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November 2012

Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #01

I listen to a lot of music. All different kinds. I like to talk about it here, obviously. Sometimes though there are some albums that I love that I can’t really talk about in the way traditional to this site. So, I’ve returned with a new way of doing this. At the end of every second month, I’m going to just talk a little bit about a few random albums. They may be new or they might be old or they may not even be doujin related at all.

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3rd Rozen Maiden Anime Announced

Six years after the end of Träumend (and the release of Ouvertüre), a new Rozen Maiden series has been green lit.

I’m incredibly excited about this. Rozen Maiden was one of the first series that I was really excited about and spent all my time obsessing over. Of course, that was way back when I was like 12 or 13. The series still has a special place in my heart though so I’ve hoped for years that something like this might happen.

There are a few possible paths the new anime can take.

1. Retelling: The first season mostly stuck to the manga but Träumend disregarded it completely (as it was not finished at the time). It introduced Barasuishou, killed off characters left and right (while I thought it was incredibly sad when I was younger, I realize how cheap the last two episodes of Träumend really were), showed Kirakishou for three seconds at and ended the series with very little resolution. Did they think they were getting another season where they could set things right? Well that never happened.

I kind of don’t want this to happen but at the same time, an actual true to the manga adaption might be nice. There are some scenes (one of the sisters getting torn apart by the other) that I’d like to see adapted but at the same time I’d like to see the stuff from the second series.

But a reboot might be good for the series. Rozen Maiden was popular back in it’s heyday (Suiseiseki won Saimoe back in 2006, at least) so introducing it again might be good and help regain it’s followers.

2. Sequel: I’m not 100% about the details about what lead to the rushed ending of the first series but eventually Peach-Pit moved their series to a new magazine. They continued under the title Rozen Maiden but the work itself was a sequel. I haven’t read it (despite the love I proclaim to have, shame on me) but I know it takes place a few years later. While I wouldn’t mind this, it seems improbable. First, this would rely on the rushed manga ending. Träumend did whatever it wanted so if you only wached S1 and Träumend and then this, you might up confused. Assuming they didn’t try to bridge that obvious gap.

3. Sequel to Träumend: Given how much time has passed, I wonder if this is even possible. I’m trying not to consider it. Considering two characters were still dead at the end of Träumend and the way one bites it in the manga is a pretty important plot point, there wouldn’t be that much for them to go on. I find this the least likely choice.

Honestly though, I’ll be happy no matter what happens (I mean, as long as Sawashiro comes back and it’s not just some OVAs). Especially if they milk the heck out of it and give me a bunch of new merch. I’d love some new Rozen Maiden figs.