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April 2010

Lia Makes Everything Better

You’ll probably hear it a lot that the Angel Beats OP is amazing. Really? Is it? Yeah it’s great. But Lia is great. Maybe compared to how bad the anime it is it seems even more spectacular (but it already is a really great song and I’m going to eagerly wait for the full version). Yeah, I’m hating on the show now. Why? Well it’s kind of disappointing. The whole first episode was mostly infodump and whining by an unappealing main character at least if you had the other Key leads they’d be cynical instead of a whiny baby. But I digress, I am still watching in hopes of the show redeeming itself. I mean what? It’s Key. That’s a big deal to some people. To me? See that heart monitor line in the logo of the eyecatch and the OP? What are the chances the whiny baby isn’t in a coma or something and imagining this all? It’s Key, the chances are slim. But there is some delicious Miyuki Sawashiro and this OP is just too appealing so I will have to keep watching. That is, as I keep saying, until they befriend the Angel. I cannot stand stoic characters and that will be the breaking point for me. However, enjoy this delicious song for now.