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March 2010

‘White Wake on the Sand’ Releases Tomorrow

Don’t forget! Tomorrow the second volume of the Kieli graphic novel releases. For those not familiar, this takes place after where the two volume manga series leaves off with Kieli and Harvey heading to the ‘sea of sand’. The manga covered the first volume. I for one am insanely excited and hope that I see more people reading this great series in the future.

You can order the novel at Right Stuf, here.

What is a Nico Nico Chorus?

June 11th, 2014 – After four years since posting this post, it has become  one of, if not the, most popular post on this site. When you search NNC, it’s one of the first things to come up! So I’m reworking this post to better answer some questions I see popping up all over the place.

But again, I’m no expert. NNC are just a fan thing done by a random people so information is a bit scattered all over and a lot of this is just speculation and conjecture.

What is a Nico Nico Chorus?
A Nico Nico Chorus is a mix of tracks posted to Nico Nico Douga. There is no real group you join and generally are not sung together. Someone unrelated usually finds the mixes on NND and puts them together to create the chorus in the format you’re most familiar with. I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated and technical than that but as a cute and dry: someone posted themselves singing to NND, someone else mixed a bunch of people singing the same song together, chorus happens.

How do you make a Nico Nico Chorus?
Well I’m sure you could just slap a bunch of songs on top of each other if you knew a bit about sound and making sure it sounded decent. As for the videos, it would probably depend on the video editing program of your choice.

How do I get in a Nico Nico Chorus?
You’d have to post your video of your cover to NND first and foremost. I’m sure it’s up to the discretion of whoever is making the chorus since I sincerly doubt there’s a secret colab group though a lot of utaite seem to get along pretty well.

However, for Youtube Choruses, I’ve seen people posting requests for utaite to join them or even sending messages asking people to sing a song or join them (I’ve gotten these messages and I’ve never posted anything of the sort sooo). It’s unlikely NND has something of the sort and there’s no asking the original utaite at all. It’s a community effort rather than done by secular groups, as in the YT utaite community.

Where can I find Nico Nico Choruses?
A question I actually do know about, haha. The most prominent uploader to youtube is AnotherNicoUploader who has been at it for years.  RiNxJULiET seems to post a lot as well as YT done choruses? Seiryuudo posts a mixture of things as well, both NNC and YT chrouses.

However since I’m only interested in NNC, I usually go straight to Nico Nico. Generally, 合唱 is the tag for choruses but all chorus so it’s a real catchall and you might not find exactly what you’re looking for. 合わせてみた will narrow it down but is still pretty vague and turned up less results, imo.

Sometimes it’s helpful to just find one real good chorus and investigate the mylist of the person who created it. It should lead you to other things they’ve created and eventually to other well done choruses. In the  image below, the mylist link at the bottom of that description lead back to the creator, for instance.

But where/how can I find the covers of those nico nico people when they are NOT in chorus-form?
Don’t worry, this is usually pretty easy to find and why I mostly use NND to find tracks. Most videos list the singer in the video but if you can’t read their name, don’t fret.

Pretty much every chorus I’ve seen (that hasn’t been a re-up by someone else) lists the people involved on the original NND page, as seen above. It would be rude not to credit them, right? It won’t always look that way but should give you an idea of what to look for. If you don’t have a link to the original NND (which would be hella rude of whoever reuploaded it to YT, frankly) then you’ll have to search around NND for awhile unfortunately, haha.

Are only VOCALOID songs covered in Choruses?
Generally they’re more popular as choices but there have been some popular anison choices as well. Really, the chorus depends on two things: 1. a lot of people covering the same song and 2. the video creator of the chorus caring enough to do a chorus of the song. But yeah, I for one love anison choruses but they are scarce at times and may require more searching.

I’ll update some of this in more detail at a later date as well as create a few pages dedicated to specific types of choruses. If you want to correct me or have something to add, by all means leave me a comment. The more accurate I can make this, the better the growing world of utaite fans will be!

Old Text (March 26, 2010)

Some may scoff at the question and say ‘duh!‘ but there is a always a point where you learn something new or discover something you have no idea about. So asking, ‘what is a Nico Nico Chorus?‘ is a perfectly okay question. “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever” is a proverb I myself live religiously by. Therefore, I shall try and give as much of a detailed answer as I can to this question!

Simply put: it is a group of people of any number singing a, usually popular, song that can be found on Nico Nico. Such as an anime OP/ED, a Vocaloid song, from a Touhou MAD or arrangement, etc. Whatever, really. These singers have all, originally, individually posted a video of their cover of one song. Another person brings together these videos of each individual singer and then adds them together to create one track of all the different covers to create the chorus. Then what happens next differs for each song and the person/people collaborating this project must edit the video that will go on Nico Nico. They can edit the video (if the song original had one, such as a OP/ED or MAD) to include the names of each singer involved. Usually this is done, and most famously, in the style that most would recognize from Nico Medley’s by having a box with the singers name it and a character that they represent/sound like (or whatever other theme there is for the song). These usually help show who is singing at what time or simply stay put throughout the whole song. This depends on the skill of the collaborator.  Another alternative is, of course, simply adding the song to the video itself with nothing fancy added on or simply write the names of the singers, etc. If the song has no video or if it is the full version of a OP/ED, then one may just add a plain image. Sometimes, rarely I find, special cases pop up where an entire video has been created around the chorus.

Who gets into these choruses? As I said, I believe the basic operation is to select singers that are scattered around Nico Nico with covers of there own. There may be other collaborations that act differently though. How big or small can they get? I believe in some cases there have been only two people singing and that has been labelled a NNC but that is all up to you. Personally, I find that 4+ qualifies as a chorus group for me. The largest I have seen has been 200+ people. Who creates them? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I do believe there is a group on Nico Nico for people who create these videos though. Can I myself be apart of one of these choruses? I see this question a lot on youtube. (There are a lot of mimic choruses too on youtube, if you’re interested in that) Usually, the question is followed by ‘if I post myself singing on Nico Nico will I wind up in one of these too?‘ to which somebody usually replies ‘idk maybe’ which is about a good answer as any. Although, personally, I don’t think it happens often. Sorry.

Well, that is the best I can do for you guys! Some of this I’ve put together through speculative thought and experience. Other info is from random tidbits I learn from on youtube, blogs and Nico Nico. But hopefully I haven’t rambled on and on and this has been of some help to somebody.


A Basic High-Quality Chorus

A Unique Chorus with A Specialty Made PV and Song arrangement

A Chorus with a Large Group


Gosick Volume Two Releases Tomorrow!

Tomorrow a very highly anticipated second volume of Gosick is finally released. I won’t be able to purchase it right away but I plan on picking it up when I head down to the States for my birthday next, next weekend. Hopefully I’ll have enough for that, Bioshock 2 and Ponyo. Plus, y’know, I’d like to buy some girly stuff like clothes and a new purse if I have enough. No, I never put that stuff first. Well, anyways, the 2nd volume was ORIGINALLY announced for October 2008 at the end of the first volume. Representatives from Tokyopop have stated that light novels are a lot more expensive to make. That’s why a lot of light novels were dropped from their publications. Gosick, luckily, will continue. Which is good. The wait has been long but we can finally enjoy some more Victorique!

Keep your eye out for another light novel release I’m anticipating near the end of March. I’ll keep you posted. Gosh knows I won’t be able to contain my excitement!

You can order the novel over here at Right Stuf.