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October 2009

IOSYS – ANIME HOUSE PROJECT 神曲 selection vol.1

IOSYS in my blog? It’s more likely than you think. Well this isn’t a touhou album so I guess it’s okay. I mean, IOSYS never really grabs my attention (okay, PV songs aside) so I don’t normally give the album a listen when they first come out. That being said, this is pretty old. But my new policy is to review even older stuff! And it was only released tihs year so what am I saying…? Anywho, it’s new to me! Plus, the next IOSYS album in the series comes out this month. But unless this one turns out to be stellar (and it’s not from what I’ve already heard) I won’t be picking it up due to the painfully generic tracklist.

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Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 8 Info

Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 8 will be out later this week and I can’t remember if I’ve given a heads up on what to expect. I’ll put it frankly though: no Katayoku no Tori. But do we really want Exit Trance to touch that? They have improved lately. Well hell, I misread! Actually, I skipped it. I was skimming the list and saw it! Now I’m both terrifiyed and excited! They have a newbie singer preforming it… ehhh… at least not Latte right? We  have to look forward to are Canaan‘s ‘Mind of Judgement’, Pandora Heart‘s ‘Parallel Hearts’, Saki‘s ‘Glossy:MMM’, Bakemonogatari‘s ‘Stable Staple’, Tales of Abyss‘s ‘Karma’, Eden of the East‘s ‘Futuristic Imagination’, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei‘s ‘Super Scription of Data’, and Ghost in the Shell‘s ‘Inner Universe’. I know there are two Kanameno and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu tracks as well. I’m also not 100% sure on Karma and Inner Universe. They don’t sound like common titles though.

Jeez, now I’m a little excited.

Also, thank you to Quake Records for finally putting the illustrators names on the album pages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Happy Halloween!

I planned to work on Loli Salad all weekend, starting tonight. I’m not doing much besides taking Princess loli-Leia (my sister) trick or treating tomorrow and possibly watching some scary movies tonight. So I plan to do a few things around here. But as usual twitter and Nightbug Creations distracted me. I plan on writing up a few reviews (starting with that Anime House IOSYS thing) and looking at some new plugins, possibly. I’m also planning on starting to make a directory page of all the album reviews, sorted by artist. But that’s just what I want to do. Instead of doing it, I’m sitting here telling you what I want to do. So I’ll go work on that right now. (Actually, I started writing this at six. Six hours later and I haven’t even finished this post.)

miko+Resurrection – Sorairo Days

Bricks were shat. (I used much, much more obscene language in my surprise tweet, really) I mean I’m always up for a Sorairo Days remix but when I heard the vocals, my jaw dropped. I mean this video was uploaded in August (around the time of the Albatrosicks review here on Loli Salad) so it’s nothing new. But I hadn’t even heard IOSYS had done an anime album! You can bet there will be a review of this album in the near future. It doesn’t sound great but it’s miko. MIKO. I’m actually reminded of the early Exit Trance stuff (which the new instalment should be out soon, right? I hope I’m not behind…) but that Sorairo Days was good. Meh. Exit Trance never had miko (or ARM for that matter, since he produced this remix)! So I’ll give this darned album a shot! Look forward to it~

EDIT: they have Katagiri Rekka doing a version of Tori no Uta? I think I foamed at the mouth a little. In a good way! Next you’ll be telling me REDALiCE helps out too!

Wind Tune – 旅人のうた

Short album review for you guys here. Obviously only picked it up for the cover since I know NOTHING of Wind Tune. I gotta stop doing that, right? Well, I was under the impression that Wind Tune was a trance group? Maybe I’m confusing them with someone else…

(I actually didn’t know this album was very recent. Neat)

Today we’ll be using the demos posted on the site for your listening pleasure. Just giving you a heads up in case something seems off. Again, please tell me if something doesn’t work.

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[c76] Denshi Hotaru – Touhou Rat Kingdom

(If you notice an error in the title of this album, please tell me. I wasn’t sure if this information was reliable or not). This was one of the albums I downloaded purely for the cover. Delicious Patchouli and cute Nazrin? Count me in! Little did I know how awesome this album was. So excuse me if nobody else was interested in a review of this. I had originally planned to update with a sorta-not-not-official-we need to see other people-goodybye post. So this is better, right?

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