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August 2007

Zombie Loan #8+9

I knew this show was all about the yaoi. Well, maybe not directly (because there is, after all, some hot zombie-yuri-action in there too) but seriously. I’m standing on my own with Michiru X Chika. I think they’d be cute together. I also had suspicions about Shito turning evil (cue sentimental Nina-Arika-ish ‘it doesn’t have to be like this, let’s just be friends again’ type scenario). But I may be wrong. Keep Reading

And then there was salad…

Oh wow. I finally got LS set up a little~

So here’s the introduction post that’s so desperately needed!

Well, I wanted to try out anime blogging because three of the people I admire most on the internet are anime bloggers. They are, excuse me for namedropping, but Totali, Garten and Jason (of Subculture Anime Blog, Memento and AoMM respectivly). I wanted to have a blog that was atleast half as good as any of theirs. So now that I’ve admitted to that let me just say a bit about Loli Salad.

I was at work last night or the night before and around three when I was totally bored and thinking of this blog. The original title was…well…very unoriginal. So I continued to work and think about something people would remember. I soon came up with Loli Salad. It doesn’t mean anything and loli’s aren’t actually my cup of tea but I thought it was a neat name for a blog.