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April 2009

Another Upcoming Exit Trance and TOUGE 2 Info

Delicious Bell Zepyhr

I’ve done this before when I get too excited. Remember? Well I read something that I just had to post. I would like this time to post that this is a pre-tracklist and is in no way final. As one of the tracks I mentioned before was not added onto the final album. Sorry about the confusion over that. Let’s hope we actually get this one, okay? But we’re not just talking about upcoming Exit Trance albums today. No no, we have another treat in store.

Where to start? Let’s start with the second ‘season’ of Exit Trance’s Ecstasy. Maybe reporting ont his is a bad idea? I have a feeling the list stated over on Dancemania is going to change dramatically. The songs listed are from the anime of the eroge series rather than the eroge themselves so I’m a little confused. Regarldess the tracks so far are SHUFFLE‘s ‘You’, Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de‘s ‘Hizamazuku Made 5 Byo Dake!’, H2O‘s ‘Katayoku no Icarus’, and Nanatsuiro*Drops‘ ‘Shining Star Bless’. But like I said this list will most likely change. Afterall, the ET crew has already got You under their belt in the anime series. But they did reuse one of the (or two?) songs from School Days in the first Ecstasy.

Next we’ll go onto Anime Trance: Best the Movie. Apparently we have a few repeats here. But that is okay! Because the track that inspired me to write this blurb up was that we’ll be getting a remix of Kara no Kyoukai‘s Oblivious!! Now I’m sure we haven’t had this song in the Anime Trance before. So maybe we’ll have only a few repeats. But if we have forgive me. It must not have been a very good remix if I can’t even remember it. We got some tracks from the Shana and Gurren-Lagann movie too.  Oh, Rahxephon too. All repeats. This and Ecstacy 2 come out in two months so we’ll find out more in due time. If the list interests me, I’ll definitly keep you guys posted.

We have a possible new series from the Exit Tunes guys too. Stardom. So guess, what could it be? We have American movies taken care of. We have anime taken care of. Anime Movies. Commercials. Classical Music. Nico Nico hits. And so many more. So what are we missing? Doujin! I know right? Hahahaha. I wouldn’t really care because I don’t recognize most of the tracks. Except I went ‘Hooooray!’ when I saw Strawberry Generator by Albatrosicks is going to be Stardom! There is another IOSYS track but I don’t recognize it. And of course. Caramelldansen. Enough Exit Trance. Enough. This one, unlike Ecstacy and Best the Movie, comes out in May.

And let’s talk about another album I’m excited about! Super Anime Remix Touge 2. Feautring such tracks as  Danjo (Danjo Danjo~ *pumps arm*), Higurashi Matsuri‘s ‘Complex Image’, Higurashi‘s ‘Naraku no Hana’, Shana‘s ‘Hishoku no Sora’, the theme from Miko Miko Nurse, the infamous Nursery Ryhme‘s ‘true my heart’, Negima‘s ‘1000% Sparking’, ‘Saikyo Pare Parade’ from the Haruhi game (I think), Idolmaster Xenoglossia‘s ‘Binetsu S.O.S’ and the peice de resitance~ ‘Kurenai’ from Night motherloving Wizard. I never thought I’d live to see the day when Night Wizard, a proclaimed favourite, would be remixed. But the chances of getting this album? Slim. There is another anime trance series I want but can’t find. But for the sake of Night Wizard, I will buy this album. <3

Eden of the East OP Download

Okay, if any download ever got me in trouble it would be this one. So if there is any sign of trouble I’ll take this down. Anyways, I’ve fallen in love with Eden of the East. How can you not love it? The characters are great, the music is superb and the story is surpisingly interesting (if not a little reminicent of Kure-nai for me). I fell in love with the OP song and went through some great deal of trouble to find it.

Eden of the East OP – Falling Down

Umineko Motion Graphic 4 Preview

I thought the motion graphics were released at comiket. But apparently this one is being released at the end of the month on the 26th. But because it is not comiket I can’t help but wonder how soon we’ll get this. Ah, the Umineko community will be on it. No need to worry! Anyways. I don’t really like the music. But if you’ll recall, I never cared for the music at first with Aitouka and Tokiko. So I think this one will grow on me. It sounds like the early Higu ones, I’ve observed. As for the animation, it was nice seeing the Stakes in all their glory and Ange was pretty badass in Tokiko so I might be able to deal with all the Ange. It is her game. My only regret is that we’ll probably not see the tea party with either Ange exploding, Battler killing Beatrice or Battler dying (?). I still look forward to crazy Rosa and Maria. The preview seemed to do a good job of this. I don’t have internet so the wait might be either unbearable or just waitable. But like I said. Hopefully someone from Share will get us hooked up.

Siesta Appreciation?

Lately I’ve seen some pretty awesome Umineko images. Lots are Siesta related. So let’s just give a little nod towards our favourite bunny assasains!

Our favourite MILFs. Personally, I love Natsuhi. Soooo moe.


The Toradora cast get's reimu'd?

Another useless website for you? (The NicoNico ones weren’t too useless) Well this one is. I don’t know what the point is or what you could do with this.

