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Drakengard 3 Final Impressions

I have never played any games in the Drakengard series prior to this and I certainly have no plan to after this. This game was really, really cool for certain reasons but I doubt I could stomach a game with even worse gameplay than this had.

That being said, I’m really glad I did play this. I would have ignored it entirely but the trailer with This Silence is Mine won me over so hard that I excited about this game for months. So even though this game was frustrating, tedious and a chore a lot of the time, I still think the end result was totally worth the headache.

Spoilers ahead, I guess?

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Soreseka Episode 7 Impressions

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is corny, silly and I still can’t believe it’s airing in this day and age and I’ll say that every time I talk about this show. Still, I love it to pieces. And I was so excited for this episode. So why did I end up feeling so disappointed at the end?

The preview showed us this Libra lookin guy and Nike and you knew it was ripe for misunderstanding and it wouldn’t go very far but MAN I didn’t expect it to spiral out of control like it did. Nike does Ouran Chapter 9 bit (is attempted rape/sexual assault with no intention to go through to teach the female a lesson but she sees through them a common thing in shoujo or what? Because that’s hella gross guys) where Kyoya gets Haruhi on the bed but Haruhi calls him out. Nike calls out Bard after he gets her on the bed and immediately after Livi shows up but instead of a comical reaction like Tamaki, he flips the hell out and turns into the biggest douchelord of the century.

Though he had warned her, she had done nothing of fault and to mistrust her so easily is ehhhhh. I have a feeling they’ll be like “oh, he was just bluffing” and it was an act or she’ll forgive him when he see’s he was in the wrong but like LOOK:

How am I supposed to forgive the way he’s acting? Threatening her with something so damned serious like that? We may have reached the point where we see he’s still not a normal adjusted person and has some serious problems and if this show holds up, they can work it out and stay together and move past this IF DONE RIGHT. And sure we don’t know his history with Bard but like goddamn that doesn’t mean take it out on the one person he does like. Though I guess he could have been afraid of losing her to him. So be an asshole. That” totally help.

It’s going to take a lot of grovelling and repentance on Livi’s sake  for me to possibly accept the goofiness from the beginning of the episode again. If they just wash over this incident like it was nothing, I’m going to be pissed. Though it’s hard to ignore Livi saying he’s gonna torture his uncle to death and all. But I would still hope Nike is mad for her sake. That his mistrusted her and turned on her so easily.

So this stupid show that I ended up loving has left a bad taste in my mouth but I think that’s entirely the point. Whether or not it can redeem itself and make me continue to love and enjoy it is up in the air right now but I sure am rooting for it.

Mekakucity Actors 1-5 Impressions + Observations

So really this post could have waited but I get so hyped up after each episode (so much that I wait until the day before episode six to post this huh) and notice a bunch of really neat things about the show that I love. I’m glad they’re putting effort into the show even if there are some things I don’t like.

I guess some of this will be stuff I’ve said before and will undoubtedly repeat when I do my final impressions. Still, up to this point there’s been some really cool things happening that have been pretty subtle. So I’ll just go over some of the obvious ones now and when the next few episodes cause me to flip out, maybe they’ll get a post too.

That all being said: there are some big big big spoilers that could potentially ruin the rest of the series for you if you’re new to Kagepro in this post and it’s mostly intended a post for people who have prior knowledge of the series.
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Short Peace Final Impressions

While I wasn’t a huge, huge fan of Memories, if you’ll recall, I was still really interested in seeing this in theatres despite it’s short length. And while I found the entirety to be underwhelming when everything was said and done, I was still glad that I did.

Some scenes present such big scenes such as the fire in Combustion or the trash lion in Possessions and seeing those actually bigger than yourself gave the movie a really cool effect. Would I have found it as visually stunning, in that case, watching on my laptop or my tv? Probably not.

My favourite was definitely Possessions/Tsukumo. It was the most lighthearted of the three with a protagonist who said little and only had but a few minutes to win us over and boy did he. The use of CG was wonderful and I’m still having a very hard time comparing it to anything else I’ve seen or know about. It was fluid and blended so nicely with the occasional drawn backgrounds.

Combustible started off really cool visually. And the story seemed really interesting, especially because there was so much focus on Waka and I hadn’t expected that. However it definitely felt too short to me. The scene where Waka decides to turn back, to wait and the reflection of the fire in her eyes, the draw of it. The “if I wait he’ll come for me and if he doesn’t I can escape the life I don’t want” decision she made that would have such a catastrophic result. However, despite that she still attempts to flee and ultimately dies. We don’t really hear what her reason for doing what she did was and both die really unceremoniously.

It really, really reminded me of the last part of Memories where it just ends on a kind of “did they die?” note. I had wondered the same thing for this one but it seems impossible that they didn’t die from such an explosion. I guess I respect the “you may be the hero of your own story but that doesn’t guarantee you a happy ending” nature of both Combustion and Cannon Fodder but it’s still rather unsatisfying. Especially for such short movies.

