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December 2012

A Look Back at 2012 pt. 1

For the official record that nobody is keeping, here is the spread of the posts per month for 2012.

So, uh, that’s the kind of blogger I am.

It’s because of the 12 days thing which I actually got to participate in this year, even if I only remembered at the last minute. A lot of things factor into it. Like these three posts! I din’t watch that much this year, it seems. Still. It’s a bit much to stuff into one post so I’ll fit it into two. Not that it really matters, but I’m going alphabetically. I couldn’t think of a good way to organize them so that seemed like the easiest option. This list contains all the shows I finished this year, some as they aired and some older. And quite a few I’ve already talked a bit about already.

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Fall 2012 Final Impressions

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I had dropped this half way through before the melodrama began. Kind of glad I finished it evne if the ending was completely unsatisfactory. It was an okay way to pass the time. The whole premise was tiring. Rikka’s shtick got old quickly and then when she did lose it, we got into the drama episodes and that wasn’t really a good time for anybody. The only sad thing about all that was that Rikka’s personality and self depended on acting like a crazy.

One of the best things about the show was the side characters. Nibutani was my favourite by far. I would have said Touka was but she got involved with the drama and it dampened her character. Dekomori was pretty annoying but she was so cute in the last episode when she was acting like a normal person. Unfortunately she had to go back.

Kumin was another great character but the last episode was really disappointing for her. It seemed obvious she would be the one to influence Yuuta and be the most wise and mature about things. Unfortunately, it really seemed to clash with her character. I’m also disappointed there was no conclusion to Yuuta’s friend and her relationship. I mean, I did like seeing the rest of the club to their rescue but the whole thing felt so unrealistic. Though a lot of things were played up for drama so complaining about things being realistic in this show is a little absurd.

The fight scenes were kind of cool, the side characters were far, far better than Rikka (cute though she may be sometimes) and if this wasn’t by KyoAni I doubt we’d even remember it at all.

Kamisama Kiss

Oh Kamisama Kiss. Maid-sama left a hole in my heart no other could fill. You came pretty close. I’m not going to lie because I like the show. It was cliche as heck. Nanami was really likable though so that made the scenes that had been done one million times before a little more bearable. Misaki from KwM was more interesting though.

The show was a lot funnier than I expected. Mostly thanks to side characters. I was surprised that Kurama became one of my, if not 1st, favourite character. Not only did his theme get me every time but he had a lot more tact than I would have expected.

Also, aquatic designs. Unf.


I liked Jormungand. It was fun. Up until the last few episodes, anyways. The plot started happening and while that could have worked out, it just really didn’t. Jonah left at the end of episode 23 and it was supposed to be important that he returned? They blew that scene up a lot. I mean, yeah, it took two years in the show (and Valemt getting her hair back and Koko cutting hers off was such a nice trade off) but there was no real impact on me. Considering I liked all the characters, I guess that kind of says something.

I get that they couldn’t show the aftermath of Jormungand but I think that they would be just so big and catastrophic that leaving it at where it ended kind of sucks. There’s just so much to leave up to your imagination. Everything leads up to Jormungand but we don’t find out what happens. I’m happy Kasper pointed out that Koko was crazy for thinking her plan would work. I still think it would only bring about more violence and fighting. Which would have been interesting to see.

So I did like Jormungand a lot as it progressed and was just deal of the week type thing. Near the end though the show dragged. The ending left a lot to be desired and put a damper on how I remember the series.

12 Days of Anime: #12 – Mite Mite☆Kocchicchi


(day 11 got eaten. whoops!)

Merry Christmas! Celebrate with some Momoiro Clover Z! I fell for the group this year and I fell hard. They were also busy this year. Doing the OP and ED for Mouretsu Pirates, a Pokemon ED (which was what I first fell in love with), and the Joshiraku ED. To say nothing of the rest of the Z Otome Sensou single and Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi yo which wasn’t as good but still had an awesome PV.

