting with that Anime House IOSYS thing) and looking at some new plugins, possibly. I’m also planning on starting to make a directory page of all the album reviews, sorted by artist. But that’s just what I want to do. Instead of doing it, I’m sitting here telling you what I want to do. So I’ll go work on that right now. (Actually, I started writing this at six. Six hours later and I haven’t even finished this post.)

Short Delay

Well not very short. And there isn’t anything to delay. I’ve just been caught up with a lot of things and don’t have as much time for Loli Salad. Keep in mind that I already explained I didn’t think LS would make it to three years. Speaking of which, I missed another LS anniversary. It was our second full year. A little more productive and steady than the first. This weekend I will have something special planned. something to make up for neglecting the blog so. Please look forward to it.