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June 2013

World End Econimica EP1 Impressions pt. 1

I first heard about World End Economica in January when I was looking into the details of  that Kishida Kyoudan album. I was immediately interested. A story about economy on the moon? By Isuna Hasekura? Sign me up! When I saw it was available in English I pounced right away.

While I’m not entirely disappointed with what I’ve read so far, I can’t say it left a pleasant taste in my mouth.

This is part one of a multi-post series about my impressions as I play, since I don’t intend to play this all in one sitting. I’ll make a separate post next time I plan on playing for an extended period of time. These are just my initial thoughts and  contains no spoilers for later content.

The game is available in English for $13 on DLSite.

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Suisei no Gargantia Episode 10

I took a break from Animal Crossing to eat dinner and decided to watch Gargantia 10 since I had been putting that off. Don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to watching it. Things hit the fan after last week and I expected the follow up to be tame but was still looking forward to seeing what would happen as a result.

It’s kind of funny that five episodes ago I had accepted the show as a sci-fi-y slice of life and that Urobuchi really wasn’t going to do his thing. But he did the thing. In that regard and the shock value of what’s been going on? Better than Psycho-Pass which only had one spectacular episode of despair and then kind of tapered out.

Though from the moment he found the Hideauze in the water it seemed obvious that it was the home planet they were looking for and that they were directly tied to the humans. So, I can’t say I was super surprised when the reveal happened last episode. However, I was surprised when I went back and watched the beginning of the first episode again. Did the Hideauze gain the power of the weapon from the first part of the first episode?

I can’t see Kugel being here working out very well. Especially since, you know, he seems to be accompanied by a cult. Though by the looks of it they might just be worshipping his machine? Or, where Ledo ended up with people who doubted him and who he himself doubted, Kugel ended up with easily manipulated people who saw him as a god.

I might have to go back and rewatch the scene where Chamber explains the nature of Hideauze vs. Humans to Ledo since I understood that but I didn’t understand where Chamber was coming from. Did he say he was explaining as a neutral source away from the military? Before that, he sounded almost a little antagonistic but in a Kyubey-I-Am-Neutral-I-Don’t-Understand kind of way. So if it comes down to fighting Kugel, who is Ledo’s superior, will Chamber still obey Ledo? Or will he have to obey Kugel?

So I guess I have a lot of questions, is what I’m trying to say.

My feeling of unease was justified and now I’m not happy with the results. I still don’t want Ledo to return to space but I feel like we wouldn’t have any closure to the space-hideauze war if that happens. At the same time, I feel like Kugel is going to lead to mass Earth human casualties (well, massive from the people we know). Gargantia itself isn’t that relevant right now but I have to imagine Ledo heads back there soon.

Similarly, Pinion is really digging himself a hole. I can’t see anything but death awaiting him now. First of all, he’s stupid. Boy oh boy is he stupid. Sure he came off as dimwitted before but kudos writers for going the whole mile and making him important but still stupid. Announcing he had the treasure was dumb, attempting to use a weapon they knew nothing of was stupid, trying to get the weapon like Chamber has to work (and that the hideauze will likely absorb) is stupid and accepting the pirates was stupid. If he doesn’t get stabbed in the back (literally) I will be 100% shocked.

Maybe it’s trying to set him up for a heroic redemption death but I’m not buying it yet.

Well, with three more episodes I have a lot of high expectations. Hopefully Urobuchi will be able to wrap this up in a more satisfying way than his last endeavour and if so, I think I could say I was really satisfied with Gargantia.

Kagerou Project Groove Coaster Promotion

There’s been a lot of stuff going on in the KagePro world lately. The second album, Mekaku City Records, just came out as well as the third novel. It’s been an emotional ride as the story becomes more clear and characters are revealed to be completely different than originally though (looking at you, Hibiya). I could go on and on about how I feel about the recent developments but since all I’ve heard is hearsay and can’t read the novel so I wouldn’t want to say something and be wrong.

But there is something else I’d like to bring up. Groove Coaster is one of my favourite games to play on my iPad. Admittedly I haven’t really played or used my iPad in a long time but someone mentioned there were some KagePro songs so my curiosity was rekindled.

There are two packs of KagePro songs available for $4.99 each on Groove Coaster Zero. The first contains Kagerou Days, Kisaragi Attention, Children Record and Yobanashi Decieve. The second pack features Imagination Forest, Otsukimi Recital, Konoha’s State of the World and Lost Time Memory.

However if you buy a pack (either or), play and post your score to twitter or facebook before June 9th you’ll receive a Ene avatar to play with! The packs will be available past June 9th but the avatar is limited edition  and will only be available now. Not to mention she’s very cute and her hair flaps around like wings when you play!

So if you play GCZ (it’s free, anyways) or enjoy Kagerou Project I’d reccomend dropping $5 now to get a cute little Ene!