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December 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s already 2011 for lots (most?) of you but it’s still lame ol’ 2010 for me for another hour. Still, I hope everyone had a good night and hopefully your year is happy and spoiler-free! No promises on that last bit though.

(Hopefully some C79 albums will show up while I’m still on my winter break so some of those reviews might pop up soon with any luck.)

AniBlogger Secret Santa 2010: REC

This is my first time doing something like this since I generally don’t consider myself a part of the aniblogger community (not that I don’t like you guys or anything, I just don’t blog anime-specific things on a regular basis) but I thought this could be fun. And really, until this year I haven’t even watched half as much anime as you’d think. I’d watch a few here and there and drop it after a couple episodes or watch the beginning and the ending and call it a day. But I’ve finished more series than ever before and I thought this would be a nice way to finish the year.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with Reverse Thieves’ Secret Santa project allow me to elaborate. Each person entered, myself included, gives three recommendations that another blogger will receive. The three shows I got to choose from were CLANNAD, REC and Full Metal Panic. Now, Clannad and I have a sort of history already so I decided against that. Plus, I really just want to watch After Story and skip the first season. Full Metal Panic is, I’m sure, probably a very good show. But it didn’t seem my cup of tea. Although I do have to admit I saw an episode at an anime convention before and couldn’t stop laughing. Hmmm… maybe I should have gone with that. No, in the end, I picked REC. This is because a few days, possibly a week or two, before entering the Secret Santa, I had added it to my Plan to Watch list. It was probably something I would never get around to but what the heck, eh?

I plan to marathoned this show on December 17th, 2010 in one sitting because it is fairly short but I wrote my impression as I went. If things feel a little disorganized or written kinda clunky that’s probably why.
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A Few C79 Previews

We still have about a week or two until Comiket and you know what? I’m more excited, at this point, about the upcoming OST’s about to be released instead of what I’m expecting from Comiket. We have Katanagatari’s second OST on the 22nd and Panty & Stocking’s OST exactly a week after. It’s going to be good listening all around.


It looks like Albatrosicks will be screwing us over treating us to a remix album for their winter release. It appears to be their only release for us which is a little bit like a kick in the face but I can’t really complain. It just seems like they passed most of the work on instead of creating something new. Eh. The previews on the site for the five tracks being remixed (ミコリザ4世, Eternal Voyage, 聖樹, Cosmo Phoenix, and ストロベリーラブジェネレイター) are pretty meh but perhaps a full version will change that opinion. It usually does. Some of the remixers include D.Watt of OTAKU-ELITE RECORDINGS (/IOSYS), Minamotoya of MINAMOTORANCE and REDALiCE.

Also, it appears there will be a doujin being released as well. But it will most likely never be seen by us.

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Melodic Taste – Anime Song Orchestra

There is nothing I love more than a diversified tracklist when it comes to anime theme arranges. Anybody can do the Eva theme, anybody can do Uninstall (they do manage to squeeze in a Genesis of Aquarion but we can overlook that). But if you do unique(ish) titles like this, you will instantly win a thousand times in my book. That is why, as I browsed along, I was shocked and excited when I saw Zakuro on the cover of this. I ignored the slut though. Orchestrated isn’t usually my tpye of music but this looks like it’ll be hard to pass up. Feautring Moon Signal from Otome Youkai Zakuro, Renai Circulation from Bakemonogatari, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Strike Witches 2.

Official Site

I’ll update this more (hopefully) as we get closer to C79 with things relevant to the interest of this blog.