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December 2011

Something, something 2011

I always mean to write something like this and since I finished my Secret Santa rec so quickly, I devoted the rest of December to writing this. Didn’t actually finish until the last week though because I am lazy.

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DECO*27 feat. Marina – Egomama (and Galaxias)

Well I guess I only post DECO*27 things now. That’s okay. I’m okay with that. The man is just BUSY lately. While he hasn’t reached the popularity level of Supercell, it seems he’s following the same route by stepping away from VOCALOID and working with established artists. So how long until we see some of his work in an anime? To be honest, the KOTOKO, Daisy x Daisy and Light Lag stuff didn’t really impress me that much. Light Lag was his own thing with a vocalist he has worked with a lot in the past with but still. Then, yesterday he posts this.

His second single with Marina drops on the seventh (you can order it from here). His good ol’ Trio Amatou returns as well. It feels like we haven’t seen a PV by them in awhile. Marina also did Aimai Elegy and covered a few of his hit GUMI singles. It’s sort of interesting since Aimai Elegy was his first big step away from VOCALOID and he celebrated that by having her cover his most popular songs.

The single also, and this part was exciting for me, feautures a remix of Light Lag by Teddyloid. I am just in love with Teddyloid’s remixes. Since I didn’t like Light Lag that much, I am surprisingly excited about this. I’m not sure if it’s still Topi singing it or if Marina did a cover of it and he remixed it?

Those who don’t follow any of this might remember Marina from the band Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats.

(Also, if you’re interested there are playing cards based off of Egomama which is odd and adorable)

I really am terrible though because the man has been so damned busy and I have been so unobservant that I also let the release of Galaxias slip past me. Galaxias is a new group consisting of DECO*27, Teddyloid and Kou Shibasaki.  I’m not sure of all the details but apparently they are doing a tour as this group and their first album, according to CDJapan, released on the 23rd of last month.

I am still reeling from how good Egomama is so I won’t say anything on Galaxias yet. Since there is obviously so much I love about the group, I’ll save it for an album review at a later day (or later hour since I am just so excited about it).