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July 2010

Eufonius – Anemoi

This week I’ve tweeted often about a song that has struck me very strangely. I cannot describe it, really. I had downloaded it without thinking and the other day when it shuffled on my iPod, I had no idea what it was other than I couldn’t believe such an amazing song had been around and I didn’t even know! Now, I’m not Eufonius’s biggest fan. That isn’t to say I don’t like them. It’s just, to me, most of their songs sound the same. In some ways, this song is no exception. The vocals are the usual but it’s the song. It’s heavy, man. Give the song a listen, pay attention to the song itself not the vocals, and tell me you don’t think song is just even a little great. Who knows, maybe I’m over thinking it. Thing is, I don’t even think it sounds… auuuugh I don’t know! Like I said earlier! It’s like a very enjoyable punch to the face!

Saimoe 2010 PV

This lack of Celty was disturbing. Well, there was a little bit of Index. Those are my mains. Those are the two I’d like to see win or in the very least defeat Kanade and Railgun sluts characters. Umineko characters (hell, even Bern) and Holo are also high in my books. But they’re support doesn’t nearly reach the level of Index (or Celty).

Black Rock Shooter: Now that’s what I call set up!

I had been camping this weekend as well as under the impression that the Black Rock Shooter OVA came out this weekend. Well, you can imagine how surprised I was when I found out it was actually out! You can also imagine how even more shocked I was when everyone warned me that the OVA was disappointing!

So, I went in with optimism (although my spirit was a little dampened with the titular song not being included, sans OST motif). At first I wasn’t too impressed. But by the time Mato/BRS got to the finishing “I am Black Rock Shooter” I was :Ding and thoroughly impressed. You may say, “But I came to watch BRS fighting, not K-on esque schoolgirls find friendship!” True true. But how long would it take before that got boring? Watching BRS wander around, fighting? Eventually watering her character down because we have nothing else to go on? Now we have given BRS a purpose, plot and reason. We had the perfect mix of back story and BRS other world. Perfect.

I like to think of it like this: we got that out of the way. There have been other series that started off with an OVA before getting an actual series (1, 2, 3). And think of all the publicity this series got? All the effort went into this? It seems like a possibility, given the content of the OVA. We can go right to ass-kicking and introducing more characters. We can expect another OVA, if not a series. I mean, they left us on a sort of cliffhanger with pissed Yuu/STR at the end. Although I’m not that knowledgeable on the BRS plot, I thought that Dead Master was the ‘big’ antagonist, so to speak. As in, she is the one they all strive to defeat. Does this mean she is no longer a threat? Bummer, DM was my favourite.

Well, that’s that. I enjoyed the OVA. I’m optimistic for the future of this franchise and can’t wait for more. (Plus, I’m happy they didn’t go with the 3D PV storyline because then that would make BRS and DM sisters and shipping that would not sit well with me. But since not, let the sexy times commence!)

Vocaloid Lily

I’ve been really excited about Lily because her design is just too great. I was hoping she’d be the next official Vocaloid but that isn’t the case is it? She’s more along the lines of Miki, right? Well I’m too lazy to check. Her voice sounded like Rin to me, then Luka but I don’t hear Meiko like everyone is claiming. She sounds pretty good. But Super Sonic Dance is kind of a hard song to judge from. I believe she’ll sound better but this song just did not show her off well enough.

Requiem of the Golden Witch OP Download

Well, as some of you may have seen (although it is quite late so maybe not), I flipped right the hell out. Like, I freaked. I don’t know why but I had forgotten about EP7 (although witch Hunt is almost done EP6, if they release it before August I’ll swear they’re working with Bernkastel) and so when I casually slipped by the Rokkenjima comm on LJ (if searching /jp/ is too spoilery and less-answery, head over there) I was shocked to find out about this! The new characters have made my head hurt severely. I’m hoping for Meta!Jessica and Meta!Kanon but who knows. I’m still hoping for Kyrie as the culprit, if that adds anything. Well, if anything enjoy the new OP.

Kino Nei & Sakura Kanae – The Pithos in the Fog (game size ver.) Download

How much of the music in your music library is doujin?

What an interesting poll! I was surprised by the results, actually. The lowest and highest amounts were right at the top. But comparing how many people had -10%-20% to how many had 80%-90%+ is really actually a big number difference. Surprisingly, I only ranked my music library as 70-80%. I thought this was quite generous but what actually counts as doujin music? Touhou, tracks, obviously. But what about a plethora of Vocaloid tracks? Well I guess you could use your discretion on that. But to see how much of my music library is doujin we’re going to get mathical (new word) and tally it all up, Vocaloid included.

Okay. Let’s look at my playlists in iTunes that are 100% doujin*.
Albatrosicks – 46 tracks
Alternait – 56 tracks
Doujin (.misc) – 28 tracks
pre-holder / Observer – 18 tracks
Rokkenjima in Love – 9 tracks
Touhou – 110 tracks
Touhou II – 43 tracks
Touhou OST – 91 tracks
Trance/Trancecore – 36 tracks
Umineko no Naku Koro ni game OST – 197 tracks
Vocaloid – 82 (+40) tracks
– 756 tracks out of 1903 total tracks.
– 40% of 1900 tracks in my library are doujin.

Wow! I was way off! But 756 seems like a lot (okay, maybe not) so I just guessed based on a number like that!

Like I said, I really enjoyed watching that one progress. It’s been awhile since I commented on a long running poll too.

(for the record, I have many more albums on my computer that just aren’t on my itunes. Not sure why that is relevant to the results but eh whatever)

*the definition for doujin music in this case is anything not professionally made or, as a better rule of thumb, if it’s sold at events like Comiket & misc.