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April 2012

A yandere, bishounen and loli walk into an art gallery…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

(If I was going to write something about a game, I probably should have done so when Skullgirls came out. Especially because I actually did have stuff to say about the discussions people were apparently still having about the game being sexist. However, the time for that has come and gone and now here we have Ib (and a little Yume Nikki), a horror adventure game.)

Spoilers ahead.

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2nd Aniblogger Tournament

I wasn’t going to write anything because I thought it would be shameless to ask for votes but everyone else apparently has so either it’s socially acceptable or we’re all really shameless (though I guess I shouldn’t call voters shameless because I love you anibloggers). The first year I hadn’t considered it because, y’know, I didn’t find out until the tournament until after my round had come and gone. But this year I am prepared!

Anyways, welcome, all you tourney voters! I’m sorry if you came here finding actual lolis and/or salad. The title is very misleading. Loli Salad has actually been around since 2007 but it’s not like I post that often so I guess I can’t really throw that number around or anything. There’s also only me, Fang-tan, here. Me and this big mess of grammatical errors, rambling without end and nary a clue to be had.

Various posts:

UN-GO Final Impressions

Man why does everything have impressions in the title lately? I used to blog other things. What the hell.

I didn’t watch this when it was airing because it screamed yaoibait and airing after No. 6 in noitaminA didn’t really help that. It could be that I’m not very open minded when it comes to things where the main characters are two dudes.

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Spring 2012 First Impressions

Going to watch Medaka Box this weekend some time but I’m not really that interested in it. I’m really hyped for Jormungand though because:

  1. White Fox
  2. Iwasaki Taku
  3. Mami Kawada
  4. Yanaginagi

Space Bros: I will watch you one day, I vow
Sengoku Collection: Continuing
Sankarea: nope
Mysterious Girlfriend X: Continuing
Jormungand: I could not be continuing this any more if I tried
Shining Tears: nope
Fujiko: For Sawashiro, yes

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