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June 2010

Final Thoughts on Durarara

Wow, I can’t believe it’s over! Really, I haven’t enjoyed anything that much in a really long time! Even Spice and Wolf (both seasons) which is one of my top five favourite anime series, I wouldn’t watch every week. I often fell into long buildups of episodes. This happened once with Durarara but I was finishing school so things were a little busy. Still, aside from those two weeks, I waited eagerly for Friday to come so that it would be time for subs.

That really isn’t saying anything about the show, of course. So how did I feel about the show? I felt like I knew every character and was there in Ikebukuro the whole time. Although I usually love series that invoke a great deal of emotion in me, this one did not. It was fascinating and fun. Plus one of the most original things I’ve watched in who knows how long. That is why I love it. That is why it made it in my top five list in under ten episodes. It seemed too fun to be good for me.

I didn’t really like the ending, though. I thought the series was flawless up till that point. I do hope there is another season because my favourite character didn’t even appear (>: Mairu~). I’m not that familiar with the novels but I do think there would be a lot of ground to still be covered. Akane? Vorona? how many other interesting characters did we not see yet? It might not flow well, and I’ll be sad for the lack of Anri but I would faithfully watch another season. And perhaps, in due time it shall be so.

Saki Fujita – Rain Tears Download

This actually came out a long time ago but since I’ve had no time to write a review (read: lazy), have this instead. I’ve been listening to it quite a bit. So I’ll share it for those that might not have it.

Fun fact: in researching if Saki Fujita really sang this (she doesn’t even sound a bit Miku-ish!) I was spoiled profusely about Ruri’s character. Leaving me only to say, I hope the second season of Durarara!! is announced quickly. (Totally in denial about there ever not being a second season)

Saki Fujita – Rain Tears (4Shared)

I Love Akino Arai

It sucks it took me so long to realize that. Because apparently she’s been in my anime history timeline since the start. Tsuki no Ie was one of the first songs I was listening to when I started to get into anime. I only now found out it was by her. Same with Kire na Kanjou. I only recently found out that was by her as well! This has lead me to the simple conclusion that I do infact adore her. (although Mitsu no Yoake is still my favourite, hands down)

OTP Pixiv Tag List

I am such a whore for couples in anime series. Mostly between main characters but sometimes not. Which means whenever I find the tag for a couple I like on pixiv, I get really excited. Usually I just tweet the tag and favourite it but even then it still gets lost. So I have compiled this list for future reference and updates of couples I like and their tags. Usually, a OTP of the Moment is what takes my attention so expect those here.圭レナ – Rena x Keiichiギルエリ – Hungary x Prussia上イン – Index x Touma通行止め – Last Order x Acceleratorフェイリム – Lymle x Faizeユリエス – Estelle x Yuriライ主♀ – Kotone x Silver初代ライ主♀ – Leaf x Green黒幕組 – Namie x Izaya

Wriggle is Now One of My Favourite Characters

I already liked Wriggle (she has green hair). She’s a very versatile character, you know? Some characters are only known for being just cute or just the woobie or a ⑨. Wriggle may be known for her trapism (yeah I just used that word) but she also makes a nice sidekick to Yuka as well (I love Yuka x Wriggle) and is usually the sensible one of the ⑨ crew. Princess Wriggle is another one of her awesome sides. I only just found out about Dark Princess Wriggle (a new level of bug-related badass) which lead me to this image which leads to me freaking out on twitter and generally going insane due to the all encompassing awesome of the picture. (Dark Princess) Wriggle as Whiplash? I’m appealed to on so many different levels here.

Durarara!! OST

So apparently this has been out AND NOBODY TOLD ME even though I was whining about it for at least a month on twitter. To be fair, I was waiting for info for it to pop up in the Music section and checked there after each episode. The OST (the first part, anyways) was released with the fourth volume of the dvds which was still at the end of the May. Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard anything about that.

That’s okay! I can’t wait to give this a listen!!