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Spring 2014 First Impressions

(feauturing: Akuma no Riddle, Gokukoku no Brynhildr, Isshuukan Friends, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, No Game No Life, Love Live S2)

(waifu status: it’s nio)

I can’t tell if I’m just getting cynical with age or a lot of stuff really is especially dumb this season. Good thing I only watch the best shows and have impeccable taste in all things ever.

(I also marathoned S1 of Jojo so I could watch S2 of Jojo and I am but I’m not adding that because I’m not well versed enough in Jojo or hotblooded manly shows to talk much about it)

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Guest Post: No Game No Life Impressions

(Fang note: for the first time in the prestigious six and a half year run of Loli Salad we actually have a guest post to share today! My good friend John from Video Game Choo Choo is here to give us another look at the… uh… “critically acclaimed” No Game No Life)

As one of the world’s foremost Video Game Men, I take many things upon myself that the average mortal wouldn’t dare to attempt. But not even I, an immortal hero, could dare trudge through the bog of depravity and depression that is the anime “No Game No Life”. I’ve seen glimpses of “bad tity anime” before, but they pale in comparison to this train wreck. I’m on a government watch list for watching this show, and I honestly wish I was in jail instead of writing this so there was no way I could ever have to deal with No Game No Life again.

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The Defense Witches Experience

You may be asking, “Fang-tan, why are you doing a review of an iOS game? And not even a very new one? And one you haven’t yourself actually beat?”

Well, my good nameless and faceless chum, that is because I have sunk hours upon hours into this wretched game and I figured it better to share my story with the world rather than let it disappear into the abyss, letting the embers of embarrassment and what’s left of my tarnished dignity smoulder away into the night.

This isn’t really a review at all.

This is the tale of a simple game and the reasons why I hate it.

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Miraculous Ladybug: Recent News and Thoughts


You know, when I put the current poll up it was only because of the Wakfu kickstarter. In jest I added the Miraculous Ladybug bit because we’ve been waiting a long, long time for our French Toei cartoon, right? Well, never would I in a million years have guessed that the poll spoke true and it’s prophecy would ring out across the land. Sirening the end of an era of waiting, bringing forth a new world of darkness and despair.

Our French Toei cartoon is dead.

Well, the cartoon isn’t dead. It’s not really a… ‘cartoon’ cartoon any more. It’s entirely CG. News was scarce for a long time. Zagtoon flip flopped around and it was unclear what the future of the series was, as the series was pushed back farther and farther from the original posting of that wonderous pv around the end of 2012. Now it has recently come up that the series will be airing soon but as completely CG. This is, apparently, due to budget and they could not afford otherwise. I seem to recall the series was rumoured to have an unusually large budget though? So I wonder if that’s really the case. I saw an article about the series mention that they wanted to appeal to children of the world and since it IS airing on Disney over here, I imagine that had a big thing to do with it. There was mention of keeping Toei’s style (I can’t recall if that’s the best wording to use) and direction but from the CG teaser, that didn’t seem overly abundant.

You may be asking yourself, what is Miraculous Ladybug? It is a french multi-media series that started as a comic about a girl named Marionette Cheng who lives in Paris and after coming across a pair of magical earrings that gives her the power of luck and allows her to transform into a superhero. The PV was super cute and made even better with the addition of Toei’s signature style.

What is Toei? Really? Toei Animation is a company that known for, in recent years and related to the style of the show, Precure, Saint Seiya and my personal favourite, Kyousougiga. Among countless other shows that I’m sure you know and love.

The result was an absolute dream. A beautiful looking French magical girl show that was planned to simulcast across the world. I believe that part still holds true. I’m very disappointed as I know many others are. These things happen I guess.

If this ends up being false (which seems highly unlikely at this point, let’s be real) I’d be beyond happy.  Will I still watch the series? Eh. Probably. To be honest, I’ll still PV it and it’ll still probably be really good. I just think they might have shot themselves in the foot with the CG being more appealing to children of the world thing. Kids today could use a flashy superhero/magical girl cartoon. I might be biased. I try to look at it from another point of view but it’s so difficult after such a long wait and such a disappointing result.

The original translation of this news came from here with some evidence from here and the fact that the site for the show/Zagtoon no longer lists it as a mix of CG and 2D but solely CG that was changed when they released as CG teaser for the show.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: The Return

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Winter 2014 Final Impressions

(featuring: Kill la Kill, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, Nagi no Asukara)

Once again, I didn’t watch as much as I intended too. I’ve been doing busy Adult Things™. I finally understand why so many sites closed in my youth due to other responsibilities. For instance, I’ve been living in a hotel for quite some time while they do renovations on my apartment. It was only supposed to last two weeks but going on four weeks later and here I still am. Less adult stuff, I played A LOT of Bravely Default since I’ve been staying here.

