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Moe Girl Cafe

Moe Girl Cafe

Do you like investing time in something that will likely and rightfully be taken down to copyright violation? Do you like cute games promoted very, cery creepily? Boy do I have a game for you.

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FuRyu’s Love Wing Bell ver. Rin Hoshizora

My first Love Live figure, surprisingly. I preordered it like, last year? It’s the first figure I’ve gotten in awhile because I’m supposed to be saving for the trip next year but I couldn’t lose my BiJ ordering priveleges so I had to get it.

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Fang-tan’s Top 10: Openings from 2005

A new and exciting feature series for me to try out and probably forget starts off with the very memorable (??) year of 2005 and all the great (????) anime openings it gave us!

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Cross Ange Final Impressions

Cross Ange

Cross Ange is amazing. No, it’s not good. Don’t even think for a second that I think it’s good. If you sit there and think Cross Ange is a good show and not ridiculously stupid garbage, you’re probably a huge gross tool.

But Cross Ange is amazing. Once I started watching I couldn’t stop because, my lord, it’s just so stupid. It’s impossibly stupid. It’s so stupid that you can’t be mad at it for being stupid because you’re akncolwedging that it’s dumb and you continue and what do you get? You get constantly rewarded because the show just outdoes itself over and over and over and is just so consistently stupid and ridiculous that it’s amazing.

I can’t call it a trainwreck because it’s like the train was never on the tracks to begin with. They finished making the train and then someone activated this and the train just flew off into space.

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Love Live Sunshine: Vote Lir

My fellows in the idol nation, I come to you humbled and with a plea. Just like in real life, we like to imagine our vote counts. That we’re voting for something good that will bring change and safety and happiness to the masses. Does our vote matter in real life? Maybe, maybe not.

But here, maybe here your vote counts. Maybe here we can make a difference and squash mediocrity in it’s tracks.

The time for change is now. The time for Lir is now.


What are you even talking about

Love Live 1 has a new idol group in need of a name. They took suggestions for name (george didn’t make it despite our best efforts but probably for the best because it totally made no sense in canon) and have narrowed it down to fifteen. Now it is time to vote for one of those names to be the name of the new idol group.

Why Lir?

Because it sounds like Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8 and that makes me laugh. 2

What are all my options?

They don’t even matter for real BUT ALRIGHT.

  • Aqours: I mean aqours you don’t want this to be the name. 3
  • 浦の星少女隊/Uranohoshi Shoujotai: wow I bet you like plain vanilla ice cream too.
  • Orange’squash: this sounds like a bad soda. bad soda, bad idols.
  • 歌音/Kanon: hey key should get in on this idol business while it’s still hot
  • KiSeKi: if that punctuation doesn’t make you angry then you’re stronger than I
  • Sakuya: wow that’ll be great and not confusing and difficult at all
  • SS’s: listen if you’re going to vote for not Lir vote this. it reminds me of a snake. 4
  • 潮風sail/Shiokaze Sail: ok this is a good name I guess w/e but not for an idol group
  • シャイニーズ/Shinies: get this pokemon garbage outta here
  • シャンティ/Cyantea 5: get this doujin group garbage outta here
  • Stella: get this C3bu garbage outta here
  • Spica: get this Mahou Shoujo Nanoha StrikerS garbage outta here
  • Soleil: get this Aikatsu garbage outta here
  • Palettes!: what do you have against easily being able to google group names
  • Lir: the only correct choice

Where do I vote?

Where do you vote for Lir? Good question! Just head on over to this page here: Scroll on down to the big green button that says Go and it’ll take you to a page where you can select Lir (or whatever, if you’re not into good naming sense).  Box below that is your gender. Top for male, bottom for female. Next box is your age. Third box is if you want to leave a comment but it’s not required. Hit the button on the right both times and bam, done.

Voting is only open until June 11th so there’s still plenty of time for you to go and make the right choice!


  1. voted most problematic series of 2015
  2. Lir of Omicron Persei 8 is a great idol name. Let me name all your idol groups.
  3. I know that’s not how it’s pronounced shut up.
  4. no sunshines, just sssssnake
  5. ok like I’ve seen this translated a few different ways so correct me if I’m wrong

Wakfu Kickstarter Rewards


Last year Ankama had a successful kickstarter that ended up at $483,524 CAD in the end. To be honest, it’s been so long that I forget what the initial goal was. To raise enough for a dub or for the bluray release itself? Well, whatever. Here we are.

I feel pretty lucky since my package arrived in short time and didn’t seem to be missing anything major. There was no smug duck sticker but that seems to be a problem that everyone has. And after looking at the comments for the kickstarter, it seems like other people have had major issues with their rewards so I’m still grateful mine is okay.

Maybe it’s because I got lucky that I want to give Ankama the benefit of the doubt. The kickstarter raised way, way more money than expected which came with a lot of people supporting them and a lot more responsibility for a smaller-ish studio. Granted, I guess that doesn’t excuse the fact that certain people paid for certain things and didn’t get them. Or that the quality of the BDs is lacking.

I haven’t listened to the dub personally (I only had time to watch the new episodes yesterday and I wanted to watch them in original french) but I know there were lots of audio issues as well. I want to rewatch season two so maybe I’ll watch it in English so I can see for myself if it’s as messed up as people say.

Well, whatever. I’m still happy for Ankama and all things considered I’m really happy with what I got.

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Log Horizon Final Impressions

Log Horizon

I would have split season one and season two up had I know there was such a big difference in quality between the two seasons but I didn’t know and here we are.

Hey! Now that I’m done this, maybe I’ll actually start watching airing anime again? Don’t wanna tho.

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Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #14


This is sad because I started this weeks ago and was so proud of myself because I thought I’d be done on time. I was wrong.
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Yun*Chi – Ani*Yun~anime song cover~

アニ*ゆん~anime song cover~


Yun*Chi has teamed up with some notable(ish) people like livetune and Taku Takahashi for this anisong album which features a delightful music selection. That alone sets it apart from the rest.

The only work of hers I’m familiar with is Log Horizon though so I’m not super familiar with her work before going into this.

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Spring 2015 First Impressions (Abridged version)

(featuring: Re-Kan, Triage X, Danmachi)


I’ve been watching these so sporadically that I keep forgetting to write about them. It doesn’t help that I’m not invested in anything this season and it’s just filler until the summer which brings us AOTY, Gakkou Gurashi.

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