Gambo was pretty intense. While I loved the first movie and had mixed feelings about the second, the third was just too much for me. It was violent and surprisingly scary. Mostly in a gross way, I’ll admit. The whole pregnant slave thing made me really uncomfortable and after that there was no way for me to really get excited about the movie after that. I didn’t find the animation as smooth as the first one but it still grew on me, I guess. I do respect the feral and vicious nature of the movie though. They may not be my type of thing but it was entertaining? Squick aside, anyways.

And lastly, a Farewell to Arms. Easily the weakest of the four if only because unlike the similar Magnetic Rose, it lacked emotion and oomph. Things just kind of happened. And sure seeing the Gonk constantly surviving and chasing them was kind of thrilling, it ultimately went nowhere. The result after all that action and death is just a cheap laugh at the end. Which I guess is kind of a message and appropriate reaction in its own? For something to be so serious and go so badly and just end on an awkward laugh?

So I was glad I could experience the first two movies on a big screen. The first was lovely and the second being a bit longer would have done it some real favours but was still decent enough, I guess? Three wasn’t my cup of tea and made me really uncomfortable at times. And four seemed longer than it needed to be without any real purpose.

Despite that, it was still an experience to have and while I can’t see myself rewatching any but the first any time soon, I’m still glad I saw them. But with this I think we can finally be sure that Otomo’s stuff is wasted on a pleb like me.

Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #09

I had to shoehorn some Touhou in because fromadistance has ruined all Touhou music for me.  It’d be nice if I could stop being disillusioned sometime soon.

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Madder Red is the Colour of Heroes: A Very Personal Look at Heroes, Fictional and Real

This is a really odd post for me to write. Especially here. Let’s be honest content quality (AND quantity, really) is not the highest priority here and sometimes some things are a chore to do (lookin’ at you SATB 21) but this is very different to me. It’s something I’m writing from a very different place. It features a lot of personal things, references to real world, ongoing tragedies mixed awkwardly to why I admire and respect some characters to an insane degree.

It’s not my intention to come off as disrespectful though. This post is a collocation of events that started weeks ago along with things I’ve only realized as late as yesterday. There’s not much point to this big long spiel though. I just wanted to get some very personal things off my chest.

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Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 21

It would have been easy to fit this in the Feature but eh from the looks of it, this series could really be ending soon so I’ll just stick it out.

As I was filling in the info for this, I noticed the site copy and pasted some stuff from the last album. Haha. Not the first time their own site has been incorrect but I guess at this point it’s not top priority for them.
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Another Kagerou Project Groove Coaster Promotion

Last summer Groove Coaster released a few KagePro songs are DLC you could purchase for the game. If you bought them and played within a certain timeframe, you recieved a cute lil Ene avatar to play as. They released another pack recently and I’m not sure if there was a promotion then but there IS one one right now!

Purchase the fourth DLC pack play any of those songs and post your ranking to Facebook or Twitter before May 11th and you’ll receive another brand new Ene avatar to play as. Not as cute as the first one but hey, I’ll take it.

Each pack is 4.99 and features four songs.

Pack #1 contains:

  • Kisaragi Attention
  • Kagerou Days
  • Yobanashi Deceive
  • Children Record

Pack #2:

  • Konoha’s State of the World
  • Imagination Forest
  • Lost Time Memory
  • Otsukimi Recital

Pack #3:

  • Ayano’s Theory of Happiness
  • Artifical Enemy
  • Yuukei Yesterday
  • Headphone Actor

Pack #4:

  • Shounen Brave
  • Outer Science
  • Summertime Record
  • Blindfold Code

Remember though, only pack four will get you the special Ene avatar and you have to post your score before May 11th. The campaign page lists in detail how to do this but I always forget. Just go to rank after playing the song, pick the song and there should be two buttons that lead to twitter and facebook. Allow access and you’ll have your Ene almost instantly. Even delete the post after if you like.

Personally pack three has some of my favourite tracks though Ayano seems really unfitting. Now they have just about every song with a PV. Toumei Answer being the only one that isn’t here I think. But like Ayano, it would be pretty unfitting. Yuukei Yesterday and Headphone Actor are really fun though!

Guest Post: No Game No Life Impressions

(Fang note: for the first time in the prestigious six and a half year run of Loli Salad we actually have a guest post to share today! My good friend John from Video Game Choo Choo is here to give us another look at the… uh… “critically acclaimed” No Game No Life)

As one of the world’s foremost Video Game Men, I take many things upon myself that the average mortal wouldn’t dare to attempt. But not even I, an immortal hero, could dare trudge through the bog of depravity and depression that is the anime “No Game No Life”. I’ve seen glimpses of “bad tity anime” before, but they pale in comparison to this train wreck. I’m on a government watch list for watching this show, and I honestly wish I was in jail instead of writing this so there was no way I could ever have to deal with No Game No Life again.

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The Defense Witches Experience

You may be asking, “Fang-tan, why are you doing a review of an iOS game? And not even a very new one? And one you haven’t yourself actually beat?”

Well, my good nameless and faceless chum, that is because I have sunk hours upon hours into this wretched game and I figured it better to share my story with the world rather than let it disappear into the abyss, letting the embers of embarrassment and what’s left of my tarnished dignity smoulder away into the night.

This isn’t really a review at all.

This is the tale of a simple game and the reasons why I hate it.

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