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Mottainai Akihabara Flea Market Fang-tan's Japan Trip 2016: part three

The last Sunday before we went home, I decided to go to Akihabara alone to try and scope out some Itasha one last time. We had dinner plans in Shibuya at 6 so I didn’t expect to see many since primo-Itasha time seemed to be a little later on in the evening but luckily I did see a few.

In my bid to kill time I stumbled across this interesting little event. On the side of UDX was a flea market! It’s a shame that I was completely and desperately broke by this point because there was definitely some stuff I wanted to buy!

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Alright so if I even began to TRY and explain how excited I was about this album, I doubt I could explain how thrilling this was.  Regardless of how I have felt about IOSYS in the past and how I feel about them now, ALBATROSICKS has always had a special spot in my heart.  After all, their first album came out seven years ago. Months after this blog was started even!

Still, the last album had been Rebirth Era (which was my favourite of their entire discography) but came out at the very end of 2011. There was a Best Of album and then nothing. It seemed like all hope was lost and that the group was done for.

Obviously that isn’t the case now and I couldn’t be happier! (Now if only I could get my hands on Rebirth Era too…)

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Shinku Nendoroid (and other WonFes stuff)

I’m a pretty big Rozen Maiden fan. I think I’ve said that before. One of the reasons I was so excited about the new series (besides it being the first show where I was apart of a fan community, before fandoms were toxic and terrible to be a part of and also eight years is a hell of a long time to wait) was the promise of new figures. Of course there are some older ones I would love to get ahold of one day but it was a nendoroid I truly hoping for. And WonFes just happened to occur after the show began airing!

As WonFes went on and more and more developments were posted from it, though it was only the first day, I began to lose hope and accepted that there would be no Rozen Maiden nendoroids announced. Then, like a miracle, Shinku appeared on MFC and I proceeded to lose control of myself.

I hope this means we’ll get Nendoroids of the other dolls as well. Suigintou seems like a given but if not, I’m pretty content with just Shinku. A Kirakishou one would be pretty amazing though. Hopefully this does well enough to warrant that! I really would probably get all seven of them… sheesh!

Of course there was a bunch of other neat stuff announced, I guess. Tons of Attack on Titan if you’re into that. Personally I think I’ll only ever end up with the Mikasa nendoroid. I purchased Minami from Moshidora at AX despite never watching the show because I fell in love with her on AmiAmi a few months prior. When I was actually playing with her, I noticed how much she looked like Sasha and that if there was ever Titan nendoroids, I could pass her off easily as Sasha. So! I look forward to trying that out. Though an actual Sasha nendoroid with bread and her drooling expression would be wonderful as well. I doubt that’ll happen though.

(Last note about nendoroids, I’m very disappointed there wasn’t anything further on the Sakura nendoroid from last (?) WonFes. Oh well. As long as it’s one day, I think I can probably wait)

I was also surprised by a Tamako Market figure showing up! Strange that it’s Anko rather than Tamako though, isn’t it? Also, strangely enough, it’s by Alter who was the only company to show off a Hyouka figure during winter WonFes. This time, they are the only company (so far?) with a Tamako Market figure. I guess they have something worked out with KyoAni? It’s a bit sad since I would love a Tamako or Shiori figure as well. Well, a few more Hyouka figures showed up this WonFes so maybe Tamako Market figures will show up next WonFes?

C83 Previews

Yuuhei Satellite – 濡れた髪に触れられた時

Yuuhei Satellite is my favourite Touhou arrange group, as I’m sure I’ve said before. Not surprising perhaps since the main members that make up the group all are regular Exit Trance SATB contributers? (Or maybe that’s why I can tolerate SATB so much?) Anyways, sounds like a lot of variety. I really like the Princess Inada track because it’s pretty unusual from what they usually do.

Lost Garden – Luxurious Cattail

Lost Garden again. This time with a Little Busters arrange album. Really starting to like them. Liking them enough to wait for a Little Busters arrange album anyways.

 Toho Warfare:BLACK ONYX and RED BERYL

Another IOSYS split release but one with gorgeous covers (though the REDALiCE ones had nice covers too). I wasn’t really interested because it seemed like they would be metal and not really of any importance to me but then I heard the crossfades (available on the site) and now this is one the releases I’m most anticipating.

Melodic Taste – Anime Song Orchestra III

Melodic Taste’s 3rd orchestral offering, obviously. When I saw the (adorable) cover, I assumed the Jinrui song would be Real World because that is the easy choice? I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was the ED which I absolutely love. Have never been big on the vocals included in this series (luckily there are the two seperate versions) but the arranges themselves have never been that disappointing so I’ll be waiting for this one. (crossfade)

Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #01

I listen to a lot of music. All different kinds. I like to talk about it here, obviously. Sometimes though there are some albums that I love that I can’t really talk about in the way traditional to this site. So, I’ve returned with a new way of doing this. At the end of every second month, I’m going to just talk a little bit about a few random albums. They may be new or they might be old or they may not even be doujin related at all.

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Project U-Ta-Hi-Me

I had been looking at M3-30 stuff and wandered off to miko’s Alternative Ending site to see what she was up to. It was there that I noticed her part in Project U-Ta-Hi-Me (プロジェクト ウタヒメ). I hadn’t heard of the game before then and actually I’m sure a lot of people haven’t but I think it’s such a cool idea. The game was already released so I set about finding it. Luckily, it was available on a number of sites similar to DLSite (since I couldn’t download from there) and I was able to buy it from Game Liner since they had Paypal and were a lot more lax about everything.

Project U-Ta-Hi-Me is a shmup featuring music original music by IOSYS. The ‘bullet’ patterns are generated by the music and, yes, you can even play music from your own library as long as they are in MP3 or WAV format. I really like the select screen since you simply scroll through your selected folder and plays the song for you. (Songs with Japanese characters might not play if your computer isn’t set to (I assume) Japanese locale but I restarted it with Applocale and it worked fine)

IOSYS is also releasing a soundtrack for the game this month at M3-30 featuring the songs they did for the game as well as a few remixes of those songs.

The game itself isn’t that hard. The skins determine what kind of obstacles you’re going to have but depending on what song you picked, the ‘bullet’ intensity will differ. At first I didn’t think the length of the song really mattered but I picked a song that was only a 1:32 to see when the boss would show up and even though the boss shows up later and you don’t have much time to defeat it, you’ll still lose if your song ends. Though the boss will show up well before the end of a song in a longer one so as soon as you beat it and collect the Noise, the song fades away.

The gimmick carries this game though. It’s fun playing to your own music and on top of that it looks really good (AKAZA does all the main art). The stages all seem very… Madoka inspired. The television and piano levels both remind me of H.N Elly and the sweets skin is obviously reminiscent of Charlotte. You can pick different skins that serve as the level. There is a story but the game doesn’t really follow it. You pick a song and shoot. There are only a few skins right now but all the Coming Soon skins seem to indicate an update with more.

If you’re into hardcore shmups that are insanely difficult, this isn’t really for you. If, however, you’re looking for an entertaining, nicely designed way to pass the time without any real skill at shmup games, I’d definitely recommend this.

Available for 980 yen ($12) on Game Liner

[C82] Sound Holic – Song of Eyelids, Light and Love

Since they started releasing PVs to a select few of their songs at C78, the jazz/Swing Holic PVs have been something I’ve constantly looked forward to. The art style is adorable and each PV is usually pretty poignantly told. I can honestly say You May Know Dream made me tear up the first few times I watched it. I feel like the latest is still really good and the song they chose is fantastic but the PV just doesn’t tell as good a story as You May Know Dream or Boku no Konote Kimi no Sonote.