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May 2009

5 Adaptions I’d Like To See, Part 2

Back when LS was new and shiny (and pretty poorly in control I might add) I did a post I really liked (and a few others as well, I should guess) about some things that should be anime series. Well. They aren’t. None of them. Gore Screaming Show, Cross World, Mirai Nikki or Peace@Pieces (we won’t count Touhou), none. Which is sad. So let’s hope these do better, right?

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Nico Nico Chorus

Lately, I’ve had an obsession with Nico Nico Chorus songs. I don’t know why exactly. The song that started this was that video for Yuuhi Saka video. Which is just beautiful and you cannot deny that. But since I’m in love with the stupid videos so much, I’ve decided to look at a few here.

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Yukari Higa Info

Yukari-sama's illustration is the superior of the two

So I fangirled when I found out my favorite artist ever was doing the Nanoha manga. But what ANN fails to tell me, I find through livejournal. She is also doing the new (?) Kiddy Grade manga! Of course I’m talking about Yukari Higa. Let’s try and get some more information available, okay?

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Alternait – ALTERNAIT 1 Review


I told the person who so amazingly got Alternait 1 off of Shared for me that I would review the album as soon as I got back on Loli Salad. Unfortunatly I can’t get on the Alternait site or the Riff-Raff site either, apparently something about a trojan? I hope that gets sorted out quickly but I still want to review this album which is ‘best of’ album of sorts back back from around 2006 I think. Alternait hasn’t produced anything original in awhile I think. But they do the music for the Umineko Motion Graphics (2 + 3) which just released the fourth installment at the end of April. Anyways, since this is a compilation, reviewing this would be like reviewing a bunch of different Alternait albums. Which just makes me giddy inside.

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Loli Salad, back~

Happy Mother's Day!

I guess I owe an explanation for what happened. But I won’t give one. It’s awfully embaressing but I messed up pretty bad. Luckily we get another chance to play a little more by the rules. And we will. Because I love this blog as strange as that seems. I would have tried to get the situation straightened out sooner but I was in the hospital for a bit last week because I was hit by a car. Miraculously, I got off very easily. Although it was a shock to come back after that whole ordeal to see Loli Salad down! Ahahaha! But we’re back and everything is okay. We have more ads now to make up for that problem but they won’t be a problem. It was them or having the site back, right? Ahahaha. I probably have a lot to cover now…

… as if~