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May 2012

Fang’s Top 10 Favourite Anime Openings

Stuff like this is the most unoriginal thing to post about but I haven’t done a post EXACTLY like this in all this time so now is as good as ever! One about EDs and actual OSTs (which will be a little more in depth, hopefully) will be soon to follow.

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New DECO*27 Album Announced + KD Series Updates

A new DECO*27 album was announced earlier titled Love Calender (ラブカレンダー). The theme of the album is about a couple, the songs representing their time together leading up to their first year. Unfortunately not a Vocaloid album since Egomama, Love Lag, Long Distance Love Affair and Hourglass all will be recieving different mixes. Details are still scarce so it’s unclear who the other vocalists will be for the new songs or if it’ll be topi or Marina. DECO*27 did mention wanting to do an album sung entirely by himself but I doubt it is this one since only one track is listed as his own vocal mix.


01. 1+1=1
02. RT
03. 甘宿り
04. エゴママ -Album Mix-
05. ライトラグ -Album Mix-
06. 27 -DECO*27 Vocal Mix-
07. 砂時計 -Album Mix-
08. お留守番人
09. 恋距離遠愛 -Album Mix-
10. 帰想本能
11. フタリ座
12. 声声
13. 愛言葉 -Piano Parallel Mix- [Bonus Track]

There’s also a dvd for songs with PV’s previously like Egomama and Light Lag. Love Calender will be released on July 25th.

If you are itching for a good Vocaloid album before that, Jin’s (Shizen no Teki P) Mekakucity Days releases on the 30th. The album will include all of the tracks from Mekakucity Actors such as Kagerou Days, Headphones Actor, Toumei Answer and Imagination Forest. (I had planned to write about Actors a couple days beforehand but I might as well wait until Days is released in that case.) It will also feature three new songs.

I actually really thought I wrote another posts between now and Feburary when I made the Kagerou Days one but apparently I did not. Also being released on the 30th is the light novel adaption of Kagerou Days. I guess that requires a bit more explanation though. All (?) of Jin’s songs are, storywise, connected. This is evident in Konoha no Sekai Jijou (above). The novelization should tie this altogether and will hopefully make sense of things. (At the very least maybe someone will post translated summaries of the novels hopefully)

I already said this on twitter but I’m actually a little disappointed. I thought Kagerou Days was a really cool song and story all by itself. However, hearing some theories behind it and Konoha no Sekai Jijou (as well as how it ties into Imagination Forest, Headphones Actor, etc) has sort of killed the magic the original had for me. Of course I’m happy this is happening (even though I’ll likely never be able to read the light novel), it still sort of bothers me.

Apparently (I just learned this today so I don’t have very many details on it) there is also a manga adaption titled Kagerou Days. Geez, that really went fast. I’d love love LOVE it if there was an anime adaption (I’m looking at you, SHAFT) and if the manga and light novel do well, maybe it’ll be a reality in the future? Anyways the manga publishes in Comic Gene (and I can’t think of anything really notable from that magazine at the moment). Designs are by Shidu who did the art for a couple of Jin’s PVs such as Kagerou Days itself (and who is doing the art for the light novel). The art is by Satou Mahiro. The manga starts publishing in the July issue that comes out June 15th.

You can find some info on the site for the series:

(This is sort of related but it’s pretty cool so I’ll add it in here anyways)

Thought on LoK as of ep. 7

I was planning to not write anything about Korra until the season finale (or until the ABT was over but if the ABT is determining what I post then I am not enjoying that correctly) at the very least. However, The Aftermath was another great episode and I guess I might write some of my thoughts down now.

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Vocaloid Mayu Announced

There are so many damn vocaloids now a days that it doesn’t make sense to make a fuss about each and every one that comes out. Mayu, however, I think deserves special recognition here though. Why? Because she’s Exit Trance’s vocaloid. Something to that effect anyways.

Details are scarce right now. The vocals behind her voicebank haven’t even been announced yet. All that is known about Mayu right now is that the concept around her is that she’s a yandere middle school student. While I’m sure she’ll slip under the radar and we’ll all forget about her in a week, I think the fanworks surrounding that concept alone could be really interesting. However, while her design is cute (which was done by Hidari who did the original character designs for Fractale and Natsuiro Kiseki) I think it’s a bit over the top for the whole yandere student thing. A simple design like the yandere CD girl would have worked but hey whatever Hidari is a great artist and it’s cute. (also that hair is really great so I think I can appreciate her design if only for her hair)

teaser site:

(also IA is still the best obscure Vocaloid)