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Yun*Chi – Ani*Yun~anime song cover~

アニ*ゆん~anime song cover~


Yun*Chi has teamed up with some notable(ish) people like livetune and Taku Takahashi for this anisong album which features a delightful music selection. That alone sets it apart from the rest.

The only work of hers I’m familiar with is Log Horizon though so I’m not super familiar with her work before going into this.

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Spring 2015 First Impressions (Abridged version)

(featuring: Re-Kan, Triage X, Danmachi)


I’ve been watching these so sporadically that I keep forgetting to write about them. It doesn’t help that I’m not invested in anything this season and it’s just filler until the summer which brings us AOTY, Gakkou Gurashi.

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Winter 2015 Final Impressions pt. 2

(featuring: Shirobako, Kamisama Kiss S2)

the actual reaction of everyone living in a sad world without new Shirobako

One day I’ll finish Yatterman Night. One day. I have good shows to watch first though.

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Spring 2015 Maid Report

Welcome to a new, very important feature here at Loli Salad.

Are you like me, constantly scouring any and every show for a perfect and cute maid? No? Me neither. But it’s nice when they appear! Here is my very detailed documentation on the Official Maid Status of our current anime season.

See a show I missed? One-shot character appear later on? Let me know. For the sake of science. List will be changed as season goes on.

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Yuri Kuma Arashi Final Impressions

Yuri Kuma Arashi

I ended up rambling and going off on tangents with this one because I had so much to say and just didn’t know how to say it properly. Which means I really liked this show more than I ever expected to.

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Winter 2015 Final Impressions pt. 1

(featuring: Death Parade, Kantai Collection, Maria the Virgin Witch)

Maria the Virgin Witch

Winter 2015 was a fantastic season. The best in a long time. Spring is garbage compared to it. Summer has some hope but it’s going to be incredibly tough to be even half as good as this season was.

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Sisterment and World Break Final Impressions

Shinmai Maou no Testament

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

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Akatsuki no Yona Final Impressions

Akatsuki no Yona

What do I even do with my pointless, worthless life any more? Yona was my life for twenty-four beautiful weeks. How do I go back to a Tuesday with no Yona? Is there even a point?

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#kirigen down

It’s unlikely that anybody trying to reach #kirigen will see this post but in the off chance that it happens, I am aware that #kirigen is down because my basic-ass web hosting couldn’t handle your BURNING LOVE strong desire to sort shipgirls.

Because of’s gracious hosting for the last seven years, I’ve never had this really come up as a problem. Likewise, #kirigen has never had anything that would draw attention so this also hasn’t been an issue with that site. And now it is and I’m wondering what to do next.

#kirigen has always been and still is a place for me to put the stupid stuff I’ve stupidly wasted time on. And I’ve spent lots of time, regrettably, on the character sorters and generators so I’m not going to be like “eh, that’s it I guess”. On the other hand, I’m in no position to really be spending money on something like this.

Well, so I say. Its host features cheap enough hosting that I can get this embarrassing problem solved once and for all (or at least a year) but it will, unfortunately, have to wait until April 6th. Which means that #kirigen will remain down until that time. It sucks but thems the breaks.

Mekakucity M’s Complete Box – Mekakucity Actors Vocal & Sound Collection

Mekakucity M'S Complete Box

This kind of flew under the radar for me though I also think it wasn’t announced until too recently. Well, in any case it comes out on April 1st. That would give me a few more weeks of excruciating debate about whether or not I should spend $62 1 on this massive collection. It would, anyways, if it weren’t for the fact that everywhere that is carrying the LE is sold out or not accepting orders. Probably for the best since I have something to be saving for but goddamn. I really want it.

The regular edition features the Kagepro cover songs used in the anime as well as the Mekakucity Actors BGM tracks. The LE edition, however, is four discs and one dvd (which I assume is the Days and Daze PV and maybe (but less likely) the actual PVs themselves?) with almost 80 tracks total. Little glad it doesn’t include the originals (despite that making it a ~definitive~ collection) because I already own the original CDs and that would impact my decision ahuehuehue.

It also comes in a beautiful book looking box with the after credits style Azami on the cover. I was smitten with that case before even learning all the merits of the collection. Amazon has the best look at the book-like casing.


I guess I never even realized that the OST never really came out. I remember watching it and thinking a lot of the OST wasn’t really good at all but upon sampling this (and we’ll get to the super awesome site in a moment), I realize there are a lot of tracks that I really, really enjoyed. 幻想曲 「Medousa」, 目に焼き付ける, in a daze and especially 忘却の夏 2 are all tracks that I’m super excited to have the full versions of. So mostly it’s just the upbeat, jazzy and silly songs that aren’t that well done.

The site for this collection is fantastic. You can sample pretty much all of the tracks. I say pretty much all of them but I can’t find the Toumei Answer with vocals by Annabel 3, Lia doing Shinigami Record 4 or Shounen Brave with nano.RIPE. But whatever. Those are what hooked me so I don’t blame them for keeping those hidden.

But the best part is they have the available tracks meticulously sorted. You can listen by genre, mood, story (sorted by which episode they are featured in), or artist. I hope that when the actual collection comes out they update the site with the rest of the tracks even if their just samples because this is such a great feature and it definitely got me more excited for this track. Even if I do buy this expensive release (I’m fighting with everything I have not to), I’d still go back just for the handiness of the site.

Something of note is that I was surprised that Teddyloid did music for the OST. What’s more surprising is one of Teddyloid’s track (first track on the list) features the exact same sound as one of the parts of Me!Me!Me!. I don’t recall such a track being used in the show though. Maybe it didn’t get used and he liked it too much to let it go to waste? No, that sounds dumb.

Well, in any case I’m really excited for the actual OST for those aforementioned and other chill, dece tracks. To say nothing of the covers of the songs that didn’t get them in show like goddamn Toumei Answer by goddamn Annabel. The only thing that would have made me drop cash even quicker would have been Nagi Yanagi getting in on this but THANKFULLY (?) I’m safe. 5

Update #1: I bit the big one and ordered the LE.

Update #2: I forgot to mention that as it gets closer to release, they seem to be releasing promotional PVs for these new cover tracks. They’re compilation of tracks from the show (the Ayano death scene in Yobanashi Deceive is soooo good). As of this update there are two released. One can assume they’re released each Saturday leading up to the release of the collection on April 1st.

Yobanashi Deceive by MARiA (from GARNiDELiA) and LiSA

Shounen Brave by Kimiko (from Nano.Ripe)


  1. w/o shipping ofc
  2. Actually, I just love ALL of the tracks done by Jin with that really subtle, ambient vibe to it that usually played in the heat haze because that is definitely the shit I’m into
  3. which I am SO excited for oh my good god yes
  4. was this in the show and I just forgot about it? There’s no way because I’m sure I would have Cried A Lot
  5. jk I’m weak and pathetic and will probably order this tomorrow if it’s still an option

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