Next Exit Trance album is out soon and I’ll actually stay on top of that one. It’ll get a regular post unlike the last one. It has a few tracks I’m interested in. Furthermore, over at Dancemania EX they’ve noted the dwindling sales of the series. Odd. Perhaps the increase in releases with a last-ditch effort to try and salvage the series? I wonder when and if it’ll be ending soon for good.

Well, that aside let’s have a final look at the few shows I managed to watch this season. I intend to finish Noragami and Nobunagun some other time and I’m ever so slowly watching Space Dandy so those three are omitted.

We’re so close to Mekaku City Actors that I can almost taste it!

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Bravely Default Final Impressions

I don’t normally post about games here. That’s because some of the games I play aren’t ones that would fit in here, or are 3DS ones like X/Y or New Leaf or EO4. Which are all fun and good but it’s hard for me to sum it up as much more than that.

But Bravely Default was different for me. I never thought I’d come to enjoy a SQEX JRPG, especially one so inspired by Final Fantasy. I fell in love with it and despite the bumps the game had along the way, I continued loving it right to the very end.

Unmarked spoilers of varying degree ahead.

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Kill la Kill Episode 19 Impressions

Alright. I had kind of vowed not to post about Kill la Kill until it was finished because my opinion about it changes drastically every episode. Last week I was trying my damnedest to hate it and this week I love it to pieces. What will next week bring? I don’t even try and guess anymore.

But this week did bring us something very special and universally loved.

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Wakfu Kickstarter Success


I couldn’t do a post about the kickstarter when it started because of personal reasons and because, well, AB was down a lot especially at the end of January. When the site was stable again and I had free time, it keept feeling weirder and weirder to post when there was week left, and then three days left and then 48 hours left, etc. So I feel a bit guilty!

But the kickstarter to fund an english dub was an overwhelming success. If I recall correctly, the initial goal of $80,000 was certainly funded within 48 hours, if not the first day. The end result? $483k. At the time of writing this, the number reflected on the kickstarter is a bit lower as expected when it’s actually time to pay and all.

I was disappointed I couldn’t donate more. I would have loved to, of course. But even at the Adamai tier ($75), it was pushing the limits of what I could afford and I’m sure I’ll regret it in a few weeks. Not in October when the finished product is set to arrive.

Originally it was supposed to be April but as stretch goals were met, the second season was added and within the last 48 hours of the Kickstarter, an additional brand new episode was funded. This is on top of the three new 45 minute episodes that will be included. I believe they’re too take the place of the movie announced a few years ago that ended up in development hell. From what I heard, the reason the movie wasn’t made and the reason season 3 isn’t a thing is kind of lack of funding? That the tv stations that aired it wasn’t happy with some of the content and wanted a more child friendly show, something the creators weren’t willing to budge on. If that’s the case, it might explain why Doofus was of  such a different tone.

But as the guys from Ankama state in the final update of the Kickstarter, this may lead the way for a third season. Showing the demand is overwhelmingly there. Though, as much as I want a third season I’m glad they did a kickstarter for the dub and for the blurays instead of a third season. The initial goal was low, under $100k so manageable. I think trying to reach $400k or however much would have been needed to fund another season might have been a really big feat. I know for a fact that there were those who pledged without ever having watched the series (though I’m sure they’ll love it!) and if the KS had been for another season? I kinda doubt that would happen

And the dub offers a new world of possibility. The voices of Eva and Tristepin sounded really fitting and kinda perfect. Which is waaaay different from the test dub released a few years ago. Tristepin sounded like a terrible canadian stereotype and it would have ruined a lot of his more serious scenes later on. If the dub is consistently of that quality, I’ll be beyond happy.

And if it gets released to Netflix, iTunes, Hulu or to TV itself (I could easily see this playing on Teletoon or YTV here in Canada) that could very well generate the extra revenue it needs for the S3 we so covet.

Wakfu is a show I love very, very dearly. I watched this Kickstarter with bated breath from start to finish and couldn’t be happier for Ankama. It’s months away but I’ll be waiting just as excitedly for the finished product and I’ll watched the show for the billionth time. So to anybody who happened to support the kickstarter, Ankama or the show, thank you.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica LOVE! Sayaka & Kyoko ver. Impressions

This book actually came out in December and I knew of it’s existence then but didn’t order it until January. It was some good timing because I ordered it from CDJapan (since Hobbysearch and Amiami, my first choices, were both sold out) and shortly after it was listed as out of print.

I thought the idea of them having to dedicate a book solely to SayaKyou (there exists a MadoHomu one but who cares about that) after the movie kind of silly and adorable. Well, considering the content of the movie and all. There’s one scene that just, for me, bumped the pairing from undertone to pretty much canon.

So my curiosity got the best of me. It didn’t hurt that the book was only like 1500yen and came with a few extra goodies.

Very small spoilers for the Rebellion movie follow.

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