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November 2007

Looking forward to…

So in awhile expect my finished product of my top anime series from this year to be finished. It’ll be out in December some time. It’s a very hard list to make. Whereas this one is super, super easy. I checked out animesuki and MOON PHASE to see what I might want to watch in the next year. Maybe I won’t watch them, maybe they just struck my intrest. No matter what the case is, if I think it’s worth mentioning, it’ll probably be on this list.

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Save the train wrecking for your school days…

Mea 2

Kay. So I think the Shakugan no Shana anime series is a little overrated (I like the manga and the novels though so kthxbye) but I’ve been watching the second season so far (big mistake). If it wasn’t for my love of Kazumi (and my horn-fetishism) then I really wouldn’t be watching any more. Because this is turning into a train wreck. Fast.

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