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As a curator and wannabe creator of all that is random and generated, seeing something like pop up is really fun. I wanted to share if you didn’t happen to catch the wave of it on twitter that seemed to swamp it all at once.

It’s such a simple concept. Random anime openings (and sometimes endings) play in glorious creditless HD (whe navailable). It’s purpose? Up to you. I’ve seen people making a game of it but I think I’d enjoy just putting it on in the background as I work. So far I’ve seen one opening for some anime I’ve never even heard of and remembered a lot of songs I’d long forgotten about.

It’s got lots of nifty features too. You can loop one video, pick just opening and endings, a list of videos in rotation (I think, I haven’t checked because I want to stay surprised) and you can even bug the creator to add stuff if you really want to (though you probably shouldn’t).

Anyways, it’s novel as heck so go have fun with it. I look forward to seeing what the creator does with it in the future.


Merry Christmas Without You


November was the first time in eight years that I actually didn’t post a single thing. Not because I didn’t want to though! There were things I would have liked to write about, I simply didn’t have time. With NaNo and rushing to move by December 1st, I was a very busy person.

Though I did, inexplicably, find time to update the Kancolle Character Sorter

Anyways, though I’m sure nobody is really worried or anything, this is just me assuring everyone and mostly myself that December will go back to normal. In fact, December usually has the highest amount of posts because of year end and secret santa and everything. So please look forward to more Hot and Fresh Content soon.

#kirigen down

It’s unlikely that anybody trying to reach #kirigen will see this post but in the off chance that it happens, I am aware that #kirigen is down because my basic-ass web hosting couldn’t handle your BURNING LOVE strong desire to sort shipgirls.

Because of’s gracious hosting for the last seven years, I’ve never had this really come up as a problem. Likewise, #kirigen has never had anything that would draw attention so this also hasn’t been an issue with that site. And now it is and I’m wondering what to do next.

#kirigen has always been and still is a place for me to put the stupid stuff I’ve stupidly wasted time on. And I’ve spent lots of time, regrettably, on the character sorters and generators so I’m not going to be like “eh, that’s it I guess”. On the other hand, I’m in no position to really be spending money on something like this.

Well, so I say. Its host features cheap enough hosting that I can get this embarrassing problem solved once and for all (or at least a year) but it will, unfortunately, have to wait until April 6th. Which means that #kirigen will remain down until that time. It sucks but thems the breaks.

Fractale – Harinezumi (CrabMixx) (Inu feat. Azuma Hitomi)

I am absolutely in love with this guy’s remixes. Doesn’t hurt that I love this song already and can’t wait for the single. I always havea thing for remixes of unusual song. The guy who does that has a ton on his Soundcloud and I would diffinetly recommend checking some of them out. I sort of wish he would have done a full version of Meiya Kadenrou instead of just part of a mashup but that’s okay because the random ‘cheerio!’ throughout the rest of the song was pretty cute too.

You can check out that previously mentioned page here (his Niconico account only seems to have his mashups and some remixes done of western, j-pop or other random stuff). I was personally very pleased with the remixes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Magia, Sugar Sugar Rune’s Chocola ni Muuchu, Ookami-san to Shichi Nin no Nakama Tachi’s Akazukin-chan Goyoujin, or Miyuki Sawarshiro’s Nante Jibun de Kangaenasai na from Arakawa Under The Bridge. The link, once again, is over here.

RainyMood x The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

I have been loving this too much to do anything else. I mean, I could start looking for some new songs to try it with (Aoi Yami Wo Massakasama Ni Ochiteyuku Nagareboshi Wo Shitteiru by Ikuko Harada (which awesomely you can buy in the Canadian iTunes store!) sounds pretty great with it) but even that sounds like messing with a good thing. Anyways, saw this neat little creation linked by Sorrow-kun on Twitter that was originally on /a/. Not usually a place I visit but if it turns up something fun like this, maybe I should peek in there.

Anyways, first open up and have it playing in a separate tab (or window, possibly if you still use something like that) and play the following:

Which is how the subject came up. So you should at least try with this song. Admittedly, it’s pretty awesome. I know I’ve been listening to the combination for at least an hour now.

Nakidori no Rakuen

I don’t normally post about every new site I see (sometimes I do I won’t lie) but I thought this site might be a little helpful to those who come to Loli Salad looking for Doujin information. It’s very little. I review things based on what I heard, not based on fact. Therefore, I am a terribly unreliable source to go on when it comes to Doujin Music sometimes. I have fallen in love with Nakidori no Rakuen and it could probably be of use to a bunch of people so please check it out.



The Toradora cast get's reimu'd?

Another useless website for you? (The NicoNico ones weren’t too useless) Well this one is. I don’t know what the point is or what you could do with this.

Also, if you get the error: エラー: 申し訳ありませんが,画像が大きすぎるようです(;_;) that means your image is too large! Just resize it or find a smaller, okay? I got that error a bit, figured it might help to share what it meant.

Useless, but maybe worthy a few tries. Website is here.

Niconico Douga mp3 Converter

Because sites offering Niconico services are as fun as the site itself, I can’t help but share a particular gem. now i don’t recall who showed me it or where I found it but it’s a very, very useful little tool that has helped me more than I’d care to admit. This site simply allows you to enter the address to a Niconico video and will offer you the ability to download the video as an mp3! Very helpful for remixes or songs that are otherwise hard to find. Quality is great and it’s super easy. There’s also a handy little streaming audio player in case the video takes too long to load for you or you just have problems with viewing Niconico in general, as I often do.

In case you missed it:

And if you need a little assistance:

EDIT: as of Febraury of 2014 (and well before), Nicosound had closed down for good. We had a good run, guys.

Greatest Website Ever

Rarely do I whore out other websites but when I found this I seriously almost died. I haven’t heard of this site before so excuse me if it’s old news but you should really stop reading this and head over to the Nico Nico Douga Medly Database. It’s as the title says, a site just for those awaesome medly’s we’ve all come to love (if you don’t love them or don’t know what they are than GTFO read a different post). I was actually looking for a new couple of these because they’re very motivational when I walk home from school. To see if you can get from one place to another before the song ends is tiring but fun to do. So to whoever created such a conveiently awesome site (and in English too), orz.