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August 2010

Loli Salad, 3 years strong~

Wow! It seems like so much longer, doesn’t it? Well maybe just to me. But it’s been a loooong three years, I can tell you that much. Haha~ I really don’t have anything special to say other than that I’m surprised! I really didn’t think things would go on this long. Well, it’s been pretty fun, right? So let’s see how much longer we can ride out on that fun~

Swing Holic – You May Know “Dream” Lyrics

This was one of my favourite things from C78. The other PVs were really good, course. But this is the only one I thought was outstanding. It fleshed out characters I would have never thought twice about and made me feel for them. The song is from an earlier Swing Holic release (Vol. 5) and I couldn’t find the lyrics (because the song is really quite Engrishy) so I copied them down here. Enjoy~

You May Know “Dream” (A~YA feat. Swing Holic) Lyrics:

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ALTERNAIT – the 東方 set + UMG7

I’m honestly at a loss for words right now. I’ve often begged for some more ALTERNAIT stuff and then I see this? Well needless to say I was skeptical and then overjoyed. Even if I’m not a big fan of Necrofantasia (read: I’m really sick of this song). I debated whether the album was long enough to warrant a review. So let me just go on about it right now.

Oh… my god. Just… wow. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I swear to god. I don’t even care that I hate Necrofantasia because ALTERNAIT is so amazing. Man, I can just imagine a Touhou Motion Graphic by ico, ALTERNAIT, C*C and everything (if you tell me there is one, I’ll just die). The ALTERNAIT remix isn’t that good, I must admit. Even I, who adore ALTERNAIT in every way, have to admit it’s not that great. 東方曲遊戯 is awesome though. To say nothing of the first track that I’m obsessing over.

Also, there was UMG7 which I posted about earlier. I’m impressed. It’s so nostalgic of the older songs. PV wise not so much (a little, actually I noticed) but the song is. The PV was all kinds of cool too. Jessica, as usual, looked cool, Shannon looked bat-shit insane, Dlanor had a small part but looked cool in hers, Erika didn’t come off as crazy but rather… sympathetic? Well I felt that way. Disappointing to not see her in a wedding dress but the end was all kinds of badass. Now that I’ve read (lol not that I’ve played) I kind of miss Erika because Lion-yaoi-bait is not nearly as fun.

Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

Ah. Slowpoke, slowpoke, slowpoke. Am I always that last person to find everything out? Well as I always say, I can’t be the last to find everything out and hopefully by posting such info, others will come to find out after me. In this case, I find this to be a quite interesting little discovery for god knows what reason. Anywho~

It turns out the group behind the Highschool of the Dead OP was actually a doujin group before doing the OP. They’ve actually done three Touhou albums! I don’t know why this amazes me so much! I’m sure they’re not the first but it seems very… wow! To think a Touhou-centric doujin group would hit it big like that! If you’ll recall, IOSYS did the end for Penguin Girl too. However, that aired on Niconico so it’s less credible.

(The vocalist for the group (including the OP?) was actually on this album (track 8). However, because I’m such a lousy reviewer even I can’t tell what I thought of her vocals)

You can find their original site here as well as their Geneon Records site here. As well, you can look up additional information on their albums over here.

Comiket 78 Previews and Anticipation

I wasn’t going to do this. I always plan that I will but I never do. However, given my free time and how excited I am, I suppose it’s better to do this here than spamming twitter.

Let’s start with the big one: PARAMOUNT FEVER!!!!!!!!!!11111 (the 1’s are actually apart of the name; I keep feeling the need to clarify that)

That’s right, the newest Albatrosicks album. Seems like it took forever, doesn’t it? It was only a year but still. It felt like forever. More so, given the fact that Star Cracker wasn’t their best work. This, however, looks a lot more promising. I listened to  a few tracks (pretty much all of them but I didn’t want to ruin it for myself by sampling them all) and it seems like more of what we started off with. Which sounded awesome. A lot less Quim? It sort of sounded like that. Also, who’s the third girl on the cover? I can’t place her exactly. Huh. Well no PV this time but there’s still a couple days. Star Cracker didn’t have a PV either, if you’ll recall. (It had the monologues though)

The next one I’m looking forward to is the one I look forward to every Comiket.

The new Motion Graphic! I’m not too impressed with the song this time around. It sounds a lot more generic and sounds like it’s missing the same emotion and feeling the original songs had. However, I haven’t heard it entirely yet so I’m really in no place to judge. Also, there have been other times when I judged harshly right off the bat. This will feel relevant to us too because most of us in the western fanbase have just finished EP6 within the last few months. So. Yeah. Yay relevancy!

Another Umineko one I’m looking forward to is Millenary for うみねこのなく頃に散 which is alone the lines of Observer -witch who lives- because, well, there both by Pre-Holder! You can hear the crossfade here.

Haha, this one I mostly want to listen to because the PV was hilarious. It was actually pretty catchy too. That Yuka isn’t even trying though.

I haven’t listened to any Frontier Create stuff though so I’m not sure to expect a drama album or an entire music album? Huh, well. Mostly I just want to hear cause of the video, like I said. That ExKeine is really cute too!

I’m no Angel Beats fan. Some know this. Many do not. However, this is just too amazing.

I don’t normally listen to TAMUSIC (yeah boo whatever) however I was curious and so now I can’t wait for this album. While I may dislike the show (and one character in particular… a lot) I like the music. Really though. I couldn’t think of a better circle to pull this off. You can give the crossfade a listen here.

That’s it for now. I have a list going on of albums I liked the CF of and would probably forget when Comiket rolls around. There’s still some time left before C78 so this may end up getting updated, hopefully.