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August 2012

Great Vocaloid Tracks You Can Buy From North American iTunes

I’ve had this post done for awhile but since it’s Miku’s birthday, I guess I’ll post it today. Even if Miku only appears once.

It can sometimes be difficult to support Vocaloid producers. A lot eventually have their own albums or are in included in Exit Tunes compilations (though I hate on ET a lot for that). However more and more Vocaloid tracks are becoming available on iTunes, including in North America. Of course, yeah, I hate iTunes as much as the next guy but sometimes you run out of options. There are a lot of more popular songs like Meltdown, Romeo & Cinderella, Just Be Friends, Thousand Sakura and mothy’s series but here are a few of my favourites that I would reccomend.

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Loli Salad Five Year Mark

I know I say this ever year but it’s just so hard to believe. Five years! Sheesh!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this so far. Certain people may not come around anymore but I’m still grateful for encouraging me way back when. People who visit now, I’m grateful to you as well. (I’m even grateful to Mushy even though you are literally the worst)

It might be a bit presumptious of me to say but I would really say that in the last few months I’ve really settled in and found the pace and type of posts I would have always liked. I’m content with the quality and format and just being able to say whatever I feel. In all these five years, I finally feel really happy and pleased with this blog. But I guess that is kind of silly! But if I’m able to provide some use to even just one person than all the work and effort will be (and has been) worth it.

Also, I know it was awhile ago but thank you to everyone who voted for Loli Salad in the Aniblog Tournament. Getting to the second round was such an honour and really meant a lot.

Kagerou Project Anime Announced


Well when I mentioned the possibility of a Kagerou Days anime I didn’t think it would happen any time soon. Apparently though in the single for Children’s Record, an anime has been green-lit. Not entirely surprising since there is a manga and light novel adaption but both are so new that I have to assume it’s going to be awhile until it comes out. There aren’t any details on the anime as far as I know (but the single booklet does provide some additional information on the characters of the series, if you can find a translation) but it’s still pretty exciting news. I’m hoping he says something officially about it though so I can continue being outrageously excited without fear that this really won’t come into fruition.

Hopefully the series is a success. I’d really love some nice figures of the female characters. Mary is really cute after all. I also think it would be great if they used IA in one of the opening or endings. Lia would be a nice callback to that if they don’t but since Black Rock Shooter used Miku in the opening (once again, best part of that show) then I don’t think it’s impossible.

[C82] Sound Holic – Song of Eyelids, Light and Love

Since they started releasing PVs to a select few of their songs at C78, the jazz/Swing Holic PVs have been something I’ve constantly looked forward to. The art style is adorable and each PV is usually pretty poignantly told. I can honestly say You May Know Dream made me tear up the first few times I watched it. I feel like the latest is still really good and the song they chose is fantastic but the PV just doesn’t tell as good a story as You May Know Dream or Boku no Konote Kimi no Sonote.

Saimoe 2012 Picks

(I didn’t use check marks which would have made sense because I am very bad at drawing check marks both irl and on here so shush)

Ah, Saimoe. My favourite time of year. Getting butthurt because the characters I like aren’t winning, complaining on twitter, waiting for the next match and then repeating the process. I really do love it though. I’ve already been tweeting a lot about the prelims but now that those are done, drawing for groups is done and Saimoe is on hiatus for Comiket, this is as good a time as ever to post about it.

I’ve been complaining about Saki this entire time. There are 41 characters from Saki in this year’s tournament.




That is a lot. And a TON of characters didn’t make it through. How many characters are there in total in Saki? Why do you people care if there are so many? How can you even remember all of their names?

Well, regardless it has really skewered things. The vast majority of them are fodder though. I’m hoping the votes will be so split between Saki voters that it gives other characters a chance to sneak by and take those matches. There is one match that is just three Saki characters so stuff like that will drive down the numbers quickly. Though they dominated the preliminaries, I’m hoping most of them should be weeded out by round two. In 2010, Koromo and Nodoka both went on to the quarter finals where they respectively lost to Nagi and Azusa.

Specific characters I’m hoping for:

Izumi Akazawa: I don’t think she  or Mei are from a popular enough show to pull themselves past the first round. I just really love Akazawa. And hate Shana every time she’s in Saimoe because she and Louise are super lame.

Nao/Reika/Miyuki/Yayoi/Akane: Nao and Reika are my favourites but I love all of the Smile Precure girls so I’d be ultra happy if any of them made it past the first round. Yayoi has a pretty easy match and she is by far the most popular so I think we’ll see her in round two at least.

imas: Chihaya and Makoto are the two imas I’m really hoping for. Makoto didn’t make it past first preliminaries though so I’m not confident about her popularity here. Mami is also infinitely cuter than Ami (don’t you “but they’re twins” me) so I’m also secretly hoping for her.

I marked who I’m hoping to take most individual rounds but I’m sure 90% of them really don’t have a shot and in a lot of cases I’m just hoping against Saki characters. A lot.

C82 Previews

I didn’t do a post like this for C81 but evidentally not much interested me then. The only thing that really came from C81 that I adore is Asohgi’s Kantenboukitan soundtrack and I’ve only just caved and ordered that. I do like doing posts like this though since knowing about an album ahead of time is really handy during the rush of C82 uploads.

I’ll try and update this again next week because I have the feeling a few circles haven’t posted everything even though it’s a week away.

(Also, ALTERNAIT is listed as being there but their site is shut down so I’m confused if they have anything new or not)


It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since the first album came out. It’s hard to believe they’ve already had eight albums too! Though one was a remix album so if you asked me, I would only count seven. The Best Album is split in to two discs with a combined 24 tracks total from all eight albums.

Lost Garden – Eden’s Pattern

Sound CYCLONE  – Re:Brilliance

Not a big Persona 4 fan but features a remix D.Watt (Otaku-Elite) and Tainokobone (Azure&Sands) so it isn’t that bad.

Melodic Taste – Melodic Battle

I’ve never really found orchestrated Touhou stuff that interesting but this sounds really good. Especially track five.
(Crossfade on site)

Amateras-Records – Re:Imagination -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.1-

Honestly never heard of Amateras-Records before except now they’re name is popping up a lot. Maybe because they’re releasing three albums this comiket? I was actually only interested in one of their other releases, Unlogical Trick. But then I saw Hommarju, of all people, was doing a remix of a track or two on this album. He’s actually worked with A-R before too, it seems. (Crossfade on site)

Allium Project x Compllege –  Human Beings Were Led to this Light

I’m not  interested in either series specifically but I like the idea and everything involved with this. A taishi produced Accel World and Sword Art Online image/doujin album that features a lot of my favourite Vocaloid, IA. I think most (if not all) of the vocals are Vocaloids? Taishi did a track for the IA intro album though and it was pretty good so I’m glad he’s taken a liking to her since I do love both of them and both of them together is even greater.

Teddyloid – Electric Alice

Teddyloid has teamed up with fanastic artist JH科学 for this short three track (+ a remix) release.