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Mottainai Akihabara Flea Market Fang-tan's Japan Trip 2016: part three

The last Sunday before we went home, I decided to go to Akihabara alone to try and scope out some Itasha one last time. We had dinner plans in Shibuya at 6 so I didn’t expect to see many since primo-Itasha time seemed to be a little later on in the evening but luckily I did see a few.

In my bid to kill time I stumbled across this interesting little event. On the side of UDX was a flea market! It’s a shame that I was completely and desperately broke by this point because there was definitely some stuff I wanted to buy!

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Grab Box (S Size for Boys) from Amiami

I still haven’t had the luck to get the 3000 yen grab box but maybe one day. I’m especially eager to get my paws on one because this was a “used” item grab box that was only 1300 yen. Of course because of one particular item shipping was 4000 yen for this bad boy so it ended up quite pricy.

Still, I would probably (once I have money again) get another one just because it was so fun and exciting. Plus I ended up with a few small things from my character specific collections. Seriously, a Precure and Saber figure I can believe because those things are common. But an Arcueid keychain? Come on, Amiami, you just wanted to spoil me.

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Shinku Nendoroid (and other WonFes stuff)

I’m a pretty big Rozen Maiden fan. I think I’ve said that before. One of the reasons I was so excited about the new series (besides it being the first show where I was apart of a fan community, before fandoms were toxic and terrible to be a part of and also eight years is a hell of a long time to wait) was the promise of new figures. Of course there are some older ones I would love to get ahold of one day but it was a nendoroid I truly hoping for. And WonFes just happened to occur after the show began airing!

As WonFes went on and more and more developments were posted from it, though it was only the first day, I began to lose hope and accepted that there would be no Rozen Maiden nendoroids announced. Then, like a miracle, Shinku appeared on MFC and I proceeded to lose control of myself.

I hope this means we’ll get Nendoroids of the other dolls as well. Suigintou seems like a given but if not, I’m pretty content with just Shinku. A Kirakishou one would be pretty amazing though. Hopefully this does well enough to warrant that! I really would probably get all seven of them… sheesh!

Of course there was a bunch of other neat stuff announced, I guess. Tons of Attack on Titan if you’re into that. Personally I think I’ll only ever end up with the Mikasa nendoroid. I purchased Minami from Moshidora at AX despite never watching the show because I fell in love with her on AmiAmi a few months prior. When I was actually playing with her, I noticed how much she looked like Sasha and that if there was ever Titan nendoroids, I could pass her off easily as Sasha. So! I look forward to trying that out. Though an actual Sasha nendoroid with bread and her drooling expression would be wonderful as well. I doubt that’ll happen though.

(Last note about nendoroids, I’m very disappointed there wasn’t anything further on the Sakura nendoroid from last (?) WonFes. Oh well. As long as it’s one day, I think I can probably wait)

I was also surprised by a Tamako Market figure showing up! Strange that it’s Anko rather than Tamako though, isn’t it? Also, strangely enough, it’s by Alter who was the only company to show off a Hyouka figure during winter WonFes. This time, they are the only company (so far?) with a Tamako Market figure. I guess they have something worked out with KyoAni? It’s a bit sad since I would love a Tamako or Shiori figure as well. Well, a few more Hyouka figures showed up this WonFes so maybe Tamako Market figures will show up next WonFes?

12 Days of Anime: #7 – Marble Phantasm Your Wallet


Carnival Phantasm aired last year and I miss it so. There is a special episode coming out though I think. Or is it already out? Well the point is there is one more episode I haven’t seen.

One of the best things about Carnival Phantasm was the Phantasmoon figures that came from the series. Well, it was good for me who came to love Arcueid past Tsukihime’s prime and the merch is harder to get. (Maybe one day I’ll get the Alter Arc fig)

The figma came out in May and a PVC by SEGA came out in September. There are two nendoroid petites coming out in February (of course, I have just those two from that set ordered) but those are unrelated to CP and are just a part of a petite nendoroid set to celbrate TYPE-MOON’s 10th anniversary. Interestingly enough, the Phantasmoon petite is not the same as her Carnival Phantasm design but instead based off her original design and the petite itself similar to Orchid-Seed’s Phantasmoon figure from 2007 (which I also happened to acquire this year).


