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September 2007

A couple Scans


Well because there isn’t anything to watch I’m going to keep cranking out these random posts. So enjoy some scans. I’ll link them to the original sized images later.

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Now we wait.

LuteciaAgito.jpg Lutecia and Agito~ image by MedliSage

I was replying to a comment in another blog about the new anime season. I was going to lament the loss of our super charged mahou shoujo devil when a new idea popped into my head. The only thing better then a Touhou anime? A nanohaXfate-esque lovefest between Vivio and Lutecia.

For more details on VL lovefest, read below. But this is also to sum up all final feelings about StrikerS. I’m way to lazy and busy to write up a proper post. My bad.

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Touhou Seimoe 2007

I just found out about the Touhou Seimoe Tournament like, litterly, seconds ago. Which is good because Group C is up for voting. Can you guess why that’s a good thing for me? I was actually quite suprised that me voting for her brought her tied with Marisa. I would have been sure that Marisa would have destroyed everyone in this but Cirno is beating them both! Well anyways, if you want to vote here’s the link.

Itou Makoto must die

Well. Episode 10 of School Days was just messed up. In one sense, it was what we wanted for Makoto. This could ruin his life. But still, it could be good. But we don’t want that. I want Katsura to push Sekai down a set of stairs and kill her baby. But will that happen? I doubt it. I highly, highly doubt it.

Rozen Maiden: 1-4

While I was on vacation I managed to pick up 4 and 5 of the Rozen Maiden manga series. This is my absolute favorite anime-manga series ever. No doubt. It’s on it’s own level away from everything else I’ve ever watched. Nothing could ever take it’s place (don’t ask why. Rozen Maiden (Traumend) clearly had flaws). So when Tokyopop started publishing the manga you can imagine I was thrilled. Well I’m getting the whole series on one dvd (bootleg?) soon. Someone’s holding it at me at a small little shop in the mall. So I’ll go on about how much I love Rozen Maiden then. But for now, here is a little review of the manga up to where I’ve read.

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The best anime ever?


So, even though ZUN has said he won’t do a Touhou anime (why again?) I was still thinking about it. If IOSYS did the music and choreographed the opening/ending/battle sequences it could be epic. Get GAINAX doing the producing (their busy with that stupid remake right now…) and it would guarantee be something awesome. Or it could be a train wreck. You know how fans are. It’s never good enough. Well, give Marisa a harem of Alice, Reimu, Patchouli, Yuyuko and Reisen (Yuyuko and Reisen to be debated) and you’ll have a masterpiece right there.

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