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February 2009

[=NeutraL=] – Affect a Mind

Affect a Mind

I’ve been a little late on this but =NeutraL= released a couple albums at  but I only think I’ll be reviewing this one and maybe REDxBLACK. RxB is, like, metal and that isn’t my cup of tea. But =NeutraL= makes everything likable to me. There’s a reason they’re my favourite afterall.

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Exit Trance presents Code Speed Trance 6 – Info

I was just saying I didn’t know when 6 comes out but Dancemania EX already had info on it up! And excuse me for a second because I’m about to freak out but OMFGGG. PSI-Missing from To Aru Majutsu no Index (<3 satisfying my Mami and Index love), Motto*Hade ni ne from Kannagi, Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi from Gundam 00, Paradise Lost from Ga-Rei Zero and Pre-Parade from Toradora! Greatest song selection ever amirite? It doesn’t come out until the 18th of March. Gah. Will I be able to wait?! Five was really lame and it had some good songs in it. Ecstacy was superb so lets hope it continues from there. Honestly, my wishlist is so far complete. If they remixed any Soul Eater theme it would be completed. Or Hanaji. Yes, that sounds good too.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni REI: OP + ED

Wow. It’s not as powerful sounding as the previous two op songs for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni but the animations kicks the other two out of the park. It sort of makes me a little less bitter over the wait for the Umineko anime (and bitter over how crappy Jessica’s design is?) and really, it rekindled my love of Hanyuu. And I’ve missed you too, emo Rika. I don’t really care for the ED but it might grow on me. It sounds like something from Jigoku Shoujo, truthfully. I like Taishou A much better (aestetically and musically) but the part with Rika and her mother is just too sweet.

Do you know how to make smoked cheese?

I feel obliged to say a something, anything on the first Churuya-san ep. I mean, I did still Tsuruya’s fan nickname unto my own. It may have been what… two minutes long? But it was adorable. I don’t care what anybody says. I seriously almost died of blood loss when she buckled up. N-Nyoro~n. Actually, it was Tsuruya who was funniest in the Haruhi short as well. “But you’re a crane?” “I guess.” It was a little disappointing Haruhi had such a little role but her part was funny. So I won’t mind. Shameless advertising but cute shameless advertising.

Rozen Maiden Piano Sound Album Review

Couldn't find cover, enjoy fanart

Well, I didn’t even hear about this anywhere. I don’t know what it is but when I saw Nipponsei releasing something Rozen Maiden? So maybe this is old or not even official? Well whatever. Rozen Maiden + Piano = the greatest? I don’t know. I haven’t heard it yet…

Normally, I just review Doujin albums so this might be a little strange. But I’ll just use my love of Rozen Maiden to justify such a review.

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Sasha Kreuzhev (a post about Index)

We're loving Misha, not Touma here

Sasha Kreuzhev. Misha Kreuzhev. Misha Kreuzhev is awesome. Honestly. I’m trying to catch up on Index (if I continue to watch it two eps before school and two before bed, I’ll easily be done by the weekend and able to catch up on Toradora and Soul Eater) because of the badass new op. Some people says it doesn’t fit as well. Of course nothing is more winful than PSI-Missing and I would probably dislike the song if it weren’t Mami Kawada. Whom I love, remember? And I saw Sasha before in that image of all the female characters (was it just female?) in To Aru Majutsu no Index and fell in love with her. Currently, there isn’t much fanart of her. But when I find some. I will post it. Because she is awesome. She may even parallel my love of under-developed, throw-away villain Mare. However, as Sasha does appear in the new OP I can only speculate that she does have a bigger role than Mare~dearest had. But I guess Mare even being in the show was simply just to acknowledge the game, right?

On the subject of Shana, has a second season of Index been confirmed yet? Because, seriously, Index is ten times better than Shana ever was. Touma may have a waaaay bigger selection of girls in his harem (don’t call it that… don’t call it that…) but atleast he isn’t an indecisive jerkass. Has it taken him three seasons to make a freaking choice? Atleast if Touma had to pick, we could bet he’d pick Index. (Mikoto? Mikoto who? lalalalalala, not listening~) Atleast I’d hope. And also, hopefully, this will be the last season of Shana. Naaah. Index may be waaay better, but it isn’t even close to being half as popular as stupid Shana.


(Also, the poll only includes Index and Mikoto and not his entire harem (sorry Itsuwa x Touma fans) because they’re the main conteders. I mean, I only care if a certain magical Index ends up with Touma. But that won’t happen. Especially not in the first season and especially not when the novel is still progressing)


Fang’s Top 10 Touhou Remix Groups/Artists

I guess you could say this is the successor to the Top 80 that was posted a long while back. I had fun making it and while this one is different… maybe a Top 80 Remix list? Intriguing. Well, as follows is a ten 10 list of Fang’s favourites. I don’t expect anybody to agree with me. And people may disagree with me. I’m sure a lot more people would have Cool&Create on their list, amirite?

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