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December 2009

Happy Holidays~

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that today you spend time with your loved ones and have a good time. If you aren’t celebrating anything or spending time with anyone than I just hope you have a nice day then!

Album Review Poll Results

I didn’t say anything early but I maybe should have? Anyways, the poll on the side that has been running for a few weeks has been to help me gauge what reader might like to see reviewed more. My preferences are obviously original albums but that seems to be an unpopular choice. Touhou was in the lead for most of them time since the poll started but has since been taken over by Vocaloid. Something Vocaloid will be reviewed soon! I promise! The Exit Trance choice is probably for show. Even if that won, I’d probably only review the same stuff I normally do!
Ahahaha! The (´・ω・`) choice? For lulz of course.

The poll isn’t ending quite yet though so things can still change. (but I hope they don’t~)

[C77] Conagusuri – Kapanet Nitori

I don’t normally do previews for upcoming events but really I just love Conagusuri. They’re like IOSYS back before IOSYS got less awesome. Or whatever. Expect some more previews and stuff. Hopefully. Usually when I say something like that I don’t end up doing what I said I would. Enjoy your Conagusuri, TETLA POT and Nitori though.

Nakidori no Rakuen

I don’t normally post about every new site I see (sometimes I do I won’t lie) but I thought this site might be a little helpful to those who come to Loli Salad looking for Doujin information. It’s very little. I review things based on what I heard, not based on fact. Therefore, I am a terribly unreliable source to go on when it comes to Doujin Music sometimes. I have fallen in love with Nakidori no Rakuen and it could probably be of use to a bunch of people so please check it out.


Mamyukka – Evilz

As usual, cover drew me in. Understandable, right? Cause it’s really, really cute. That being said, this album has potential to be super creepy. Which makes this time of year a strange time to review this but that hasn’t mattered before.
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‘ROKKENJIMA in LOVE’ Information

Read about this yesterday, didn’t click in till now to write something about it here. I don’t normally post about every new doujin album that pops up but Umineko no Naku Koro ni ones are few and far between (compared to Touhou or Higurashi, atleast).

Rokkenjima in Love is an album featuring image songs based on a number of characters and in one case a scene. The cover is provided by a contest winner on Pixiv.


  1. OPPAI in LOVE (Battler Ushiromiya’s Image Song)
  2. えぐりて☆ (Stakes of Purgatory’s Image Song)
  3. 金色の夜想曲~Golden Nocturne~ (Beatrice’s Image Song)
  4. 六軒島慕情=交響幻想曲「無限の魔女 (Kumasawa and Virgilia’s Image Song)
  5. 性善説 (Trollkastel’s Image Song)
  6. 切願のタランテラ (Maria Ushiromiya’s Image Song)
  7. Revive (Beatrice vs. Virgilia (Battle in EP3) Image Song)
  8. Reverse a Chessboard (Kyrie Ushiromiya’s Image song)
  9. entreat (Ange Ushiromiya’s Image Song)

Many were surprised at Bern having a song. I was hoping for something a little less likable. Also, I find it surprising that Kyrie has a song and Eva doesn’t? Strange but I guess it depends on the ones making the songs? Well whatever. All the previews sound great. My favourite being track #4 and track #7 (although it has been collectively decided the lyrics would have worked better in ‘another‘ song, IYKWIM). With such Doujin masters such as Alstroemeria Records, SOUND HOLIC (although A~YA should have been recognizable in Kyrie’s song. She’s the Queen of Jazz, honestly), ARM, Misawa Aki, Katakiri Rekka, COOL&CREATE and both XAKI (and his crew) and dai from the original Umineko OST, this album promises to be one of the exciting things to look forward to at C77.

More Nico Nico Choruses

Felt a little bad that I didn’t review anything this weekend (although I have like twelve different ones I’d like to do sitting on my desktop) so here’s a post just because.

(hadn’t heard this song before and wasn’t initially impressed. That changed, of course, or I wouldn’t be posting this here. ;__; Probably my only favourite slow chorus.)

(was not that impressed with the original even though I have it on my iPod. This is pretty badass though.)

(also heard people raving about this song. idk, sometimes the NNC are just awesome…er?)

Fanartist Appreciation: YUO

My favourite characters~

Actually have two of these coming up. Partly because I haven’t found another artist until now that I’ve adored since Tatetsu Teto. So please look forward to the next artist, okay? I’ve done a little better now.

Possible spoilers and NSFW images.

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