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July 2008

ZnT: PnR Opening Theme Download

I haven’t been writing much lately because there isn’t anything to write about, really. Soul Eater has been, while plot advancing (at an alarming rate in ep. 16), a little boring. I don’t think I’ll finish Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo either but I should probably catch up on that.

Speaking of ZnT, I bring now the download the opening by the ever lovely Ichiko. This theme is different from the other two in that it’s a little more serious. I thought so anyways.

ICHIKO – You’re The One

(Also, now that I’m watching Princess no Rondo 2 I have some advice for Louise: When slutty Mcslutslut is riding with you, push her out of the cart. Bitch needs to be taught a lesson.)

Nanoha Movie Announced for Winter

I really couldn’t believe it when I woke up and read this! It seem so out of the blue! A Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie! Especially since it’s going to be a parallel universe thing. Woah. Maybe it’s going to end in dramu rather then Fate and Nanoha being friends? Maybe Arisa will turn out to be crazy badass awesome and show off some mad powers. Well, it won’t have Hayate (although it is labeled the first movie). But if they just make a remake of the first season I’ll be a little annoyed, right?

More info at Moetron.

It’s magically delicous!

What the hell? Chocolate Underground has been airing this whole time? See, when the blogging community doesn’t cover these things I don’t know. I would have know Zero no Tsukaima was on if I didn’t look around either. I’m going to look and see which blogs are covering Chocolate Underground and devote my time to them and hope for forgiveness for not visiting them enough! But for now, how about a few thoughts on Chocolate Underground?

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U.S Manga Price Gap

When I was driving through Calgary I saw a sign that said ‘All comics and manga for U.S cover price’ I was astonished. I looked at the manga I had with me (Negima volume 10 and Girls Bravo volume 6) and both of those were like… ten dollars! The Canadian price were like twelve and fourteen dollars! Wow! I thought, ‘what a deal!’ but as it was a family trip I didn’t stop to browse (even though I was offered to do so) and then when I went shopping I came to another store that said ‘all manga for u.s marked price, no more price gap!’ this was after I had bought both Shakugan no Shana and Princess Resurrection volume three. So, is this it? Will it now be the U.S sale price? Even in Winnipeg? I will have to look around and investigate this sooner. I know the Canadian dollar and the U.S dollar have been matched for awhile so will books and manga just be prices as one? I hope so. I really do. Even normal books and not light novels or manga I couldn’t buy because theres like a three to six dollar difference! Hahaha, although I never did buy manga when I went down to the U.S (I bought games. 360 games are omega cheap in the States). But I can’t imagine Tokyopop who are money grubbing whores ever charging everyone the same. They’ll just make one price, sure. But everyone will pay the Canadian price now! Hahahaha.

This is the website of the awesome comic store with the biggest selection of manga in Calgary. If you’re ever on the trans-Canada highway going through Calgary, check it out!

New Soul Eater Ending

Niiiice. A new ending. So soon too, right? I hope that they don’t change the opening song too. Well not soon anyways. Because Resonance is totally awesome. What’s mostly awesome about the new Soul Eater ending is how it focuses on Maka and Soul. OTPers will find great, great joy in this. I know I did.