Collecting and Buying Anime Stationery: Where to start?

I’ve always loved stationery. It used to be just notebooks. I have untouched notebooks I’ve had for years. Now it’s also tape and pens. One of the places I’m considering going on vacation next year is a place I’ve considered just because of how many cute stationery shops I’ve found there.

Mixing my two hobbies together is just natural. Bringing them to this blog is just natural. So today I’m going to naturally share my knowledge and share the best places to buy yourself some anime stationery.

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Saki Zenkoku-hen – Kiyosumi & Himematsu Tape 咲-Saki-全国編 清澄高校&姫松高校 マスキングテープ

I took these pictures hastily when I first opened these in November and I have been meaning about writing about them since then. I think if I am able to stick with this, my latest endeavor to save this blog from it’s slow decline into nothingness, then pictures going forward will be much better.

I love stationary. I love hoarding notebooks and pens and stickers and most recently, tape! I love washi tape and fancy masking tape. Combining anime chara goods and stationary is just the rightest thing in the world.

So, with that said: let’s look at this cute Saki tape I bought before.

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Aniblogger Secret Santa 2016: YuruYuri

Secret Santa, you’re not the first person to try and get me to watch Cowboy Bebop or FLCL and you won’t be the last. Maybe I should just add those to my list as stalled or dropped so that people don’t rec me them any more.

So I went with YuruYuri despite knowing very well that I probably wouldn’t like YuruYuri. In fact, it’s often been a belief of mine that the vast majority of people who enjoy YRYR are straight men. I’ve never seen a gay woman be super into it or even a little bit into it. That isn’t to rule out that they exist. Just something I thought interesting due to the content of the show.

I’ll admit I did not finish YuruYuri because I simply did not find it entertaining enough. Sorry Secret Santa but I did my best.

There were some solid jokes but it’s inoffensive, 4koma-ish gags are simply not the kind of thing I find funny. The characters also did nothing for me. I’ve always found Kyouko obnoxious from what I’ve seen of her and that didn’t change. Akari is charming enough and Chinatsu and Yui are alright.

The yuri aspect isn’t as “gay 4 laffs” as I expected but the whole “Chinatsu likes Yui who likes Kyouko who likes Chinatsu” thing is pretty annoying. It’s also a lot more endearing because these characters are so dumb and simple that I can imagine they would just stay and end up together as time went on. I don’t have to worry about them following social constructs and ending up with men. That may be overthinking it for a show like this but when so many anime tease romantic relationships between girls but leave them open-ended as to not alienate the male fans, I need to take whatever I can get.

I could never get past the first episode of Sakura Trick because they make a comment about it just being a thing they do in high school that always grossed me out. YRYR was at least not gross.

But yeah, not a show for me. I tried and I can see why it does have some pretty dedicated fans but it’s absolutely not a show I find funny or would watch more of.


Mottainai Akihabara Flea Market Fang-tan's Japan Trip 2016: part three

The last Sunday before we went home, I decided to go to Akihabara alone to try and scope out some Itasha one last time. We had dinner plans in Shibuya at 6 so I didn’t expect to see many since primo-Itasha time seemed to be a little later on in the evening but luckily I did see a few.

In my bid to kill time I stumbled across this interesting little event. On the side of UDX was a flea market! It’s a shame that I was completely and desperately broke by this point because there was definitely some stuff I wanted to buy!

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Love Live Sunshine Final Impressions

Do I like Love Live? Yeah, I guess. I’m more attached to it than Idolmaster but I can’t say I would die without Love Live in my life. Hell, I even forgot to do a Love Live pilgrimage on my vacation.

Did I enjoy this first season of Sunshine? I… guess? It just kind of existed. It was neither great or bad.

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Eight Years Itch


Every goddamn year I think to my goddamn self “don’t be late posting on the anniversary” and every goddamn year I’m late.

Alright for an excuse, I had just gotten back from Japan when it happened. I thought about scheduling a post but nah. I’m just not that efficient.

Another year of almost giving up. I guess this thing is mostly dead anyways so if I do quit I won’t be formal about it. It’ll just end. Oh well.

Anyways, back to the Japan thing. I had a dang old blast and it sucks being back in stupid Canada but what can you do. I’m already excited to go back in two years. Wait for me, Museca!

I have a looooot of posts planned about the trip both to help other travellers and also ones that are just fun for me. I don’t have a timeframe on them though. I’m hoping to work on them this week since in lieu of a long weekend, I have a bunch of days off in the middle of the week. Such is life.

Regardless, they’ll probably be going for the rest of the year so I hope I have the motivation to do them and also people don’t get sick of them and/or think I’m really riding on the coattails of my vacation.

(I also changed the site theme back unfortunately. Though I liked the new cute and simple layout, it had some problems I’m just not ready to work on right now. Maybe one day!)