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March 2008

Mai Otome S.ifr 01: What the hell is going on?

Leg bombs

So lemme get this straight. Mai Otome is the playing field. Mai HiME characters are in it. Mai HiME Destiny characters are in it. And we’re to expect the Mai Hime Destiny anime now?

Sunrise, you’re always there for the lulz.

(Actually this series is about Nina and Arika’s parents. I knew it was about Rena but…)

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Sorry for the delay…

I want a loli Roman and Hortense for my birthday~

Sorry for the delay on S&W and my normal strange posts. I’m quite lucky to have connection to the internet right now., as I’ve just connected to our hotel room. Even though they said they didn’t have WiFi! Haha! Well, I’ll catch up on S&W everything after my birthday (which is today, btw ;D) and I get internet back at my house and back to Canada.

Shina Dark Preview: Is that really you Shaft?

Seriously. It looks wonderful. I’m not complaining. A good mix of comedy, pretty girls and drama (on Christina’s side at that!) but it doesn’t really look like the normal SHAFT we all know and love right? Oh well. I won’t judge yet.