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June 2011

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Final Impressions

That post I wrote on AnoHana from before where I gush about the first seemed like a kick in the face after I continued watching. Because I hated AnoHana after the first episode. I hate, hate, hated it. The strange thing is I rarely (in my tirades of RAGE and hate on twitter) had to defend my position on why I hated it. And why did I hate it so much? Thinking about it, I’m unsure and also completely sure why.

I wanted to write something about why I disliked it or how about I was annoyed they almost villainized the only sympathetic and understandable character or about the things it actually did right but I think it would be a waste of time.

Jintan and Menma were two characters I just couldn’t like. Menma because she had the maturity of a ball of yarn (ok so what if she was a kid if she died, it doesn’t make that not annoying), Jintan because he annoyed me beyond all believe. There was a brief moment where I thought for sure they were going to go the  “guess I’ve got brain problems” route and then they immediately smashed that plan to pieces and revealed Menma to the rest of the group. Which infuriated me further because Menma had SOOO many chances earlier to flip a barbecue or rip some curtains down and prove she was there. But since Jintan and Menma barely had half a brain between the two of them, it took half the series to do so. And that is where my hate stemmed from.

I have to say I DID like the last episode though at parts it was very melodramatic and over the top. Despite hating it so much I ALMOST teared up and that is only because Tsuruko is the best character in the show. I had hoped they would have the rest of the group be able to see Menma by some point and they really did pick the best moment to do so. I wish the epilogue would have shown a little farther ahead in the future so we could see how they all dealt with everything in the long run, to see if they were all still talking to each other and possibly if Menma had ever gotten reincarnated. If I have any major complaints for the last episode it is that. (although there were a bit of continuity errors that can be ignored, I suppose)

I think if I had been in a better mood when I continued watching AnoHana (and also not dealing with major issues irl that made the angst of fictional teenagers seem petty and moronic) I would have really liked it. It was flawed and the earlier episodes were especially annoying but I do think it had it’s moments where I… where I DID enjoy it.

I mean it’s not like it was as bad as Fractale.