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February 2008

Another adaption, QMA OVA

Quiz Magic Academy

Haha, that’s right. Quiz Magic Academy is getting a OVA series. Really? Is that all? Why isn’t someone sucking the life out of this franchise? It’s perfect! Well, as I’ve previously stated, perhaps the series will have very good quality? I mean if it is only an OVA series we can hope for that much right? Right?!

So which to hope for more? Quiz Magic Academy, Strike Witches or Shina Dark? Definatly Shina Dark! I wish the 21st of March would come so I could see those promos! (My birthday is March 7th, shouldn’t I be hoping for that rather then a set of promos?).

Christina is going to be so moe. :’D

Shina Dark to be animated

Garrett and Christina

I know it’s old news but I haven’t found out until yesterday!! I LOVE Shina Dark (well particularly healthy Miss Christina Rey Holden and Garrett Fey Sowauge and the art style) and I am absolutly thrilled that it is going to be animated! I want to take Christina home! The preview will be released on the 21st I think. So let’s get excited for that day!!!

Natsumi Kiyoura – Tabi no Tochuu (Spice and Wolf OP single)

Tabi no Tochuu OP single

I have been waiting for this single for so long (now I’m waiting for Blaze because I hate it so much and Wheel of Fortune for the live action Higurashi movie). The ED grew on me too. But I like this better. Yakusoku no Uta is okay, not as good as Tabi no Tochuu though.

While Tabi no Tochuu doesn’t have the Erinyes effect (sounding completly diffrent then you wanted it to…The full version of Erinyes sounded like some gypsy song or something) it does sound less tragic and sad for some parts but then in others it sounds just as haunting and wonderful.

Natsumi Kiyoura – Tabi no Tochuu

Natsumi Kiyoura – Yakusoku no Uta

Louise Bustier ver. 1/8 Figure

I saw this absolutly adorable figurine on and went looking around for a nice image of it to post. However, I’ve found the same figure on a few diffrent sites. The one on jbox (the nicest one) is $58.00 but the one on yesasia has no listed price (can someone tell me how much it was exactly?). Anyways, here’s a few images of the wonderful figure.

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