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Fang-tan’s Top 10: Undertale Tracks


I don’t post about games often but I especially don’t post about western games a lot. Like, pretty much never. However, this game was pretty good and had Toby Fox has outdone himself with a fantastic soundtrack so let’s get this out of my system so I can finally stop talking about Undertale listening to this soundtrack. I meant to post this when I first played the game weeks and weeks ago but hey. I’m a very busy person.

Of course, spoilers ahead. Just go play the game if you haven’t yet. Get it over with. Bite the bullet.

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Moe Girl Cafe

Moe Girl Cafe

Do you like investing time in something that will likely and rightfully be taken down to copyright violation? Do you like cute games promoted very, cery creepily? Boy do I have a game for you.

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Grisaia Kickstarter and Steins;Gate News

Grisaia no Rakuen

Lots of big news for visual novel fans lately. The Grisaia trilogy kickstarter launched hours earlier and is already, at time of writing, at $69k of it’s $160k goal. So, while not a powerhouse title like CLANNAD (whose kickstarter is still going and is 210% 1 completed), it’ll likely be completely funded within a few days. Not more than a week, I’m sure.

I can’t say I’m too terribly interested in Grisaia as a whole because I’ve heard such mixed things about it. Normally I go for the main heroine but this one isn’t very interesting to me. Michiru seems really interesting so if I did play I’d like to play for her. Still, none of the girls scream out to me so I’m really ambivalent about the whole thing.

However I’m pretty dang hype about the Steins;Gate news. PQube (a company I’m honestly not that familiar with) is bringing the visual novel to both the PS3 and Vita in 2015. I think I may get a Vita just for this. I’m just not big on playing VNs on my computer so heck, getting it on the PS3 might even be okay.

That being said, Grisaia has a stretch goal for platform releases. From my understanding, it was only released on PSP and Vita so I really hope it makes it to that point too because then I would play the series for sure. Hey, if it reaches that goal I’ll toss in a couple bucks to secure my copy too. I welcome the new age of handheld visual novels though I should probably work on getting a Vita before these come out.


  1. at time of writing

Tales of Xillia 2 Final Impressions

Tales of Xillia 2: the Saddening aka Tales of Xillia 2: You Can (Not) Stop Crying aka Tales of Xillia 2: Kresnik’s wild ride aka Tales of MUTTON, FRESH MUTTON aka Tales of Xillia 2: everything hurts forever aka Tales of Xillia 2: Gaius is suddenly the funniest character aka Tales of Xillia 2:  like Bioshock Infinite but not bad aka Tales of Xillia 2: I’m still crying aka

spoilers ahoy!

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Drakengard 3 Final Impressions

I have never played any games in the Drakengard series prior to this and I certainly have no plan to after this. This game was really, really cool for certain reasons but I doubt I could stomach a game with even worse gameplay than this had.

That being said, I’m really glad I did play this. I would have ignored it entirely but the trailer with This Silence is Mine won me over so hard that I excited about this game for months. So even though this game was frustrating, tedious and a chore a lot of the time, I still think the end result was totally worth the headache.

Spoilers ahead, I guess?

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Another Kagerou Project Groove Coaster Promotion

Last summer Groove Coaster released a few KagePro songs are DLC you could purchase for the game. If you bought them and played within a certain timeframe, you recieved a cute lil Ene avatar to play as. They released another pack recently and I’m not sure if there was a promotion then but there IS one one right now!

Purchase the fourth DLC pack play any of those songs and post your ranking to Facebook or Twitter before May 11th and you’ll receive another brand new Ene avatar to play as. Not as cute as the first one but hey, I’ll take it.

Each pack is 4.99 and features four songs.

Pack #1 contains:

  • Kisaragi Attention
  • Kagerou Days
  • Yobanashi Deceive
  • Children Record

Pack #2:

  • Konoha’s State of the World
  • Imagination Forest
  • Lost Time Memory
  • Otsukimi Recital

Pack #3:

  • Ayano’s Theory of Happiness
  • Artifical Enemy
  • Yuukei Yesterday
  • Headphone Actor

Pack #4:

  • Shounen Brave
  • Outer Science
  • Summertime Record
  • Blindfold Code

Remember though, only pack four will get you the special Ene avatar and you have to post your score before May 11th. The campaign page lists in detail how to do this but I always forget. Just go to rank after playing the song, pick the song and there should be two buttons that lead to twitter and facebook. Allow access and you’ll have your Ene almost instantly. Even delete the post after if you like.

Personally pack three has some of my favourite tracks though Ayano seems really unfitting. Now they have just about every song with a PV. Toumei Answer being the only one that isn’t here I think. But like Ayano, it would be pretty unfitting. Yuukei Yesterday and Headphone Actor are really fun though!

The Defense Witches Experience

You may be asking, “Fang-tan, why are you doing a review of an iOS game? And not even a very new one? And one you haven’t yourself actually beat?”

Well, my good nameless and faceless chum, that is because I have sunk hours upon hours into this wretched game and I figured it better to share my story with the world rather than let it disappear into the abyss, letting the embers of embarrassment and what’s left of my tarnished dignity smoulder away into the night.

This isn’t really a review at all.

This is the tale of a simple game and the reasons why I hate it.

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Bravely Default Final Impressions

I don’t normally post about games here. That’s because some of the games I play aren’t ones that would fit in here, or are 3DS ones like X/Y or New Leaf or EO4. Which are all fun and good but it’s hard for me to sum it up as much more than that.

But Bravely Default was different for me. I never thought I’d come to enjoy a SQEX JRPG, especially one so inspired by Final Fantasy. I fell in love with it and despite the bumps the game had along the way, I continued loving it right to the very end.

Unmarked spoilers of varying degree ahead.

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