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12 Days of Anime: #06 – The Gayest I’ve Ever Been


Following up my post about a ‘controversial’ music video about shitty nerds who try to limit and control female sexuality, my next day post is about how thirsty I am for a character who doesn’t speak a single word from a shitty show that everybody hates.

Let’s get the record straight. I don’t think RWBY is good at all. It’s a decent enough time killer if only for the excellent choreography in it’s fight scenes. It’s also fanservice because I’m such a big Rooster Teeth fan. It’s a shame that it’s so blasé-anime. It wants to be an anime so it does everything cliche and done and nothing new or interesting. It has the chance to be progressive and creative but wastes it on bad, insensitive jokes and done to death stories. RvB gets so emotional and intense and so well done and it’s a goddamn show that started in Halo multiplayer. How is this as generic, unfunny and bad as it is? How is that possible?

Hey well, let’s look on the bright side. Neo.

Neo is introduced earlier but just a glimpse of her is seen and she doesn’t do anything. When she does appear to finally do something, she still doesn’t speak but the fight that ensues is so goddamn good and I was sweating bullets because something about it was so alluring. A mix of her graceful movements, her wonderful character design/outfit and her constant smug expression had this minor villain not only steal the show for me but also instil the idea of beautiful Neo/Yang hatesex into my mind and was the best part of a mediocre second season (though lots of Joel was great because hearing him in a just slightly more serious role was nice).

Hopefully she’s back next season and she still makes my heart go doki doki.


12 Days of Anime: #05 – Better Than KLK

I firmly believe that Kill la Kill, while interesting at times, is not feminist media and is just really nice fanservice. The OVA confirmed this for me. KLK is dumb.

Me!Me!Me! however is cool as hell. I get that people were turned off by the ero animation and porny nature of the video, it was a bit of a shock when I watched it at first too. And I guess I’m REALLY desensitized at this point. It’s constantly surprising how much that comes up. You could also argue that if it’s easily misconstrued as stupid fanservice (like KLK) that it’s just that and there’s no point calling this feminist media either. But I would argue that the message here is apparent and that it’s not pulling at straws like trying to justify Kill la Kill as empowering. Though calling the Me!Me!Me! music video feminist is a bit of a stretch, the message itself is one that I really, really dig.

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Grisaia Kickstarter and Steins;Gate News

Grisaia no Rakuen

Lots of big news for visual novel fans lately. The Grisaia trilogy kickstarter launched hours earlier and is already, at time of writing, at $69k of it’s $160k goal. So, while not a powerhouse title like CLANNAD (whose kickstarter is still going and is 210% 1 completed), it’ll likely be completely funded within a few days. Not more than a week, I’m sure.

I can’t say I’m too terribly interested in Grisaia as a whole because I’ve heard such mixed things about it. Normally I go for the main heroine but this one isn’t very interesting to me. Michiru seems really interesting so if I did play I’d like to play for her. Still, none of the girls scream out to me so I’m really ambivalent about the whole thing.

However I’m pretty dang hype about the Steins;Gate news. PQube (a company I’m honestly not that familiar with) is bringing the visual novel to both the PS3 and Vita in 2015. I think I may get a Vita just for this. I’m just not big on playing VNs on my computer so heck, getting it on the PS3 might even be okay.

That being said, Grisaia has a stretch goal for platform releases. From my understanding, it was only released on PSP and Vita so I really hope it makes it to that point too because then I would play the series for sure. Hey, if it reaches that goal I’ll toss in a couple bucks to secure my copy too. I welcome the new age of handheld visual novels though I should probably work on getting a Vita before these come out.


  1. at time of writing

12 Days of Anime: #04 – The Background and Circumstances of a Certain Family

I actually finished watching this at the end of 2013 but since that was after the 12 Days and during the last week of the year, I think it’s safe to include it. I finished it JUST in time to claim it as my AOTY last year and I stand by that.

This was one of those shows that I almost missed (much like my AOTY for 2014!!) but THANKFULLY because of twitter gushing about it, I decided to watch it. It was great. If I recall correctly, I probably cried like a baby.

It was a beautiful show that was confusing even after my second rewatch. Obviously by then, without the shock of episode 9, it didn’t pack as powerful a punch in the emotions department but I enjoyed it all the same.

All this being said (it’s actually a bit hard for me to talk a lot about because I watched it so long ago), one moment that stands out to me even now and that I think about a lot is genki Koto breaking down and crying and saying that everyone always wants her to solve their problems but she has her own too. It was so unexpected from a character like her and made her so much more real. I just think about it from time to time.

Oh man I’m gonna rewatch this again in 2015. TOO BAD NOBODY LICENSED IT AND I CAN’T OWN IT

12 Days of Anime: #03 – Honey Baton

I’ll admit, I haven’t been big on Happiness Charge Precure. I’m weeks behind. Like at least a month. I’m planning on marathoning it at the end of the month when I’m working less for the holidays. But I love me some Cure Honey. From her delightful bouncy looking hair, her song about rice, to even Rita Kitagawa’s lovely voice, there’s so much to love about Cure Honey. But one thing sold her. The highlight of the episode, every time she used it.

