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Winter 2015 First Impression

(featuring: Kantai Collection, Kamisama Kiss S2, Sisterment, Boeibu, Saekano, Durarara!!x2, Rolling Girls)


A season with two good shoujo shows airing? A sequel to a show I loved for years ago? Milky Holmes is good again? Interesting original shows? 2015 is off to a really promising start.  DON’T BLOW IT.

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Yuri Kuma Arashi First Impressions

Yuri Kuma Arashi

OH BOY. Where to start with this one? Rambling on and on and on seems like a good idea.

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LINE Sticker Selection #03



A bit of an unusual selection here. Either the art style strikes me as unique or it’s different from the kind of stickers I normally look for and seemed weird to include in the regular list.

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Fang’s Favourites of 2014 (Part Two)

Part two, the part that doesn’t make much sense. This post serves as a pretty great reminder about just how bad my taste is, in case you have forgotten some how.

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Fang’s Favourites of 2014 (Part One)


Despite there being so few OSTs that grabbed my attention this year, just the music portion of this list ended up being pretty big. So part one is music and part two is everything else!

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Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #12

Hina Kagiyama

Another short one. I haven’t had much time lately. Well now I have plenty of time and plenty of stress, which isn’t helpful for posts like these. Maybe next year we’ll have our act together.

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Fall 2014 Final Impressions

Thank goodness I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying is getting another season. It wasn’t close to being my favourite comedy this year or even this season but it definitely had it’s moments.

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Merry Christmas!

I didn’t have a secret santa this year, unfortunately. I kind of missed the deadline. Haha, I guess it’s for the best since the last two months have been so hectic and busy!

Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all LoSal readers. December isn’t over yet so there’s still a lot of content I’ve got to pump out for the last week! Since I’m very likely by myself this Christmas, I might even write them all today if I can! Errr well, I hope all of you enjoy yourselves more than I will be!

12 Days of Anime: #12 – And as tomorrow breaks, I hope you love it too

Now don’t get me wrong, I already said what I needed to about Mekakucity Actors earlier on this list so it’s not like this show was even good enough that it needed to be on here twice. No, it definitely does not.

Ayano, however, does.

As some will recall, I sure do love me some Ayano. She’s a character I respect and admire very much. And I got all I wanted from the show by having her get a happy ending too. My only problem with Kagepro had ever been that she had such a sad story and didn’t receive the happy ending that everyone else did in Summertime Record (depending on which interpretation we’re going with since I don’t remember what was canon for what’s going on in that MV).

But – SPOILERS RIGHT – everybody more or less gets a happy ending in Mekakucity Actors (albeit one that could have used a little fleshing out and maybe seeing the gang’s reactions to getting Ayano, Haruka and Hiyori back from the dead). Ayano gets that extra focus in the end though that made me beyond happy.

Though they did butcher the TV version of her song, I was still happy to see her animated so prettily outside of that one scene. I was happy to see the show at all. To see her and everybody get that happy ending. I wrote that big long, silly personal post that involved Ayano but to add on to that and sound like a huge idiot again: seeing a character you respect like a hero get their happy ending even though the strangest of means does give you some hope.

tl;dr I loved Ayano then and I love Ayano now and I’ll love Ayano until I die.

12 Days of Anime: #10 – Saying Hi to Old Friends

Cure Heart

Cure Peach

While Happiness Charge might not have been my favourite thing in the world, the first 33ish episodes all had something very special to them. To celebrate the series 10th anniversary, they had all the Cures from past series appear with original voice actors and new animation to say a line or two as the opening started.

It was so exciting waiting to see if it would be a favourite, to see what series it would be from and just remember the good times associated with that character. It was such a treat and I’m glad they did something like that. It would be nice if they continue to do things with the older characters but I guess I’ll just be content that we’re still getting All Star movies after all.

Plus it meant we got to see March play with her hair again.

Cure March

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