Bootleg Reimu Hakurei Nendoroid

There are many a guide describing the horrors of bootleg Nendoroids and how to avoid them but let’s have one more.

I already have a bootleg Haruhi nendo set and a bootleg Miku nendo because I was much younger when I got them and did not yet know about bootleg figures. I keep them for sentimental reasons since they were gifts and I’m a big sucker like that.

My latest acquisition, though, was made at AX this year. A few things should have tipped me off. While a legit nendoroid for $40 wasn’t unheard of, seeing a Touhou one was. I would have never bought it if I hadn’t thought the Jlist both was legit enough to not sell me a bootleg. Another thing that should have tipped me off was, again, the price. Not the average price of a nendoroid but the average price of anything from Jlist. Figures are always insanely expensive.

I suspected it a few hours later (after buying an actual, official Mayuri nendoroid) but didn’t confirm it until I actually got home. I left her in the box until now (so incensed was I) so I decided to take some pictures of her terribleness.

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Wonder Festival Summer 2012 News and Thoughts

Note: No pictures are mine. They’re either from twitter or from If they are yours and you would like them removed, please let me know.

WonFes is a wonderful even that takes place twice a year. Once in the summer and once in the winter. It’s when all the big companies like Alter, Good Smile Company, Max Factory, FREEing, and Kotobukiya (among others) all announce new figures. Some are announced in name only, some have prototypes and some are completed and available for sale shortly. It’s also a chance for independent groups to showcase their garage kits, which you can usually buy there.

There are plenty of places to get Wonfes news and updates but I have mostly been following on, as I already mentioned, MFC and tracking the #wf2012s tag on twitter. Tons and tons of figures have already been announced but here are just a few highlights that I’ve taken notice of.

(Updated as news becomes available)

  • Chariot and Dead Master from the Black Rock Shooter TV anime are both getting nendoroids. Dead Master is also getting a Figma and Black Gold Saw is getting a new figure release.

I’m not a big fan of Dead Master’s new design so I’m going to pass on both. Chariot has a really cool design though so I might consider getting the nendo for her. I think a scaled figure would be the best for her though and here’s hoping that is still a possibility in the future.

  • Kotobukiya starts new line of chibi character figures that will include Dark Magician Girl, Kirino, Saber, Madoka, Mami and Idolmaster characters.

I believe they announced the Co-Poche line here? I had never heard of it before and the only figures in the line were all announced here with most of them being still prototypes or designs. Kotobukiya is a great, high quality company but since they only really did scaled, PVC figures, they can be inaccessible.  So this is a smart move for them. However, I don’t really find the designs that cute. They also picked a lot of popular characters that already have a ton of figures so it’s more reason for me to pass over the line for now.

  • New Steins;Gate figures so far include an Okabe by PLUM and a Suzuha by Alter.

This is really good news too since there are so few Steins;Gate figures that aren’t Kurisu. I’m still hoping they do a Suzuha nendoroid though.

  • Fujiwara no Mokou nendoroid announced.

This surprised me since they haven’t done other characters like Yukari or Patchouli but I’m really pleased with it. Definitely going to order this one. It would be nice if they did some newer characters from SA and up but that is pretty unlikely.

  • Yet another Miku Hatsune nendoroid announced.

Really? Enough is enough, please. Interestingly enough, MFC listed her as TV Animation Ver but removed the subtitle. So it might have been a mistake. Likely since Miku hasn’t made an anime apperances worth another nendoroid and I doubt they would let a VOCALOID anime slip in such a way. Actually, this is a giant Miku nendoroid.

  • Tons of Idolmaster Cinderella Girls stuff announced including Anzu Nendoroid Petite, a Rin figure, and Anzu and Kirari PHAT Company trading figures.

Well that was quick? There are so many CG idols that have great designs and look really interesting so I guess this is good in a way. Though I’m bored of imas merchandise, I can see this getting out of control pretty quickly.

  • Prize figures of Double H (Hikari and Hibari) from Mawaru Penguindrum
I was so excited about this. I still am. I love Hikari and Hibari. They’re cute and mysterious and awesome as kids. I never expected to see figures of them. Problem is that Sega prize figures can be… bad. Still. Probably definitely going to get both. Here’s hoping they aren’t completely terrible though.