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February 2010

[c77] BubbleRecords – Ribonn

I’m not familiar with this group. In fact, I doubt I’ve ever heard of them. But this album is a compilation of theirs I guess? Obviously, their songs remixed and the like. That’s usually a good way to find out about a group if you’ve never heard of them, I suppose.
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RainyMood x The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

I have been loving this too much to do anything else. I mean, I could start looking for some new songs to try it with (Aoi Yami Wo Massakasama Ni Ochiteyuku Nagareboshi Wo Shitteiru by Ikuko Harada (which awesomely you can buy in the Canadian iTunes store!) sounds pretty great with it) but even that sounds like messing with a good thing. Anyways, saw this neat little creation linked by Sorrow-kun on Twitter that was originally on /a/. Not usually a place I visit but if it turns up something fun like this, maybe I should peek in there.

Anyways, first open up and have it playing in a separate tab (or window, possibly if you still use something like that) and play the following:

Which is how the subject came up. So you should at least try with this song. Admittedly, it’s pretty awesome. I know I’ve been listening to the combination for at least an hour now.

Takekawa Ai – Tooi Michi no Saki de (TV Size) Download

Well well, this is a surprise, isn’t it? The mp3 TV Size of Diamond didn’t show up for WEEKS. Well, this appeared after two episodes! Possibly just one. It’s a low quality rip but still. I am a sucker for the music in this series and this song grew on me the second time I heard it. It’s like a cross between Come and Diamond.

Takekawa Ai – Tooi Michi no Saki de (TV Size)

(EDIT: I’ll try and get a better version. This is too LQ for even my standards)

Valentine’s Day Special: A Date With Misfortune

Well it’s still Valentine’s Day for another hour so I can still do this. So ha. As usual, Shance comes up with the most unique ideas. His latest being to describe ‘Who’s going to be your fictional valentine, and what kind of sweet would you expect from her?’. Which was, of course, easy for me.

My valentine would be Hina Kagiyama! If you are familiar with Touhou you may ask, why? If you aren’t then I shall tell you, she is the goddess of misfortune. I can imagine that she might be very lonely. Her bad luck affects those around her after all. I think my luck is so good that being with her would even it out to being just fairly average in terms of luck. As in, not bad enough to get something dropped on me from the sky. But even if my luck was really bad, I think I could take that. Somebody who’s trying their best to protect those around them even if it means playing the martyr and being lonely… that’s someone I can relate to. Still, her personally is happy and playful so I think we’d really get along great. Or maybe I can justify us together other than love at first sight and I too love to spin.

I’d expect her to put her heart into something handmade secretly. But since my valentine is the goddess of misfortune, she’d accidentally knock a little too much sugar into the chocolate mix, drop the first batch and when she would come to bring me the second batch, they would melt all due to her bad luck. But I would still thank her and get all emotional for the trouble she went through for me even though she’s embarrassed that her present for me got ruined.

And now I feel a little weird for thinking that scene out in such detail.

You can see the original post here:

Touhou x Durarara!!

That’s it. I’m obsessed with the show. I give up. I love everything about it and I can’t even deny that I eagerly await the next episode every week with more anticipation than the last. It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a show like this, hasn’t it?

Nico Nico Chorus – Tokarev and the Girl (4 Singers)

I was a little apprehensive when I first heard this song but it didn’t take long for the trippy video, vocarock beat and less than innocent lyrics to work their way into my head. So, this would be one of the rare cases where I enjoy and love a Vocaloid song before I see a chorus of it. Even so, I still wanted one. I searched on Nico Nico last night but, as it turns out, I could have just looked on youtube. I doubt the dedication of the nico to youtube uploaders.

K-ON, Suzumiya Haruhi-chan Manga Licensed

Yen Press has announced that it has licensed the K-ON, Suzumiya Haruhi-chan, and Delicious Foods manga series along with the Bungaku Shoujo light novel series. Surprisingly, the light novel will release before each of the manga series in July. The first volume of each manga will appear in October and Novemeber (respectively).

I’m really pumped about Bungaku Shoujo. I read some of it already and thought it was great. I’m sure a lot of people are a little iffy (well if you didn’t care about the series to begin with, you probably weren’t upset) because of the whole Spice and Wolf fiasco but I have faith. My Spice and Wolf novel finally arrived from RightStuf and I am just too excited to start reading it. The dust jacket is great too. But I’m sure that the Spice and Wolf deal was a lesson for Yen Press too. What they did makes sense to me. I just talked to someone over at Tokyopop and they aren’t continuing a bunch of series because they weren’t profitable (GOSICK, luckily, will be returning this March). If the alternate cover would help the series sell then that is what everyone really wants right? The series to continue? Well I’d be more worried about releasing a series of 4komas. As far as I know they haven’t been doing that good over here. But we can hope that K-ON’s fanbase is bigger than Hidamari’s. (it is)