Looking at the above image, you may wonder why one baton would be a highlight of the year for me. With that baton, Cure Honey is able to use the most ridiculous, OP attack I’ve ever seen and reaffirmed everything I love about Precure.

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12 Days of Anime: #02 – Goodbye’s Too Sad and Way Too Lonely

The Mekakucity Actors anime sure was… sure wasn’t the best. That’s for sure. It was OK for the most part. Average. They butchered (but fixed for the BD thankfully) Ayano’s Happiness Theory, Kagerou Days ended up looking really awkward, things got really rushed at the end and could have used more explaining, an epilogue along with Summertime Records playing would have been swell and look, I can go on for days with what was wrong with the show so I’m going to stop.

However, it wasn’t all bad.

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12 Days of Anime: #01 – Days Gone Bye

I went with a Walking Dead reference because I couldn’t for the life of me, think of a better reference from The Stand (I tried). The fact that this has any reason why it would NEED a reference from The Stand is reason enough alone for it to be on the list this year. Incidentally, look forward to my kickstarter in 2015 to fund an adaption of The Stand with Marina Inoue as Frances, Yuki Kaiji as Stu and Junichi Sawabe as Larry. Do you think we’ll ever see an anime with Stephen King’s name attached? That would be wild.

Anyways, The Stand only is only referenced twice in Gakkou Gurashi. Once is blatant, with one of the characters reading the actual book when they’re first introduced. The other is that a big company involved with the zombamby outbreak is called the Randall Corporation, a reference to the villain of said book. It’s not because of these things (even though I love the book and it’s the only thing I like by King) that this is on my list, however.

It’s because Gakkou Gurashi is so damn good.

Gakkou Gurashi sounds like it should be awful. It sounds like it should be some how worse than Highschool of the Dead. Cute girls doing cute things while surrounded by zombies? Yeah, how could that be good. And sure, you know what, yeah there are times when the series dips into the realm of ridiculousness by actually having the girls do cute silly activites but this only serves to make the many, many dark moments so much more striking and brutal.

There aren’t any details on when the anime is coming out (which is the whole reason I read this in the first place so many months ago) but if you don’t plan on reading it before hand, stay well away from spoilers. There are so many amazing twists and turns in this story that it would be such a damned shame to have them ruined without experiencing them in either the anime or reading them.

Discovering and reading Gakkou Gurashi was definitely a highlight of the year for me. It’s surprising, intense and full of despair. If you want a zombie story that’s more like 28 Days Later rather than The Walking Dead, one that focuses on the mental wearing down of survivors and features the rarely seen (at least in my experience) perspective of someone who became a zombie, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this fantastic series.

LINE Sticker Selection #01



We use LINE for the stickers. Were we ever trying to kid ourselves? I didn’t start using it until earlier in the year because I’m lame and nobody wants to talk to me. So then when I found people who for some reason DID want to talk to me, I started using it and quickly spent Too Much Money on line stickers.

Every now and then I like to treat myself to two or three packs of new stickers but I have a notepad memo full of cute ones I would like to buy one day. Of course, if I actually buy ALL those stickers, I’ll probably hate myself.

But, since I have so many saved up, I thought it would be neat to share. I’m sure there are others looking for cute anime stickers on LINE and hey, sharing is caring right?

tl;dr I want to share interesting LINE stickers I’ve found or bought and that might be otherwised be missed in the droves and droves of community created stickers! A new selection will be posted every second Sunday!

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One Post November: A Status Update

I’m a pretty busy person, if the severe lack of content lately is any indication. I actually have one long post I’m kind of worried about posting that will probably go up some time this month because I’ve been working on it for two months and I’m sick of it. After that I can finally do my Tamako Market post. The 12 days posts will probably come before that.

Seriously though, I’ve been really busy working six days/at least 50 hours a week for the last few weeks and I’m usually too exhausted to write anything up. I’m really surprised the only November post was the Yuki Yuna one but I’ll try and pick up the slack this month.

That being said, look forward to a new feature that will be undoubtedly related to the new poll and may be useful and cool, who knows!! That’ll be up on Sunday and happen twice a month, both Sundays.

It’s a secret for now though!

Yuki Yuna is a Hero First Impressions

Just looking at the Crunchyroll thumbnails for this show makes it look like the dullest show in the world. A cute girls doing cute school things with soft, soft humor and a slow paint-drying pace. So, uh, the kind of show I wouldn’t watch.

But that isn’t what this is. Not exactly, anyways. For a show that could mistakenly look like that, what does it offer that would have intrigued me into marathoning the first four episodes?

Potential. It may not be the next Madoka but it still has the potential to have that same shock and awe. At least I hope so.

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