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September 2010

[c78] Twinkledisc – DigiStyling

I find it so hard to do reviews of Vocaloid albums. It’s so subjective. Usually, I’ll listen to an album if a) I already like a song from that album or b) I like and trust the producer enough that he’ll wow me into liking a song from the album. But, despite the size of my Vocaloid playlist, it takes a bit to actually make me like a song. And usually that is a chorus or a PV. I’ll try to get over that.
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New Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP

Huh. I don’t know where this one goes in my list of favourite Umineko OPs. I’ll have to decide later. I think the new art sort of looses it’s charm. Plus, y’know, the whole never going to be able to play it thing kinda bums me out too.

Shiki Hiatus: Well played, well played.

I didn’t really have time to care when I heard Shiki was going on hiatus for three weeks (my first thought was honestly: “wtf u think u r bakemonogatari” only spelled correctly) but now I do and I’m pretty… well. I don’t know. I’m certainly disappointed I’m going to have to wait until October to watch Shiki again. I mean HoTD will be ending soon (thank god), same with Ookami-san and Maid-sama. So I will have nothing to watch until the new season starts in October. Still, I can’t really be mad. That was pretty tricky of you, Shiki. Tossing out a big twist like that and leaving us on a cliffhanger so we have to wait for a month to see what happens. (Seeing as episode 11 didn’t follow up on Natsuno and apparently (meaning the Funi streams don’t show previews so I don’t know) the dissection of Toshio’s wife is next episode, so it will probably be another Toshio episode and not focus on Natsuno)

I do hope, in this time, that the OST is released. When Shiki returns it will have a new OP by kanon x kanon (Kanon Wakeshima… so we can pile up some more yaoi fangirl enjoyment on top of everything) and the ED will be by Buck-Tick this time around. I think. It would have made sense to me if they had just kept Buck-Tick as the OP artist so that was the impression I was under when I said so earlier. Anywho, that OST. I want it. It’ll be much easier to tough out the wait if I can listen to that. But, alas, I’ve seen no announcement for it yet.