Truly of all the discoveries and moments passed this year, I’m most happy to have discovered just how much I like them. Here’s hoping they keep as busy in 2013! (Which it seems like they will be, what with Sailor Moon and all)

AniBlogger Secret Santa 2012: Mononoke Hime

I do feel pretty bad about Secret Santa this year. I had absolutely no interest in any of my shows and I myself rec’d a show that they couldn’t possibly finish (well they could, but also technically not). Still, I’m no quitter. Though I told myself I would never pick a movie if I was recommended one from my Secret Santa. It seems a little fitting since I watched Howl’s Moving Castle earlier this year and fell in love with that.

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12 Days of Anime: #10 – Now Kiss

Who doesn’t like Steins;Gate? I’m sure there are people. Maybe there are even people who watch Chaos;Head or Robotics;Notes and liked them better than Steins;Gate. The world is weird and I’ll never understand people’s tastes. I rewatched S;G a few months ago even!

Poriomania, however, came out this year and it was really good so let’s talk about that instead. Another OVA full of moments that made it hard to choose. Moeka being cute, Okabe at the airport (and that ridiculous engrish), Suzuha’s mom showing up (and not clashing with her canon design is pretty cool too), Kurisu’s 4koma like reacting to everybody in her house, Maid Kurisu, etc. The list could go on forever.

If I had to pick an example of a perfect OVA it would be this one. S;G ended fine (Kurisu’s “I’m not Christina” line was all I needed) but this adds to the ending. You can live without seeing it and not miss anything or you can watch it and have the ending a little more defined. But, and I’m sure everybody has seen it can back this up, it does end at the worst possible moment and though the scene leading up to the ending is so nice, it still comes off as a little unsatisfactory.


12 Days of Anime: #9 – Sawashiro and Genderswap

There were a lot of Inu x Boku SS moments I could have went with (Ririchiyo’s constant lack of pants + oversized shirt combo, Karuta’s ending, any scene with Nobara) since it was a show I liked so much. Shame it won’t get another seeing as things kind of go down from the ending and it is a bummer for everyone involved. From what I’ve read. Which hasn’t been since the series ended.

The thing I chose was not one that I will look back and remember the series for but something I enjoyed immensely. In the OVA when Miketsukami changes into a child, he is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. That is it. That is my reason. It is brief and I love it. Because I love Sawashiro. It was a nice surprise too. I was even more surprised that he turned into a woman. Now that was a nice change both because it was visibly pleasing and because I thought when he changed again we would lose delicious Sawashiro. Really, though. What else mattered after that? Well actually the Karuta x Watanuki scene was really great too and there were a lot of things that made me laugh afterwards. The OVA was really good, is what I’m trying to say.

12 Days of Anime: #8 – Class of 2012

I already included this on one list but hey, look, it’s back. It’s not just stripper poles and symmetrical bouncing that makes this such a treat. There are a lot of style choices in it that make it look nice just in general. Little colour choices that are pleasing to the eye. Any ED could (theoretically, if your show was lacking enough class) have bouncing t&a and pole dancing. This one, however, also have other scenes that sync so well and look so nice and stand out in my memory just as much (well, maybe not just as much). Plus, StylipS Study x Study is just too catchy for it’s own good.

Of course, I haven’t actually watched Highschool DxD and it’s likely I never will (perhaps one day…). The show has been immortalized in my memory for this entertaining ending though.

12 Days of Anime: #7 – Marble Phantasm Your Wallet


Carnival Phantasm aired last year and I miss it so. There is a special episode coming out though I think. Or is it already out? Well the point is there is one more episode I haven’t seen.

One of the best things about Carnival Phantasm was the Phantasmoon figures that came from the series. Well, it was good for me who came to love Arcueid past Tsukihime’s prime and the merch is harder to get. (Maybe one day I’ll get the Alter Arc fig)

The figma came out in May and a PVC by SEGA came out in September. There are two nendoroid petites coming out in February (of course, I have just those two from that set ordered) but those are unrelated to CP and are just a part of a petite nendoroid set to celbrate TYPE-MOON’s 10th anniversary. Interestingly enough, the Phantasmoon petite is not the same as her Carnival Phantasm design but instead based off her original design and the petite itself similar to Orchid-Seed’s Phantasmoon figure from 2007 (which I also happened to acquire this year).