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March 2013

Mekaku City Records Announced

A new Kagerou Project song was just released but has only made its way to youtube today so I’m not completely behind on all this news for once! It’s odd that two were released so soon after each other. It seemed like Yobanashi Deceive just came out but I guess that was back in February already.

The new PV and song ロスタイムメモリー/Lost Time Memories focuses on Shintaro who is the prother of Momo from Kisaragi Attention but who is also in Toumei Answer (which is one of my all time favourite KagePro songs) where he sits beside Ayano Tateyama who eventually killed herself. I was really happy to see Ayano get focus here (well she’s intergral to his character so how could she not?) but a track on the new album is entitled Ayano’s Happiness Theory. Since there is another track with a similar naming structure  and seems to be a Mary track, perhaps they could be drama tracks? Well in any case, where Mekaku City Days featured the Blindfold Gang on the cover, Records seems to ominously only feature Ayano in a blood red setting. I’ll have to wait for subs for Lost Time Memories before I do any more speculation though. I think it would be too obvious to theorize some connection to Azami and impossible since Azami is already Mary’s grandmother.

Mekaku City Records is set to be released on May 29th. I guess hope the Re Ver. will be better done than the other re-recordings from Mekaku City Days. I really didn’t like the final results since they all felt like completely different songs afterwards. Tracklist is as following:

1. ロスタイムメモリー
2. チルドレンレコード(Re Ver.)
3. 夜咄ディセイブ
4. 夕景イエスタデイ
5. アヤノの幸福理論
6. (群青レイン(Re Ver.)
7. オツキミリサイタル
8. マリーの架空世界

Like I mentioned, in February there was also Yobanashi Deceive (which is on this new album as well) which focused on Kano. I didn’t really like it that much (it was still good) so I didn’t post about it but it seems especially weak next to Lost Time Memories.


Madoka Magica: Beginnings and Eternal

It’s a bit late to talk about this now but I figured I should before it was waaaay too late.

Last week I went and saw the second Madoka movie and the previous week, I saw the first. Initially, our understanding was that they would be played back to back but it was a bit of a relief that it wasn’t. I was overjoyed when I first had it pointed out to me that the movies were coming here. I felt a bit hypocritical given my earlier complaints but I bought tickets for myself and my sister who had seen a few episodes of the series a long time ago. We took our even younger little sister to the second one and she followed along really well despite note seeing the first one. I was actually really happy that she enjoyed it though I worried I might be setting her down the path of debauchery that I set on years and years ago when I was her age.

I won’t rehash what the movies were since I think the majority of us have seen Madoka by now and it was word for word. I noticed after the first movie that it had a different feel to it though. I couldn’t tell if it was because I had watched it in a theatre on a huge screen? A lot of the backgrounds and scenery in it was redrawn though and I feel that made a big difference.

It was an interesting experience though. This is mostly because where I live, we usually get skipped for things like this. So I really have to thank Aniplex. It wasn’t just Winnipeg either. I know the movie played at some places on the East Coast that I imagine get shafted for stuff like this all the time. The site doesn’t list what locations they played in over there though so I couldn’t confirm if it was a bunch of cities or just one, since I had heard it from word of mouth.

For some reason I also have a new found appreciation of Homura. I absolutely adore Homura now. Sayaka is still my favourite and I have a weak spot for Mami but Homura… sheesh! Also, I also appreciate Luminous a lot more and have been listening to it for three weeks straight.

Big ol’ Amnesia Rant

Orion looks the same as I do when I watch this show

I’ve said time and time again how much I loathe otome game adaptions. I can like the game and source material fine (Heart no Kuni) but the adaptions are always god-awful. The Heart no Kuni movie was a special kind of terrible though. Still, to be clear I have nothing against the games themselves.

I’ve made my dislike very known. So it’s weird I’m watching Amnesia. Usually I only watch one episode of these terrible OGA before I quit it. Amnesia has something going for it. It’s got a genuine mystery that I want solved. Each episodes leaves me with more and more questions. Now, if the show ends and they’re all unresolved then I’ll be super mad I wasted six hours of my life on this drivel.

Amnesia does offer me something else. It’s been awhile that I watched something even though I hate it. I’ve watched shows to completion that were just plain bad, had terrible characters or were so bad they were too entertaining to stop. It’s fun to watch something and complain about it the whole time. Maybe not to those who follow me on twitter but fun for me nonetheless.

However, it was episode nine that pushed me to my limit. To the point where I could no longer idly sit back and laugh at this stupid show. It had truly become so terrible that I could not believe it.

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Help Get A Shin Sekai Yori Novel Translation!

Apparently this was posted over a month ago but I only found out about it through crunchyroll now, unfortunately. Had I known sooner I would have tried to campaign for this longer. Well actually, I only got caught up on Shin Sekai Yori a few weeks ago but that is a minor detail. Actually, I had started my final impressions post and had tried to find any news about the translation and publishing over here and didn’t see anything on this either.

Vertical Inc. recently licensed the Shin Sekai Yori manga (lewd) and answered an ask about whether they considered doing the novel. The response was:

I am currently in the process of reading it and our Editor-in-Chief who is our novels guru has enjoyed the book. But length of that book, it is three thick thick volumes, makes it a little scary for us as we tend to avoid serialized novel releases (we prefer one-shots).

Please purchase Crimson Labyrinth (Mr Kishi’s other novel) or repost/like this post to let him know there is an audience for the title. Ideally we’d need 4.5K to make this work.

Really, 4.5k isn’t that much when you think about it. Unfortunately you can’t reblog an ask so for it to get to that point it’s going to take a lot of people to like that post. While that doesn’t guarantee anything, it still helps show interest.

Alternatively, you can purchase the aforementioned Crimson Labyrinth. I had looked it up while working on that SSY post and it seemed pretty interesting so it might be worth checking out now (especially if it helps us get the SSY novel). When the manga comes out (or even preorder it as soon as possible), try and support that too. I can’t say I’m particularly interested in it since it seems to play up a lot of scenes for fan service but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

So spread the word and give the page a like!

Happy Hina Day!

Well, it’s actually Hinamatsuri right now but I always refer to March 3rd as Hina Day because there is always an influx of Hina art on pixiv for obvious reasons. I always have the Hina pixiv tab open so a bunch of new art is a fun thing for me but if you need a reason to look at the best Touhou, head over to the Hina Kagiyama tag on pixiv.