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December 2008

OTP of the Moment: Yuri x Estelle

Ah, as soon as I started playing Tales of Vesperia I thought Estelle x Yuri would be cute but was dissapointed to find out that there wasn’t any definitve romance, unlike other Tales games (or so I’m told). So here are a crap load of OTP images from pixiv. I didn’t know how popular Ristelle was either. Anyways, enjoy! (Haters can just stay away)

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[c75] Umineko Motion Graphic 3

Virgilia and Beatrice

It’ll grow on me. It’ll grow on me. You know why? Because it has Virgiiiiiilia! Well, I don’t feel like writing something up like I normally do. So I’ll just chuck one of the wallpapers at you and tell you that the second track is pretty lame, the video is kickass (although it lacks badassery from Aitouka).


[c75] IOSYS – Bubbling Underground

IOSYS - Bubbling Underground

Ahhhhhh, the new motion graphic is released today (the preview has Virgiliiiiiia in it too!) and so is the new Albatrosicks album (there is also a the Subterranean Animism =neutral= album). How long until torrents? How long until my ears are soothed? Ah, I hope it’s before school starts again. Well, because I’m too anxious so here’s a IOSYS remix. I only picked it up because it has a Thriller remix on it! Hahahaha.

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Fanartist Appreciation: Tatetsu Teto

No, not that twintail’d Vocaloid. I’m talking about one of my favorite artists ever. But I don’t think that many people see how awesome this artist is. Or even know (as fanartist’s are so under appreciated).  So here is a small showcase of awesome.

His pixiv account is here:

Some nakkid Shana ahead but nothing too NSFW.

EDIT: I have only come to appreciate how cute her pokemon gijinka are. Giratina~ <3
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Umineko Music for c75

The first is the one I’m really excited about. The full version of activepain (which is the awesome ED to Banquet of the Golden Witch). However, the demo sounds different from the ED. The vocals. Oh well. I still want it. There are two other b-side tracks, a piano and alternate version of activepain and the karaoke version. One of the B-side tracks sounds really cool too. But I can’t remember the title.

I haven’t heard anything from Sound of the Golden Witch but I’d like it anyways. Both come out on 29th which is the last day of c75 isn’t it? Ah, hopefully somebody will up these quickly when they come out.

Find info on both albums here:

Vagrancy – Istoria ~ Musa~

Istoria ~Musa~

This album was loooong released ago.  However, I just downloaded it and fell in love. I love vocal, vocal is my favorite genre. So, let this be a warmup to C75, some music reviews to take up space!

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New Cover Art

Ah,  I’m late sorry.  The Albatrosicks site has been updated for the upcoming album to be released at C75. I’m kind of disappointed that the album will only have six tracks. But after I thought about it that just means that there could be more work done on those six tracks than on a album of twelve. So here’s holding out for something awesome. Also, the cover looks really badass so I’m hoping the ‘single’ will be a little dramatic/badass to fit the cover.

Anyways, you can get some info on the upcoming release here: