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June 2008

Round Robin: raep and the prime shojo hero rival

Well, I guess I could squeeze this in before I go on my trip (even though I’m supposed to be making dinner right now).

This time the Round Robin has two topics. Wow! Too bad they are two of the topics that were first suggested. C’mon girls, can’t we be a little more creative?

As of yet for The Mechanics of Rape Fantasy are A Day Without Me and Hinano. Wow, just two (so far)? Too bad I don’t have the time for this one…

Don’t forget Shoujo Cliché: The OTHER Man. Those participating are Sakura and Saimaisama.

Strike Witches to air online

Once again, Gonzo is streaming it’s anime nationally along with the show airing on television. I wish they’d stop. I wanted fansubs. Err…whatever. I just know it says nobody is subbing it it on the subwiki place. I don’t watch gonzo things so does that mean there will be subs on it? I feel silly.

Article at ANN.

Seira – Never (Kaiba op)

I don’t know how I feel on this song. But I’m sure it’ll grow on me. It’s an anime opening in english… but no engrish*. Hmm… well here is the full of the opening song (Never by Seira). I prefer the ED and luckily it comes a day before I go to B.C. Will someone up it off torrents by then?

Seira – Never

* Oh my! it turns out, after becoming curious about this Seira, that she is half french-canadian. That is the the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. I officially adore this song now. <3 J’espère qu’elle fait plus de chansons pour anime. Je pense elle pourrait devenir mon préférée idole. (Sorry, my french is…rough)

Soul Eater #11

I’m not going to say anything about this episode. I have lots of fun writing about the episodes. Even in this one where I thought ti was generic shounen time. No, this transcended that. Surely it did. It’s the BGM. It blows me away. It’s so befitting for every song. The song in the backround where Tsubaki’s brother was asking her what her first words were and Black Star was defending Tsubaki after recalling how they met was so sad sounding, so sad I wanted to cry. The Liz and Patty part being the exception, the parts in the school with the rest of the gang was très boring. But Tsubaki was very badass and cool. I liked when she had a little bit of anger in her. Then when Black Star was being really, really cool by worrying about her and then when she cried, I was truly, truly happy that the battle didn’t last five episodes. Black Star and Tsubaki officially won my heart now.

I’m looking forward to see more about Soul’s past in the next episode and some more witches~

Mirai Nikki Anime Trailer

Oh sigh, this is so old. But alas it doesn’t really matter. Now if there was a REAL Mirai Nikki anime coming out I’d be stoked. I’d be down if Sunrise picked that up. Because everyone knows they do the best Emo Facial Distortions. But alas, no mega yandere anime yet.

Harem Poll

Marisa's Harem

Oh my, my. What an interesting poll that turned out to be. I voted for Patchouli and she last hard. So as a concelation prize she can have Remilla. Really? Remilla or Marisa? I think she actually won. Of course we must assume that a majority of the votes were ‘I don’t care/I don’t know’. Hurhur. Good thing Alice appears to have won Marisa though~ (although there were a couple of times when Reimu was tied…)