Also, if you get the error: エラー: 申し訳ありませんが,画像が大きすぎるようです(;_;) that means your image is too large! Just resize it or find a smaller, okay? I got that error a bit, figured it might help to share what it meant.

Useless, but maybe worthy a few tries. Website is here.


I don’t need to know anything other about it besides Ryukishi07 and Peach-Pit are teaming up. Of course, if someone could provide some more info… that’d be great right? Heck, I only found out about it because of Twitter. I’ll help you out best I can.

From what I’ve gathered the Okamikakushi (Sly Wolf, or something) is a mystery that takes place in a small town in 1983 (sound famillar?) and tells 10 peoples linking stories. The mystery appears to be to find out what exactly is true and what is false.

Personally, I’m very very very excited. Ryukishi07 is a god when it comes to mystery and gore. And I’m looking forward to Peach-Pit’s character designs and whatever they bring to the story. Be sure to keep an eye out around here, because I’ll be watching this game like a hawk (even if I don’t have a PSP).

Precure Dub Thoughts

There was always a certain level of badass attatched to the two exploding things

Okay. Well. Saturday cartoons, right? Precure would be perfect. Hell, watching it I agreed it’s the perfect thing to have been dubbed. If it was marketed like Sailor Moon was they could have done great stuff. I’d buy some Precure merch if I saw it somewhere. Sure. Precure (original) is nostalgia for me. I was just downloading some of the OP themes last night (I don’t care what you guys say, that shit is classic). But I was surprised to see this was on this morning. I’ve been meaning to catch the dub for awhile. But it’s on friday night and I’m usually too busy too watch.

It’s done pretty good for a dub. Hell, I can safely say it’s better than if 4kids would have continued with it. Hell, they kept the lesbian subtext. Although that is series-specific so I don’t think they could have taken that out really. Even so, it was portrayed in such a way that you could perceive it as such. Any who, even though they changed the names they are still very similar (I guess) to the original Nagisa and Honoka. So I can’t even complain. Seriously, Honoka and Hannah? They sound close right? Closer than Usagi and Serena or Ichigo and freaking Zoey. So I guess there wasn’t much localization. They changed some food around and I saw some street signs in japanese and stuff. But, please keep in mind, I’ve only seen one episode.

The voices were okay. Honoka… Hannah… sounded a little limp while Nagisa… Natalie… spoke like… well… a preteen girl. Trying to say a million things a minute. Also, I found a time when her lips weren’t moving and she spoke. I found that endearing though. Because a small company, probably not having dubbed much before, has picked this up. I’ll be fine with any fault. Just rememmber. 4kids didn’t touch it. Although Mepple’s voice was so gosh darn annoying I wanted to punch the little brat. If I watched the series religiously though, it probably wouldn’t bother me. I mostly ignored him at the end.

But what made me had to write this? The bad guy, said: “Come to daddy.” Come. To daddy. To a loli. Well, I’ll tell you. I ROFL’D. And you know what else? You know what made this awesome? When they were doing their “in the name of the moon” speech Danzen! Futari wa Precure! played! Granted it was an instrumental, but my head did a 360 so fast towards the TV I almost broke my neck. It made this already great dub even better. It would have been better if they used it as the OP. But I knew better than to expect that. You know what I did get for an OP? The kind of song sung by a person who I can imagine on an album cover sitting in a random chair, having a smoke and drinking some whiskey. It did not summon up Precure at all. It was pretty slow, drab and dreary. Where as Futari wa Precure? It’s bursting with energy. I can’t help but sing along whenever I hear it. But I can let the OP slide. Because they did throw refrence to the original and it wasn’t as craptastic as (ugh) ‘Mew Mew Power’s’ op (although that was, and believe me I hate to admit this, pretty catchy). I  haven’t heard responses from any other people so I don’t know if the general animu community recieved the dub as well as I but damn. I think I really want to watch more. Granted there are lots of childish puns and omgboytrouble going around. But I can’t help but feel the dubbers learned from 4kids. And for that, I salute them.

So in the end, did I enjoy myself watching Pretty Cure? Well, of course! As I watched this I thought ‘This is the sort of thing that I fantasised about as a child’. If this had been on, let alone created, it would have just been perfect. They didn’t shove corny jokes or puns too much down or throats (I only could think of one off the top of my head and that was in the preview for the next episode) and I think were aware who might be a secondary audience, fans of the show.

Nagisa and Honoka

The Good:
“Come to daddy!”, Danzen! Futari wa Precure! refrence, ‘good’ renaming, kept the angsty ED animation

The Bad:
voice acting lacks in some parts, opening song is atrocious

The Ugly:
Mepple’s voice: what is this I don’t even

This is what I expected to fell, what I saw wasn't even half this bad. I'm just including it cause it's lulzy

tl;dr? Fang is gay for the precure dub and hopes the following seasons gets covered.

Strike Witches STG Review

I want to review more doujin games (I have some OELVN reviews coming once I finish the games too) so here’s a quick review of a Strike Witches danmaku you may or may not have heard of before. Don’t expect anything too long. I’m sort of in a hurry.

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