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Yuki Yuna is a Hero First Impressions

Just looking at the Crunchyroll thumbnails for this show makes it look like the dullest show in the world. A cute girls doing cute school things with soft, soft humor and a slow paint-drying pace. So, uh, the kind of show I wouldn’t watch.

But that isn’t what this is. Not exactly, anyways. For a show that could mistakenly look like that, what does it offer that would have intrigued me into marathoning the first four episodes?

Potential. It may not be the next Madoka but it still has the potential to have that same shock and awe. At least I hope so.

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Akatsuki no Yona First Impressions

This season provided many things I didn’t know I needed. Fun, cinematic high fantasy adventure? Thanks Bahamut. Colourful, reverse harem/fantasy shoujo adaption that isn’t problematic and gross? Thanks Yona.

I hadn’t seen anybody talking about or mentioning Akatsuki no Yona so I decided to check it out on a whim, not knowing anything about it. I was shocked that it was a reverse harem but I was more shocked that it was actually good.

See, for some reason I kept allowing myself to get burnt. I watched bad otome game adaptions over and over hoping for the best. I don’t know why, I don’t derive any pleasure or satisfaction from cute anime guys. I’m gay as hell. But for awhile I kept watching probably because I hated myself or something? Who knows.

But even when watching that stuff,  I could have told you what Yona confirmed for me now. Manga adaptions of reverse harems will always be better than adaptions of otome games. I’m sure there is a bad adaption out there (well they aren’t much out there) just like I’m sure there’s a good otome game adaption (like what) but from my experience the ratio of good manga to bad otome in general is overwhelming.

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Psycho-Pass S2 OP Comparison and Thoughts

(comparison as of episode three)

So from the moment season two started, I was enthralled by the spoilerific opening and went over it and over it trying to piece together ideas and theories. I got over it and proceeded to enjoy the episodes which have been super good so far. Then episode three aired. I had been distracted as the opening came on but when I looked back, I thought something seemed off so I kept watching it more closely and sure enough it was very different.

Not different in a big “new animation” way but different enough for it to ignite that spark curiosity again. There was already a lot of colour in the opening originally but now it’s being used to muddle and distort the images that were originally very clear and easy to see. In fact there’s nearly a filter (either a line screen tone kind of effect or pure static) on everything. I had wondered if they were just not done the OP in time but there’s no way this blurry, static mess would be the final product.

The repeat of Akane shielding her eyes usually ends on just her smiling but ends with her being shot. In the original you can faintly see but it’s so faded that you can hardly see it happening. Here it’s very vivid. However, I don’t necessarily think this means she’s going to get shot in the head (because that would be incredibly blatant huh) because it wasn’t from a dominator and the object that goes through her head doesn’t look like a bullet. I mean, it could totally be something else entirely but I just kind of doubt she’s actually going to have that happen to her.

It might not be notable since the whole Akane in the water/print on window/Shimotsuki flower scene is pretty heavily distorted as well but the Togane/Kogami scene is practically impossible to see especially compared to the vivid colour they used originally.

(There’s a lot more little stuff that just comes down to “this was blurry it was not before” or “this was unclear before but now it is” of course)

You might asked, “yo why does this matter at all?” if you weren’t watching the show, that is. This drastic change lines up with the episode where Shimotsuki doubts Akane, where Akane doubts herself and wonders if she can be going insane without her hue changing colour. Can you lose your mind when it broadcasts to the world just how healthy your mind is? Where her mental state is called into question, the OP goes full crazy. It’s a pretty interesting thing for them to have done and I appreciate it.

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Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #11

There were a couple full posts about releases (especially if you can’t SATB) so maybe that’s why this one is so short. Oh well.

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Psycho-Pass 2 First Impressions

Psycho-Pass 2 gets its post for a number of reasons:

  1. Akane
  2. It was the show I was most excited about this season

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Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 22

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Fall 2014 First Impressions

(featuring: Sora no Method, Gross Ange, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, Gogure! Kokkuri-san, Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, Amagi Brilliant Park, Amagi Brilliant Park)

I discovered this is very specific a moe point for me.

Lately I’ve been kind of avoiding my computer unless it’s during my two days off on Wednesday and Thursday. For the rest of the week, if I can’t watch it on Crunchyroll on 360 (though dang I really wish they had an Xbox One app) then I don’t watch it. I also can’t watch any Funimation stuff because the app isn’t available in Canada.

It does make writing this post a little difficult (and that’s why the Summer post was so delayed) but hey, that’s just how it is.

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Summer 2014 Final Impressions + Others

This is a bit different from the norm since in the end I only watched two other shows besides Tokyo Ghoul and that one got a big rant. Ao Haru Ride could have got a big rant too because it was bad but EH.

SATB 22 is coming early next week because I’m lazy.

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Teppu (chapters) 1-28

There is one sports series I really, really like. Chihayafuru. I love Chihayafuru. I haven’t yet read the manga but perhaps I will, one day, when it finishes. Assuming we’re living in the very sad world where a third season really doesn’t happen.

This is perhaps the opposite of Chihayafuru. In terms of sports and main characters.

Well Chihaya is a josei and this is a seinen so there are those differences there and even ignoring the different sports, Natsuo and Chihaya are total opposites.

But I brought that series up for a reason. I thought it was interesting that the two sports series I ended up liking feature two unconventional sports. Keep your cycling and basketball manga, I’ll take the good karuta and mma stuff.

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