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January 2009

200th Post!

Enjoy some genderswapped Umineko throught this post~
curtosy of one of the greatest fanartists evar,  Suzushiro Kurumi. (who will in time get a FA post, when I get the chance. I have a few artists I want to spam this blog with) Rather old images but…
I just discovered them and they are just cute~ :3

Anyways! This is Loli Salad’s 200th post. Which is kinda sad, right? I mean some blogs get like 200 posts in two months. but those blogs… like… blog anime episodes. Bah, I could never do that, right? Hahaha. Maybe when Umineko comes out… I’ll try! That’ll be a new years resolution, mmmkay? (Isn’t it to late for that?)

Well! In a few months it shall be our two year anniversary. Won’t that be awesome?! I know! It seems like yesterday I was just thinking about how I hadn’t posted anything in awhile after creating LS… (oh, well that happened anyways just now but it’s because I didn’t know how to present this well enough!)

So, here is my other new goal! We shall try to get 100 posts before that previously mentioned anniversary! It’s a few months so it should be easy, right? Hahaha, I hope so! I’ll need some support from the readers here~ (the few, the loved :’3)

There will be lots of video and picture spam and from here on out, riiight?  Haha, here’s hoping. So, let’s get started! Thanks for this far everyone! I’ll do my best from here on out! :D

A very Umineko-y post

Why so dea- *sacrificed during the fifth twilight*

I got a new laptop (I can play games again and 160 gbs, *q*) so I’m hardly seeding anything. How awful~ well I went to prepare my ipod to be erased and replaced with the songs on my current itunes when I saw what we had been eagerly awaiting over on Tokyo Toshokan. Active Pain and Sound of the Golden Witch, delievered. I was estatic. I’ll try to provide a download later.

Banquet of the Golden Witch – activepain (full ver.)

May I say, activepain is the best Umineko ed? I don’t care for the full version (atleast what I heard, I know there was an alternative version on the single so it might be more fitting). I don’t really like the ep4 ed but I only heard a little bit of it. Hopefully it will grow on me (or another fan-animation could help).

Ep4 spoilers for the lulz

Also, sorry about the lateness of this but Witch-Hunt released the  full translation for Episode Three, Banquet of the Golden Witch. You can find it over at their website or Baka-Tsuki. I have to restart because I switched computers without considering replaying and had installed the patch before I switched computers. Hmm, it’ll be troublesome. I should just get four. Gah, but I don’t have money and can’t find the game not in a .mdf (or whatever) format. Oh well, when the ep4 patch comes I’ll just worry about that then. But I can’t wait. I mean I’ve already been spoiled for the game and my mind is in a constant state of wth because of said spoilers but I still can’t wait to play. Siesta 00 and MARIA, FTW. (Oh and Virgilia too~)

[c75] =Neutral= – Heart to Heart

=Neutral= released three different albums I think. This was the only one I was really kinda interested in (although I think there was a song on the other one that I liked). From what I can tell before listening, this isn’t entirely a Subterranean Animism remix album (although having someone confirm or deny would be helpful). They’ve already done that. It was awesome. Hopefully this lives up to Darkness.

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