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April 2008

The Boycott of Code Geass R2

Anya is cool but she’s no Cornelia. NEEDS MOAR PURPLE.

I’m boycotting Code Geass. I never really liked it but all the characters annoy me now. Lelouch’s melodramatic according-to-plan tactics aren’t great anymore, they’re crazy. Not the good crazy. I’m starting to see why everyone hates Suzaku even though I feel bad for what happened to Euphie and I absolutly hate Kallen. I think she’s overatted. Please, please tell me I’m not the only one who dislikes her. The reason I’m not watching this mecha-soap-opera is because my favorite character, Cornelia, was killed. That makes me sad. But Anya is a nice replacement and I still like Kaguya so maybe I’ll turn to the series in the future again (especially if they off as many people as the end of Gundam 00 did!)

Yen Press Announces Anthology Mag

Wow. Yen Press continues to be awesome. They are easily my favorite manga publisher. Not only do they have Alice Under Deadlines, Zombie Loan and now Haruhi, but they too now have Soul Eater, Higurashi and Nabari no Ou. They’re also going to run them in book form later down the year that the magazine comes out. I had to go to America to buy my Zombie Loan manga. Yen Press books are hard to find here in Canada (atleast I never see them anywhere). So it’ll be hard for me to get my hands on the magazine. But it’s good to know that I can get Higurashi and Soul Eater still. Yen Press is just awesome.