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January 2013

A few thoughts on new Psycho-Pass OP/ED

When we first saw the new OP and ED of Psycho-Pass, I think a lot of people were disappointed. Myself included. How could the new OP be so boring? I didn’t like the song as much as Abnormalize either. That one was just so cool! But just like Spirit’s Inspiration, I listened to the TV Size version nonstop. Last weekend I think I spent less time not listening to Out of Control. The full size version is OK but like so many songs, the TV size is just better.

Actually, Nothing’s Carved in Stone has really grown on me. Both this and the Tempest follow a similar song structure so I think that’s why I ended up liking both of them?

Well, none the less. An actual opening that isn’t just flashbacks will appear in episode 14 so I can love the song without also trying to dislike it for, animation wise, being so terrible.

The ending though… I still think it sucks. The first ending was so cool (and again, something I listened to over and over). As soon as the intro started, it sounded so intense and exciting. This one is just too mellow. Maybe they should have been switched? I’d prefer the ending that feels like a cliffhanger instead of one that is just kind of like “oh, it’s over ok”.

Also, since EGOIST is credited with the ending, can we stop referring to them as a fictional band now? Unless Psycho-Pass somehow took place in the same universe as Guilty Crown…

I love Psycho-Pass to pieces and I wait eagerly for it every day but I don’t think I could keep watching if that was the case.

Winter 2013 First Impressions

How many times can I refer to a show as having “plot” before I actually mean plot? Plenty.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: yes (I wish I were watching S&W3)
Senran Kagura: maybe (I bought an Ikaruga figure and now I suffer the price)
Amnesia:  maybe (I could watch something enjoyable for 30 mins too)
Kotoura-san: yes (favourite of the season)

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