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December 2007

New IOSYS Flash

While I like this the least of any IOSYS flash (it beats a couple of the songs from the last album) it’s still pretty cute (specially where sheyells and then throws up). But the other two flash songs from the new album are better

Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidays~)

Au au au~ Happy Holidays Everyone~

Happy Holidays (or for most of you, like me, Merry Christmas)! I hope you all have a nice time on this happy day and through the new years I wish you good health and good fortune! I know I should be spending time with my family instead of being on the computer but my mom and dad are at home taking a nap and I just finished watching a movie with my grandpa, so there isn’t much for me to be doing with anybody! But anyways, I hope everyone has a good christmas today and I hope the year ends well and starts good for you all~

(Oh btw, I got an XBOX 360 Elite! Eternal Sonata will be GET! ;3)