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October 2008

To Aru Majutsu no Index OP Single Download

If you’ve visited Loli Salad for awhile you might know two things. When an anime I’m following, never blogging (Fang…? Blogging a series…? MADNESS) has it’s op or ed single released I’ll sometimes post the single or the full song itself. Secondly, I love Kawada Mami. Her doing the op (and Totali saying it sounded Shana-esque) were the only reasons I watched Index. I really like it actually. Same with Toradora (I hate tsundere so this surprises me). Personally I feel fall 2008 is so far one of the best anime seasons in awhile, especially against such a terrible 2008 season. But still, it can be Umineko tiem yet?

Kawada Mami – PSI-Missing (Full)

(Am I the only one who thinks that the second track sounds like a Kawada-sama cover and remix of Rimless? Am I the only one who gets those vibes?)

Kannagi ep.1+2

I hate slice of life and comedy. Looking at a preview image for Kannagi I thought: slice-of-life. Upon hearing a description I thought: comedy. Both things I loathe in an anime. I do not wtach comedy or slice of life. I despise them. But I felt bad for this show after it got booted from one of it’s channels. So I decided to give it a shot…

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Hanyuu vs. Fuko

Actually, it’s pretty hard for people outside of Japan to vote, not impossible, but hard. But try! Let’s hope for Hanyuu~ it’s too late for our beloved Bell Zepyhr but Hanyuu still has a chance!

Chaos;Head Ending, “Super Special” by Seira

To get my hands on the ef op (not watching, just love Elisa), the Index op + ed (I’ve fallen for Index like so many others), and the Kannagi op + ed (expect a late, late post on this soon actually. I keep getting distracted) I downloaded a torrent full of fall 2008 op and ed songs. Upon seeing Super Special I nearly flipped. Seira? Really?! I couldn’t believe it. What’s more she’s doing one of the popular titles (I’m not watching Chaos;Head until it’s finished, just like Tales of Abyss) this season. AND Ishikawa Chiaki? The music this season has been above and beyond. Fall 2008 has been overly enjoyable so far. But Kagami Seira, Kawada Mami (<33) and Ishikawa Chiaki? My three favorites? I honestly could die of happiness. (Lia is fine too, no matter how depressing the Clannad op is).

If you don’t know who Kagami Seira is then check this previous post of mine.

Mirai Nikki Licensed

Sorry I’m a little slow on this. It didn’t occur to me really because ANN uses the english Future Diary title. Haha, seriously? Tokyopop? I wonder how much they’d censor. I’m glad anyways. Now I can finally catch up on the danged series. I’ll still be waiting for my Soul Eater and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni from Yen Press though. Yen Press is always my first choice when it comes to translated manga. But seriously? Crap like Mirai Nikki gets picked for translation (okay, that was a little harsh but honestly, who would read Mirai Nikki for the plot? You want Gasai Yuno and you know it) while other awesome-er titles are left untouched? It’s bad enough you can’t find Narutaru anywhere but I’d die for Bokurano (I don’t know if I’d literally die for it…)

EDIT: I take most of this back. Mirai Nikki ended up becoming one of my favourite series.

Soul Eater ED 3 – Bakusou Yume Uta

I haven’t watched Soul Eater Episode 27 until just this second. So please excuse my lateness. First off, I would marry you Marie. Second of all, this is the coolest ending of all three.

However. Episode 27 was a real blow to me. It was almost like Soul was saying ‘fuck you shippers, I only need Maka because I can’t fight otherwise’ which could be taken in the way we’d like. But I still could help but feeling like we’d been kicked sand at.

Hmmm… now we should be getting our new op with Tommy Heavenly7… err… The Brilliant Green I mean. Soon right?