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Happy Valentines! (aka Fang’s Pixiv Shipping Masterpost) v.2

Back again! I’ve been waiting all year for this, after all. I mean I spend so much time on pixiv, I might as well share with the world, right? Though I suspect a lot of people who would enjoy this list already have what they need. And to be honest, it didn’t expand as much as I expected it would. Well, regardless, here we are anyways!

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Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #08

Man, on top of site issues and personal reasons that left me without time to do this post, I really had trouble following the new fromadistance. I probably should have saved that for last. Normally I try to include a few albums but after the fromadistance album, even weeks later, I couldn’t find anything to follow it up with.

Once you have fine wine, you can’t go back to drinking that stuff out of the box.

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Doki Doki Precure Final Impressions

I’m gonna repeat a bit of what I’ve already said here so bear with me. I, for one, loved DokiPre. It was difficult, then, seeing so many people who absolutely hated it. I understand some of the complaints people had about it and my reason for liking it might be a bit biased.

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Outbreak Company Final Impressions

Outbreak Company is both remarkable and totally as bland as you might expect. It was such a surprising treat. Full of references to everything. some blatant, some obscure and some (most?) right in your face not bothering to hide at all. But just as much as it was a treat for someone who watches a lot of anime, it also skewered some of the things that make otaku so nasty and I appreciate that.

Truly, Outbreak Company was a million times better than I possibly thought it could ever be when I first watched episode one. So it’s average but I love it.

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Winter 2014 First Impressions

I think Outbreak Company and Kyousougiga were the only shows that finished airing for me from fall so I’ll do a seperate post about Outbreak Company later. Does it really deserve one? Who knows. Kinda. Outbreak Company wasn’t that bad.

But that’s over and done and onto the next onslaught of shows.

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Fang’s Favourites of 2013

A new year is here and what could possibly be a better time to reflect on some animes?

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Nagi no Asukara Episode 13

Before we start this big ol’ rant let me say that I was with Asukara at the start. I expected to hate it (and in the end I did) but for awhile there was a time when I actually kind of enjoyed it. Many times, the show did stuff that I didn’t expect and surprised me. That didn’t stop the end result from being predictable as hell though.

“But Fang-tan!”, you cry, “It’s not over yet!”

Well, you know, it might as well be.

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Kyousougiga Final Impressions

My usual end of season post is delayed because I’m behind on everything and don’t have much time to catch up. But I will eventually. Kyousougiga was a show I started midseason and almost missed. Despite that, it’s the only one I finished on time. It was just that good.

I had watched the OVA way back when and though pretty, it was confusing and disorienting. With that in mind and the billion shows I had to watch this season, I didn’t give this a second glance. It wasn’t until I heard everyone raving about it that I gave the first episode a shot. Boy am I glad I did. It would have been a shame if I missed out on AOTY.

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Aniblogger Secret Santa: Memories

I was pretty mad about my choices this year since it felt like whoever had gave me it didn’t spare a single glance at the things I did watch. Sure, the point is to get people to try new things but at least take their interests into consideration a bit, right?

Well, anyways. Not one to back down from a challenge, I finished anyways. Albeit at the last minute. Still, a victory is a victory!

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12 Days of Anime: #12 – Ame and Yuki

The first time I watched Wolf Children, at the beginning of this year, the movie destroyed me. It’s not necessarily a sad movie and actually bittersweet more than anything else. But by the end of my first watch, I was slumped over my desk, crying so hard that upon rewatching a day after I realized I had been so overwhelmed that I didn’t even remember the scene that happens after the parking lot. I’m not sure why the end had affected me in the way it did that day but I’m glad it did. Anything that could make me feel something so strongly is amazing in my books.

Despite being on a tight budget (sorta) in recent months, I was glad I was able to scoop up the BD/DVD set for so cheap on Amazon. Rewatching it in english was just as fantastic. While I didn’t bawl (because by the time they came out over here it was November and I had seen the movie like five times by then?) it’s still wonderful in both english and the original japanese. You can’t go wrong with either.

It’s going to be hard for Hosoda Mamoru to top himself, I feel. Each of his movies has evoked emotion in me, growing with each movie. The Girl Who Leapt Through time was, again, bitter sweet yeah and Summer Wars probably had me tear up but nothing hit me quite like Wolf Children did. I’ve always been unimpressed with Ghibli movies and Shinkai movies haven’t ever been my thing so I’m glad Hosoda is around to fill the gap left for me.

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