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May 2010

Hatsune Miku Append – 亡骸の花 / Nakigara no Hana

I haven’t been too impressed with Append. If someone inexperienced uses it, imo, it sounds the same as original Miku. Still, her voice does, in some cases, sound a little less robotic. She’s not as good as Gumi though… my main problem is it sounds too different from original Miku. Even Append Sweet sounds… like a older, depressed Miku. The cute, energetic feeling is lost. So I believe. Personally, while I may not be entirely fond of Miku, there are TONS of great songs with her originally so hopefully not everyone starts using the Append versions. Unless, you know, they have talent.

Yowamushi Montblanc

My latest Vocaloid obsession right here. Preceeded by Two Breaths Walking/Nisoku Hokou (also by Deco*27) and before that, another GUMI song, Campanella (if you’ll recall, I made quite a fuss about it awhile back). I saw this song first on the weekly Vocaloid comm on lj and was vaguely impressed. Not enough so to go out and download it though. Last night I saw an amazing chorus of it and fell in love. I’ve probably listened to it a million times since I woke up this morning. The song itself is a rather sad idea (and it never ceases to surprise me that so many good, emotional songs based on heartbreaking subjects like this can be preformed so well by, essentially, a computer program) that I’m sure, as always, many can relate to. The PV, in my opinion, made the song a lot more sad though.

New Tagging System!

I’m very thrilled to finally reveal this little improvement! About a year back I started tagging everything rather than using categories, I thought this could make things a little more flexible when it came to organizing them. But soon the Tag Cloud got messy. So my idea was always to have the tags separated so that there could be a broader use of them and still be easy to use. Now they are! It took me a month (plus breaking the site a little!) to retag everything but you can now see the three different tag clouds on the side.

They are organized by general (context specific tags), series (tags of series that appear often on this blog) and circles/artists. I hope to add more C/A tags based on more groups/artists that pop up here lots. Some don’t appear often anymore, such as Love Solfege, but I’m keeping them because I think it would help make the site more accessible this way.

As usual, please bring it to my attention if errors pop up. I think everything should run OK. Hopefully this helps!

Gosick: The Crime That Has No Name Rant

I finished the second volume of Gosick earlier today in class. I actually bought it the day I finished Kieli: White Wake on the Sand but it took me a little longer to get into this one. Mostly because I was reeling from reading Kieli and the genre shift was a bit of a shock. Anyways, that isn’t what I came to say. Within the week, Gosick 2 will probably be reviewed but that is also not what I’m here to say. I’m here to say TOKYOPOP I AM DISAPPOINT.

Gosick: The Crime that Has No Name (volume 2 of the series) was originally supposed to be released back in October of 2008. There was an understandable reaction among fans of the book when this month came and passed with no word on the series. Now, I guess I shouldn’t complain because lots of other light novel series by Tokyopop got the axe and won’t be continuing at all. However, for a wait of 500 days/1 year and 5 months shouldn’t this novel be nicely polished and ready to go when the time comes for it to finally be released? You’d really think that if you had a year and a half to translate and edit a book you could do so, right? Well the translating part is what’s tricky but the editing? Was whoever wrote this up drunk when they were doing it? Or do you guess just don’t believe in proof-reading? Cause they teach us that in grade four. (eheh, personally I never do it when I write a post but I’m not selling a post for $20 and making you wait for what seems like forever… sometimes)

What I’m getting at here is that I was embarrassed by the sheer amount of mistakes and errors I spotted while reading Gosick 2. One error can be overlooked. However I caught six. And who knows how many I missed? This is laziness. This is showing how much you care about your fans who waited eagerly for the release of this novel. This is showing that this is what you think is good enough. I’ve put up with Tokyopop butchering the quality of good manga in the past with their sloppy editing (give Rozen Maiden a read if you really need an example) but this is just, as I sad, embarrassing.

Think I’m exaggerating? I listed each as I read~ just to be thorough when I complained and ranted her. Now, if you have Gosick: The Crime That Has No Name check these pages out and see if you can spot what I did: page 24, page, 48, page 101, page 144, page 205 (this one depends, maybe it just sounds poorly written to me but given the tense it’s written in “She has picked up a hazelnut” just goes against basic English) and page 228. I’ve marked each mistake down but give it a look for yourself. You may say “Well, Fang-tan, these are just little things!” but that isn’t the point. A period at the start of a sentence? Is that really something to get so upset about? No, it probably isn’t. I’m upset because I feel insulted by Tokyopop’s lack of effort.

Anyways, if you’ve read this and spotted anymore besides the ones I saw please tell me. It’ll make my case and reasoning for being so pissed off even stronger.